Rand Paul, Kafka, and Unneighborly Times – Trump and people with loud counter culture opinions are evil and are causing all the violence in the world?

The New Yorker recently posted an article ‘Rand Paul, Kafka, and Unneighborly Times‘.  My take is that all the extreme behavior is largely due to Donald Trump’s tough talk.  And this is some how pushing people to attack and nearly killing or killing conservatives while conservatives are taking their frustrations out by destroying Keriug machines they legal bought…  I guess if you read into the article and look at recent events you begin to see a pattern of who is really committing the violence.

Here and quote from the article:

It’s not unusual for neighbors to squabble, or to fight, but the still-unexplained assault on Rand Paul, by a neighbor, as Paul sat on his lawn tractor, was noteworthy because Paul is a United States senator. The incident was also curious because the principals were both doctors: the assailant was a fifty-nine-year-old retired anesthesiologist named Rene Boucher, and Paul, who is fifty-four, was a practicing ophthalmologist until 2010, when he won a Senate seat, in Kentucky, as a Tea Party Republican. The two men live in a gated community called Rivergreen, in Bowling Green, where they seemed to lead lives of contented privilege. (An anonymous posting on a Rivergreen discussion site reads, “The main gate has the touch pad which calls the resident you want to visit. . . . If you don’t know someone who lives there, you don’t belong, period. It’s that way on purpose!!!!”) According to the Washington Post, Boucher often stopped by a coffee shop on the Bowling Green town square, where, wearing a beret and an ascot, he’d play chess with a friend.

Boucher is a Democrat, but his lawyer said in a statement that the incident had “absolutely nothing to do with either’s politics or political agendas. It was a very regrettable dispute between two neighbors over a matter that most people would regard as trivial.” He expressed the wish, probably a hopeless one, that “these two gentlemen could get back to being neighbors as quickly as possible.” That’s not how it was viewed by Paul, who tweeted last week that the medical report “indicates six broken ribs & new X-ray shows a pleural effusion.” He faces a long recovery, but, on Monday, he announced that he was returning to work, tweeting that, although he’s still “in a good deal of pain,” he is “ready to fight for liberty and help move forward with tax cuts in the coming days and weeks.” Boucher has pleaded not guilty to charges of fourth-degree assault; if federal charges are filed (because Paul is an elected official), Boucher could face prison time. Personal-injury lawyers in Kentucky are no doubt salivating.

BTW: ANTIFA and the extremist ‘ALT RIGHT’ hold that spot on next to Communism and Socialism.  They are not truly liberalism or conservationism.

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