The Kiev Regime: Derogation of Freedoms of Speech

On Tuesday, May 15, Ukraine’s Security Service raided the RIA Novosti news agency’s Kiev offices and detained the outlet’s local bureau chief, Kirill Vyshinsky , ostensibly for acts of “treason.” [1] International criminal lawyer Chris C. Black explains that this occurs at about the same time that the Kiev regime invaded the home of Petro Symonenko , head of the Communist party, .

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Russia just successfully tested one of its newest ICBMs – …

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that 14 Russian missile regiments would receive the new Yars RS-24 intercontinental ballistic missile systems amid a possible growing arms race with the US. “Pursuant to provisions of the state program for armaments, we’ll continue replacement of the outdated Topol missile complexes with the newest Yars systems and will put them on the tables of equipment at fourteen missile regiments,” Putin told defense industry officials in a broader push to modernize Russian forces and weaponry, according to TASS.

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Ex-aides allege they were required to become ‘personal servants’ for Republican congressman

Rep. Tom Garret (R-Va.) allegedly turned the congressman’s staffers into personal servants and gofers, according to statements from multiple former employees, Politico reported.

What were they asked to do?

Four former staffers claim they were assigned to do grocery shopping, pick up clothing the congressman forgot at his Washington apartment, care for the family dog, and chauffeur his daughters, according to the report.

The former employees — not named in the story — said they performed the tasks out of fear that their careers would not advance if they refused. The former aides said “inappropriate” requests were also made of interns.

Politico stated that it agreed to not name the former employees because they fear retribution. Some of the demands were made by Garrett’s wife, Flanna, who frequently came to his House office with him, according to the report.

“I didn’t know who I was working for: Was I working for him? Was I working for her?” said one of those staffers. “We became their gofers.”

Several aides said the couple brought their dog to the office and occasionally would forget about the pet. If that happened, the aides were responsible for transporting the dog back to Garrett’s Washington apartment.

How did Garrett respond?

Matt Missen, a spokesman for Garrett, declined to respond to a list of allegations.

“We see no reason to respond to anonymous, unfounded allegations primarily targeting Congressman Garrett’s wife, made by Politico’s ‘unnamed’ sources,” he said. “It is easy to spread untruths and even easier to exaggerate and imply wrongdoing when none exists.”

Garrett’s chief of staff, Jimmy Keady, abruptly quit Tuesday over the couple’s alleged misuse of “official resources.”

“Multiple sources raised the issue with the congressman, and senior staffers tried to rectify the situation repeatedly,” the report stated.

Garrett, 46, an Army veteran and former state senator, told associates on Wednesday that he may not run for re-election, an announcement that stunned Republicans in Virginia and Washington. But the next day he held a 30-minute news conference announcing that he is seeking another term.

“There is no way in heck that I’m not going to be back here in 2019 as a member of the Congress representing the 5th District of Virginia. Too darn much is at stake,” Garrett reportedly said.

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Smith Center leader ready for ‘Hamilton,’ but Stanley Cup looms

Smith Center president Myron Martin addresses the crowd during a sneak preview event of the upcoming 2017-18 Broadway season at The Smith Center on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017, in Las Vegas. @benjaminhphoto The fifth-anniversary celebration of The Smith Center for the Performing Arts on Tuesday, March 7, 2017, in Downtown Las Vegas.

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USS Blue Ridge ignites its boilers for first time in 2 years

The USS Blue Ridge lit its boilers for the first time in two years this week, signifying a big step toward bringing the Navy’s oldest deployable warship back to sailing condition.

As steam plumed from the 7th Fleet’s flagship late Tuesday evening, sailors who had watched the Blue Ridge undergo various repairs, refurbishments and system upgrades since June 2016 felt a great sense of accomplishment.

“I saw this engine room before dry dock when she was still steaming. Then during the time that it was shut down and ripped apart, it seemed like everything was working against us,” said Petty Officer 3rd Class Raymond Davis III, a machinist’s mate attached to the Blue Ridge. “To finally light off the boilers is one of the best feelings I have had in the United States Navy.”

Commissioned on Nov. 14, 1970, the Blue Ridge has spent 38 years forward-deployed to Yokosuka, Japan. It is scheduled to stay in service for at least another two decades.

With the boilers ignited, the warship can operate under its own power — meaning it is “one step closer to returning to sea and being fully operational in support of the 7th Fleet,” the Navy said.

The warship’s maintenance period was expected to last 14 months before unexpected issues arose with its engineering plant. In the end, repairs took about 135,000 man hours and cost more than $60 million.

Upgrades included modernizing the engineering plant and refurbishing the main condenser and ventilation systems, the service said. It was also outfitted with the Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services computer system, which “consolidate[s] and modernize[s] communications, computers and intelligence network systems,” according to Northrop Grumman.

The amount of time the ship spent undergoing maintenance offered various challenges. There was a large turnover of crewmembers, and about 80 percent of the Blue Ridge’s engineers came “straight from boot camp or other non-engineering assignments” because the ship had entered restricted availability status, the Navy said.

“They had to go from learning the difference between the bow and the stern, to learning how to conduct a material check on an advanced piece of equipment,” said Lt. Cmdr. Stephen Hartley, the ship’s chief engineering officer.

Before the boilers could be ignited, the warship’s crew underwent a weeklong light-off assessment. The ship’s programs, standard operating procedures, equipment and emergency response protocols were evaluated “to ensure maximum compliance” before the first flame in two years could be sent into boiler, the Navy said.

“The magnitude of the boilers to the Blue Ridge cannot be underestimated. They produce steam for the ship’s propulsion, electrical power, auxiliary systems and potable water,” the Navy said. “Managing the complex engineering system is no easy feat, but the Blue Ridge demonstrated it was up to the task.”

Capt. Brett Crozier, the Blue Ridge’s commanding officer, said lighting the boilers was a rewarding milestone after the nearly 24-month maintenance period.

“Lighting these boilers is a reflection of all the hard work that has been put in by the crew, the ship-repair facility here in Yokosuka, the contractors and the Japanese shipbuilding company assigned to complete the majority of projects,” he said.

Crozier compared the warship’s extended maintenance period to a baseball team’s preparation for a season – and the boiler ignition as the start of the first game.

“Lighting off the boilers for the first time in nearly two years is the equivalent of the first pitch being thrown,” he said. “… This means it’s now game time — time to play ball preparing to return to sea.”


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Dozens of illegal immigrants found hiding in trailer during traffic stop

Dozens of illegal immigrants — including a three-year-old child — were discovered inside a tractor-trailer in southern Texas on Tuesday, officials said. The Raymondville Police Department told Fox News the tractor trailer was stopped by a Texas …

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SWAT team raids the wrong house; throws flash-bang grenade into a 6 year-old’s bedroom

Young children were traumatized and injured by flash-bang grenades, an innocent father was terrorized and arrested by police, and their home was damaged, after a SWAT team carried out an early morning no-knock raid on the wrong house. The ordeal began at 5:50 a.m. on Tuesday when the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office teamed up with federal agents to conduct a raid on a house where they claimed a suspect in a murder case was staying. However, they actually terrorized an innocent family in a careless raid that should never have happened. Spencer Renck shared the story in a Facebook status, noting that he had just gotten out of bed and was preparing to get ready for work when he heard loud noises and immediately thought his home was being burglarized. “I heard loud banging noises upstairs so I grab my gun and try to run upstairs to protect my family from whatever was happening. I thought someone had broken in,” Renck said. “But no it was the Bradley County and Hamilton County SWAT team RAIDING my house.”

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