Caitlyn Jenner didn’t attend son Brody Jenner’s wedding in Indonesia, …

Caitlyn Jenner, the transgender activist and former Olympic gold medalist known as Bruce Jenner, speaks during a conversation with Judge LaDoris Cordell at the InterContinental Mark Hopkins hotel in San Francisco, Calif., on Wednesday, May 3, 2017. Jenner talked about her book The Secrets of My Life, her personal journey in coming out as Caitlyn and discussed issues facing the transgender community and her current political view.

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Federal appeals court upholds school’s policy allowing transgender students to use locker rooms

A federal appeals court has upheld a Pennsylvania high school’s policy of allowing transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identities, marking a victory for transgender students who say it is critical for …

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Denied Care and Held in ‘Ice Box’ Cell, Asylum Seeker’s Death in ICE…

Roxsana Hernandez, a transgender woman who was part of the caravan of migrants that arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border in recent weeks, died after being in ICE custody this month. Immigrant rights groups are blaming ICE for the death of a transgender woman who died last Friday after seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border and being held in the agency’s custody for two weeks.

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Pose Shines a Revolutionary Spotlight on Trans Lives

In the first episode of Pose , the newest series from superproducer Ryan Murphy, a young black man, Damon , is kicked out of his home after his parents discover gay pornography in his bedroom. Suddenly homeless, Damon makes a run for New York City, where he falls in with a group of gay and transgender people who have forged a tight-knit community.

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Why gays are gay: We’re changing our minds

In reality, of course, it shouldn’t matter what other people think. But as a measure of social change, the Gallup organization has once again uncovered another shift in Americans’ thinking. It’s intriguing despite that unbelievably boring sociology professor I had quite a few years ago.

Back in 1977 when Gallup first asked why people thought gays were gay and lesbians were lesbians — otherwise known as “nature vs nurture” — a substantial majority of Americans knew it was their upbringing and environment. Back then, 56 percent said that and only 13 percent said it was a birth trait.

That thinking didn’t change much until the last decade of the 20th century. But by the middle of Bill Clinton’s two terms, Gallup was detecting a dramatic shift. In 1996, the birth belief had jumped to 31 percent and by George W. Bush’s inauguration in 2001 it had climbed to 40 percent.

Now, according to Gallup’s latest pulse-taking, fully half of Americans have bought into the birth belief, while the environment crowd has dwindled to 30 percent. Ten percent attribute both causes while six percent just don’t know.

The growth in the birth believers has come across all political and demographic groups. But over time it is most pronounced among college graduates, younger people (18 to 34), Democrats, other left-leaners and non-churchgoers. It’s also moving among conservatives, Republicans and churchgoers, but less so.

The shifts parallel a similar social movement regarding same-sex marriage. Today, a new high — more than two-thirds (67 percent) — favor same-sex marriages being legal, which is helpful if immaterial because the Supreme Court has already ruled that.

Gallup also recently found the percentage of Americans identifying as bisexual, gay, lesbian or transgender has increased to 4.5 percent, a one point jump since 2012. Of course, that could also represent simply more feeling comfortable publicly acknowledging their orientation rather han an actual increase.

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Your Daughter, Somebody Else’s Son

A reader in Massachusetts forwards this story about a bill before the Massachusetts legislature that would ban any therapy designed to change a person’s homosexual orientation, or belief that they are transgender. From the piece:

In the midst of a recent trend, Massachusetts is not at the forefront but may be reaching for the pinnacle. Eleven other states have banned conversion therapy, including New Hampshire earlier this month. But the Massachusetts bill is unusual, says Andrew Beckwith, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute.

“Similar legislation has been passed in a number of states, but this is the first time that helping your child feel comfortable in their own body could brand you a child abuser,” said Beckwith, whose organization advocates for Judaeo-Christian family values on Beacon Hill. “This is a bill that would allow the state to take away your daughter and make her someone else’s son.”

But [bill advocate Carl] Sciortino says the bill is necessary and humane.

“I think our opponents are delusional and adding to the culture of child abuse if they cannot accept that there are gay people in this world and transgender people in this world and we are who we are and no amount of quackery or child abuse will change that,” Sciortino said.

Do you see what they’re doing here? They are conflating homosexuality with transgenderism. Whatever one thinks of homosexuality and its mutability, there is very clear evidence that the great majority of children and teenagers who consider themselves transgender ultimately resolve their dysphoria in favor of their biological sex. We’re talking 80 percent and more. That does not happen with homosexuality. This clearly indicates that transgenderism is far, far less ingrained than homosexuality.

Transgender activists and fellow-traveling advocates are trying to piggyback transgenderism onto homosexuality as a legal, medical, and cultural strategy. As the reader writes:

The Therapy Ban in CA is bad, but this bill in MA may be even worse. It requires, among other things, that counseling a gender confused child to feel comfortable in their own body be labeled as child abuse under state law and that a Dept of Children and Families investigation be initiated against the parents and therapist. So, if you don’t believe your child is trans and you try to get them help, the therapist loses their license and you lose your child.

If you are a parent of a transgender child, your child has an overwhelming likelihood that he or she will desist at some point. If this bill passes in Massachusetts, you will not be able to get your child therapy that does anything other than encourage them in their trans identity — and no therapist will be able to do otherwise, even if the therapist believes the child is not truly transgender.

The “but science!” crowd is substituting ideology for medicine here. More to the point, the bill would create the possibility of the state seizing a child from his parents for the sake of gender transformation. From the story:

As for taking a child away from parents if they try to change their child’s sexual orientation or gender identity, Sciortino said state officials don’t break up families lightly, and that only in certain cases might it be necessary.

“That’s why we have judges and courts,” Sciortino said. “In this case, if somebody were being exposed to an abusive practice – in this case, abusive therapy – it makes sure that that child has the protection of the mandated reporter system, to see if an investigation is warranted.”

Do people think that this won’t happen to them? That their child would never claim trans status? That the state would never prevent them from getting medically valid therapy for the child? That the state would never take their child away so the child can be injected with hormones, and such?


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Transgender women in migrant caravan face new struggles seeking asylum in U.S.

Transgender migrants from Central America who traveled in a caravan through Mexico are now being held in a remote detention center in New Mexico. Transgender women in migrant caravan face new struggles seeking asylum in U.S. Transgender migrants from Central America who traveled in a caravan through Mexico are now being held in a remote detention center in New Mexico.

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Gallup: Percentage of Americans who say they’re LGBT rises for sixth straight year

In 2012, 3.5 percent of the public identified as LGBT. Six years later, 4.5 percent — about an additional three million people — do. Two possible explanations. One: It’s not that there are more LGBT people now than there were 10 years ago, it’s just that they feel more comfortable admitting it. The more accepting the culture seems of gay/trans lifestyles, logically the more gay/trans Americans will own up to having them. Although if that’s the explanation, you’d expect this trend to level off sometime soon-ish.

Two: Whether for reasons of nature or nurture, there really are more LGBT people than there were 10 years ago. Something’s happening.

Which of the two explanations does this graph point to? Old trend: The graying of America. New trend: The gaying of America.

Among the three oldest age groups, the growth in the LGBT population is modest. (It’s actually *declined* among seniors and Boomers, which is … interesting.) Among the youngest, way up and now approaching 10 percent. It’s worth noting here the difference between LGBT and “gay”: These numbers include not just gays and lesbians but transgenders, and transgenders have gained a *lot* of cultural visibility very quickly in the last five years thanks to Caitlyn Jenner, “Orange Is the New Black,” etc. It’s possible that the big gain among the youngest adults is being driven by a disproportionate number of people identifying as trans, which is what you’d expect if some “trans effect” is going to show up here. Someone who’s lived 65 years as a man or a woman isn’t as likely to switch, you would think, as someone who’s 20. But that just forces you back to the threshold question: Are there similar numbers of LGBT in each generation and the young simply feel less cultural pressure not to identify that way, or are the pro-LGBT attitudes of pop culture and corporate America actually encouraging them to “experiment”? Is this just an identification thing or is behavior actually changing?

Gallup published a separate poll today on the nature/nurture debate. Behold:

You won’t be surprised to learn that those who think gay marriage should be legal (which is now at an all-time high across the population, by the way) are way more likely to think being gay is nature rather than nurture while those who don’t think the opposite. Among the first group the split is 88/11 in favor of nature while among the second it’s 11/61 for nurture. The more you believe that someone has no control over which gender they’re attracted to, the more you think it’s only fair that that person should be able to marry someone of either gender. What’s really fascinating about the last graph, though, is that the belief in nature over nurture is rising at the same time that the share of the population that identifies as gay is also rising, especially among youngsters — suggesting that there *is* some sort of nurture component to LGBT identification. The country increasingly favors nature to explain all of this while its behavior suggests the opposite.

Back to the first poll, though. Click and scroll down and you’ll see that Gallup also looked at the changes in the number of LGBT people within separate demographic groups. Would it surprise you to know that women are much more likely to identify that way than men are? Six years ago the numbers were almost identical, with 3.4 percent of men and 3.5 percent of women calling themselves LGBT. Six years later, men are up half a point to 3.9; women are up more than a point and a half to 5.1. The stigma against identifying as gay or bi has relaxed for both groups but there’s no question it’s relaxed more for women. Too bad Gallup didn’t do a split by gender *and* age, as I’m curious to know how much of the big shift among younger adults is being driven by women, specifically. Maybe girls are “experimenting” more in high school and college and that explains the bulk of it.

One more interesting data point: Among races, the group with the largest percentage of LGBT members and the group with the largest gain in LGBT members since 2012 is Hispanics. It could be that that’s a product of a small sample size in the poll. If not, I have no idea what explains it.

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Illegal Immigrant Complains ‘I Went Through Hell’ While DREAMers Get In ‘For Free’ on ‘SVU’

<p>NBC’s <em>Law and Order: Special Victims Unit </em>has had quite the provocative season this year, from raping conservative women to euthanizing babies to standing up for transgender soldiers. Although this show has come to a close for the summer, they still managed to squeeze one more liberal push to its viewers. This time, we follow the plight of two different types of illegal immigrant.</p>

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