Sessions on Moore: Guilty until Proven Innocent – The New SJW Constitution

Roy Moore looks guilty. But looks don’t matter, the Left should know. Its the court of law that matters. Roy Moore hasn’t had his day in court.

BTW Shelia, what is that you’re waving? Has a new Constitution been ratified by all 50 states that I didn’t know about? Try reading it sometime before you start talking about national issues.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Tuesday he did not doubt the accusations leveled against the man running to fill his old seat in the Senate.

“I have no reason to doubt these young women,” Sessions told Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, as she held up visual aids during a hearing of the House judiciary committee.
Jackson Lee was asking Sessions about Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore, who has been accused of seeking relationships with teenagers decades ago, and on Monday was accused by a woman of sexually assaulting her in her teens, also decades ago. Moore has denied all the allegations.