[Opinion] Apple is ready to ditch the Mac

The crux of this Fox News article is that Apple is planning on moving to an all in one model. The writer’s opinion is that Apple make everything a hybrid table that will run iOS similar to what Microsoft tried with Windows 10, the Surface, and Windows Phones. I don’t see this happening for the same reason that Microsoft failed: you need specialty devices for certain activities. I can’t easily develop and compile a full application on a phone. the same for creating a full print layout. Nor is it convenient to make a phone call from a desktop. I can see broader spectrum devices, but the all in one device will never be the industry standard.

Apple is the master of radical pivots. It killed the floppy drive, the CD drive, and the headphone jack in iPhones, while Macintosh systems went from the Motorola 68000 to the PowerPC chip to the Intel X86 line of chips.

A very memorable pivot came when the company dropped the Apple II line of machines with an event called Apple II Forever. While it extolled the venerable machine with a fancy new model, it marked the end of the system.

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