The Racial Double Standard

Coleman Hughes, a black student at Columbia, goes there. His essay begins like this:

In the fall of 2016, I was hired to play in Rihanna’s back-up band at the MTV Video Music Awards. To my pleasant surprise, several of my friends had also gotten the call. We felt that this would be the gig of a lifetime: beautiful music, primetime TV, plus, if we were lucky, a chance to schmooze with celebrities backstage.

But as the date approached, I learned that one of my friends had been fired and replaced. The reason? He was a white Hispanic, and Rihanna’s artistic team had decided to go for an all-black aesthetic—aside from Rihanna’s steady guitarist, there would be no non-blacks on stage. Though I was disappointed on my friend’s behalf, I didn’t consider his firing as unjust at the time—and maybe it wasn’t. Is it unethical for an artist to curate the racial composition of a racially-themed performance? Perhaps; perhaps not. My personal bias leads me to favor artistic freedom, but as a society, we have yet to answer this question definitively.

One thing, however, is clear. If the races were reversed—if a black musician had been fired in order to achieve an all-white aesthetic—it would have made front page headlines. It would have been seen as an unambiguous moral infraction. The usual suspects would be outraged, calling for this event to be viewed in the context of the long history of slavery and Jim Crow in this country, and their reaction would widely be seen as justified. Public-shaming would be in order and heartfelt apologies would be made. MTV might even enact anti-bias trainings as a corrective.

Though the question seems naïve to some, it is in fact perfectly valid to ask why black people can get away with behavior that white people can’t. The progressive response to this question invariably contains some reference to history: blacks were taken from their homeland in chains, forced to work as chattel for 250 years, and then subjected to redlining, segregation, and lynchings for another century. In the face of such a brutal past, many would argue, it is simply ignorant to complain about what modern-day blacks can get away with.

Yet there we were—young black men born decades after anything that could rightly be called ‘oppression’ had ended—benefitting from a social license bequeathed to us by a history that we have only experienced through textbooks and folklore. And my white Hispanic friend (who could have had a tougher life than all of us, for all I know) paid the price. The underlying logic of using the past to justify racial double-standards in the present is rarely interrogated. What do slavery and Jim Crow have to do with modern-day blacks, who experienced neither? Do all black people have P.T.S.D from racism, as the Grammy and Emmy award-winning artist Donald Glover recently claimed? Is ancestral suffering actually transmitted to descendants? If so, how? What exactly are historical ‘ties’ made of?

Hughes goes on to lament the double standard the public applies to famous black writers. For example:

The celebrated journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates provides another example of the lower ethical standard to which black writers are held. In his #1 New York Times bestseller, Between the World and Me, Coates explained that the policemen and firemen who died on 9/11 “were not human to me,” but “menaces of nature.”1 This, it turned out, was because a friend of Coates had been killed by a black cop a few months earlier. In his recent essay collection, he doubled down on this pitiless sentiment: “When 9/11 happened, I wanted nothing to do with any kind of patriotism, with the broad national ceremony of mourning. I had no sympathy for the firefighters, and something bordering on hatred for the police officers who had died.”2 Meanwhile, New York Times columnist Bari Weiss—a young Jewish woman—was recently raked over the coals for tweeting, “Immigrants: They get the job done,” in praise of the Olympic ice-skater Mirai Nagasu, a second-generation Japanese-American. Accused of ‘othering’ an American citizen, Weiss came under so much fire that The Atlantic ran twoseparate pieces defending her. That The Atlantic saw it necessary to vigorously defend Weiss, but hasn’t had to lift a finger to defend Coates, whom they employ, evidences the racial double-standard at play. From a white writer, an innocuous tweet provokes histrionic invective. From a black writer, repeated expressions of unapologetic contempt for public servants who died trying to save the lives of others on September 11 are met with fawningpraise from leftwing periodicals, plus a National Book Award and a MacArthur ‘Genius’ Grant.

Hughes says this double standard is common in society:

But we make an exception for blacks. Indeed, what George Orwell wrote in 1945seems more apt today: “Almost any English intellectual would be scandalised by the claim that the white races are superior to the coloured, whereas the opposite claim would seem to him unexceptionable even if he disagreed with it.” Only a black intellectual, for instance, could write an op-ed arguing that black children should not befriend white children because “[h]istory has provided little reason for people of color to trust white people,” and get it published in the New York Times in 2017. An identical piece with the races reversed would rightly be relegated to fringe white supremacist forums. In defense of such racist drivel, it won’t suffice to repeat the platitude that ‘black people can’t be racist,’ as if redefining a word changes the ethical status of the thing that the word signifies. Progressives ought not dodge the question: Why are blacks the only ethnic group routinely and openly encouraged to nurse stale grievances back to life?

Read the whole thing. It’s very, very brave. Hughes is a black undergraduate at an Ivy League university, yet he has no been afraid to say what has been unsayable. That man has guts.

By the way, his essay is not merely an exercise in whataboutism. He addresses real philosophical and moral concerns in it. He focuses on blacks, but as a general matter, if you read the mainstream press, you’ll find there’s a tendency to treat gays and other minority groups favored by liberals with kid gloves — as if they were symbols, not real people, with the same virtues and vices that everybody else has. For example, in a previous job, I observed that some liberals in the newsroom viewed local Muslims through the lens of the culture war between liberals and conservatives, and did not want to hold them to the same standard with regard to extremist rhetoric, apparently because doing so might encourage conservatives in their own biases.

Another personal example: last year, I wrote several posts about Tommy Curry, a radical black nationalist who teaches philosophy at Texas A&M (see here and here). In his written work and spoken advocacy, Curry advocates what can only be described as anti-white hatred. Don’t take my word for it; go read the blogs I wrote, which quote generously from, and link to, Curry’s own work. A white man who spoke the same way about any racial minority would never have been hired by a university — A&M hired him knowing exactly what they were getting, because he had published — and would never be retained by one after his racism became known. I linked in one of the blogs to a podcast (subtitled, “White People Are The Problem”) on which Curry was a regular guest; on that particular episode, this philosophy professor argued that white people cannot be reasonable, because they are white.

Imagine being a white student in that man’s class.

But there is a different standard for bigots from the left. The Chronicle of Higher Education wrote a long piece about the fallout from my blogs, and positioned it as Curry having suffered because he wanted to “force a conversation about race and violence” — a conversation that people didn’t want to hear. The writer — no doubt reflecting the biases of his own professional class — could not seem to grasp why people would be really offended by the unapologetic racism of Tommy Curry’s writing and speaking. This is precisely the double standard that Coleman Hughes decries. It is lucrative for radicals like Curry, Coates, and others, but a just society should hold us all to the same standard of discourse and morality. This is one aspect of the Enlightenment that I am eager to defend. It’s not only morally right, but practically, observing it it is the only way we will be able to keep the peace in a pluralistic country.

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Dog Takes 4 Bullets To Save Boy From Robbers, But The Family Didn’t Have The Money For Its Surgery

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but few have lived up to that claim as much as Rex. He’s a two-year-old German Shepherd that also happens to be an incredible hero! Rex belongs to the Mercado family in Des Moines, Iowa and was recently left home alone with 16-year-old Javier. The night was still and calm until Rex’s ears perked up and Javier knew something was wrong.

Burglars broke into the apartment moments later and Javier did the smart thing: he hid. He tried to encourage Rex to join him in the closet, but Rex heroically decided to save the day.

“Rex’s instinct to protect his home and his best friend took him downstairs and he attacked the burglars,” Javier’s aunt wrote on a GoFundMe page for Rex.

These robbers proved to be more dedicated than most and they managed to fend off the aggressive dog’s first wave of attack. But he would have the last word in the end!

“Both of the burglars struggled and beat him up with whatever they could,” she continued. “Rex stormed back to the upstairs floor all beat up and bloody from the beating to check on his master who was still hiding in the closet.”

The burglars didn’t stop with the downstairs and swiftly got closer and closer to the closet where Javier was hiding. Rex bolted out of the closet and began another attack, this time dealing some serious damage to these home invaders.

They managed to get off four gunshots with a pistol produced from one of their waistbands and every single one found the mark. Poor Rex was struck and bleeding profusely – without proper medical attention, this heroic pup had no chance of making it out alive. Unfortunately, the family didn’t have the funds to pay for the dog’s life-saving surgery.

Instead, the family setup a GoFundMe account on Rex’s behalf and were able to raise $62,000 for the surgery. Now Rex is healthy once more.

However, according to an update on GoFundMe, not all is well with the poor pup after the traumatic experience he went through. Apparently, he is suffering from PTSD and needs treatment from a vet psychologist. The family should have more than enough money from GoFundMe, but there is a catch.

“The family has not had any access yet to the funded money,” they wrote in the update. “We will continue to update you on this story.”

That was about 3 months ago, and there haven’t been any updates to the story since. We can only hope that Rex is happy and doing well now with the proper treatment, and that GoFundMe did indeed give the money that people donated to the family to them.

If platforms like GoFundMe have taught us anything, it’s that people have generosity in their hearts – especially if they feel an emotional connection with someone’s story. Rex here really needed the help and the internet came through in a huge way. Who knows what could have happened if he didn’t get that emergency medical attention.

Share Rex’s story now if you love this beautiful pup too!

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Knock-Out Game is Back : This Time Pre-teens Are Being Used

Where are the parents? Kids are being suckerpunched and suffering broken bones, and others are being burned with aerosol cans in the name of fun

In Las Vegas, a group of teens were filmed attacking a woman and then moving to attack property and hurting others in the process.

According to neighbors who wanted the drama unfold, the woman suffered a broken finger and a sprained ankle, but they say that it’s the “new normal” where they live.

A middle school teacher in the neighborhood said:

“I want people to know that video where my neighbor is getting beat, this isn’t a one time thing.”

Others joined in to say that it’s been making living in the community a nightmare.

Jon Harris, whose wife was attacked, say that the adults know the names of the kids, and have photos and videos and have approached the parents of the teens causing the attacks.

“…two to three times a day, [the kids] are an issue and two to three times a day police come. Police handcuff them, then ten minutes later you see them back walking around.”

Middle School Kids Caught On Camera Jumping Mom

Here’s a short, two-and-a-half minute video from Fox News in Las Vegas showing a victim of a recent bout of the knockout game.

According to Jon Harris, the husband of the woman jumped,

“Sixty kids came out of no where and just rushed everyone. I don’t know how it started but we turned around and my wife was getting jumped by a bunch of kids.”

Further in the video, you can see that several teens were picking up rocks the size of baseballs and throwing them, many of them making contact with homes and cars. The husband quoted above said:

“[The group of teens] hit my neighbors’ wife with those rocks. He was also trying to protect his wife…You can’t drive down the street. They stop cars, they try to get in the cars. They start banging on cars.”

Watch now:

What Next?

The teens are all known to attend the local Edmundo Escobedo Sr. Middle School. So, the teacher quoted above — Mr. Eric Phillips — said:

“…when I talked to my neighbor and she said her eight-year-old was not going to school because she was afraid, I said [that] the school needs to do something.”

But when Phillips had written statements brought in from the community, the school said that they would not be investigating further.

According to parents, tensions are high, with Harris adding:

“This is a situation someone is not going to come back from if it doesn’t stop.”

The school refuses to comment on the situation.

Aerosol Can Burns Mean Kids Need Skin Grafts

Meanwhile in jolly old England, multiple schools have students that engage in a trend of the “deodorant challenge,” where students hold each other down and spray aerosol deodorant on each others’ skin for as long as possible.

Since this is a very wrong way of working with aerosols, at least one student’s mother is using social media to reach out to others to warn moms and dads to check their kids for burns. One girl named Elle is being considered for a skin graft after suffering second degree burns from the other students.

Elle’s mother described the “game” as such, and posted photos of her daughter’s arm:

“…[it] involved spraying deodorant on to someone else for as long as possible… It’s that simple and results in severe secondary burns. [These pictures] or are my [15-year-old] daughter’s are THREE WEEKS ON which may still as yet require a skin graft.”

And it’s not an isolated incident. Once posted on social media, other students chimed in to say that they too have been victims and that the trend is going around their own educational facilities.

Kids Need Parents, Not Pre-Kindergarten Psychologists

Through all this, there’s a push for the health and well being of children to be stripped from parents and handed over to high priced doctors slinging medication. For example, the Child Mind Institute, which has deep connections to both Hillary Clinton and federal charges, says that millions of kids will develop a mental health disorder and that doctors should be screening very young kids for depression.

Sources: Gateway Pundit, Fox News

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UN envoy urges quick action to avoid Israel-Palestinian war

The U.N.’s Mideast envoy called Wednesday for urgent action to avoid another Israeli-Palestinian war sparked by the violence in Gaza. Nikolay Mladenov told the U.N. Security Council that “Gaza is on the verge of collapse” and urgent action is also needed to relieve the suffering of its “increasingly desperate” people.

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White South African Farmers Claiming Persecution at Home Seek Refuge in Australia

More than 200 farmers from South Africa have applied for humanitarian visas in Australia after allegedly suffering attacks for being white, according to the Australian Home Affairs Ministry.

“The type of criteria they of course have to meet – or the key one – is evidence of persecution, so that’s exactly what we will be looking at,” Home Affairs Deputy Secretary Malisa Golightly said. Home Affairs said 89 refugee visa applications relating to 213 people had been received, although they did not specify their ethnicity or any other details.

News reports emerged earlier this year revealing that white farmers in South Africa had faced persecution after the country’s government approved a new law allowing for the confiscation of their lands, which would be transferred to black citizens.

Following the reports, Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton announced his willingness to start fast-tracking humanitarian visas for South Africans who had endured violent rural crime at home and wished to move Down Under. The step was slammed by the South African opposition, which called Australia, and those willing to escape there, ‘racist.’

The controversial legislation was endorsed by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who pledged to hand the lands owned by white farmers since the 1600s to black citizens of the country without compensation for the owners. South Africa’s 50 million citizens are predominantly black, but 72 percent of farmland reportedly belongs to whites.

The legislation evoked strong disapproval both in the country and internationally, with a reported upsurge in violence against white farmers. Last year, some 82 people were killed in a record 423 farm attacks, and there have been 109 attacks and more than 15 murders in 2018, Afriforum, a South African civil rights group reported in March.

The controversial reform may jeopardize commercial farming in the country, according to the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa. Experts say that the South African government may repeat the mistake made by the government of Zimbabwe, which had passed through a state-sanctioned purge of white farmers in 1999-2000. The measure plunged the country into famine.

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Gun Owners Of America Issues Statement On Santa Fe Shooting

What happened Friday was awful. Unfortunately, because a firearm was used, we’ll inevitably continue to debate the tools used rather than the mentality behind such attacks.

It’s also because of this that gun rights organizations need to speak out in the aftermath of such an attack. Friday, Gun Owners of American issued a statement about the attack.

Gun Owners of America Statement on Santa Fe, Texas Shooting

Springfield, VA – Executive Director of Gun Owners of America (GOA) Erich Pratt stated the following after the tragic shooting at the high school in Santa Fe, Texas:

“Everyone at GOA grieves with those who lost loved ones. Our prayers go out for families of those affected. It’s heartbreaking to see innocent lives lost.

“Sadly, the media is focused on this shooting, and they continue to do so because they will use it to advance their gun control agenda. Some outlets are continuing to cite the fake number of mass shootings in 2018, which was refuted by The Washington Post after the tragic Parkland shooting.

“The mainstream media has ignored potential mass shootings that were stopped by armed personal, such as the school resource officers who stopped shooters in Maryland and Illinois.

“GOA remains firmly committed to protecting our Second Amendment rights and urges Congress to pass the ‘Safe Students Act’ to repeal gun-free schools, and for Texas to pass Constitutional Carry.”

Now, part of the reason the media focused on the shooting is because of the old news adage, “If it bleeds, it leads.” A school shooting will always draw media attention, and part of that is because people want to know what happened. That’s not going to change, even if the media suddenly did a 180 on guns.

That said, it was almost as if the media was salivating at another school shooting, only to be visibly disappointed that the weapon wasn’t an AR-15, not to mention that none of the anti-gun proposals being floated around would have done one thing to stop this shooting.

It’s not surprising, though. Let’s be honest, we all know the current proposals on the table are useless. This shooting illustrated just how little they would do to prevent school shootings. And by “little,” I mean “jack squat.”

The problem is something deeper into the psychology of these shootings. Luckily, we have a handful of mass shooters who surrendered. We need a psychological study of these people to begin to delve into their pathology. We know that blaming the guns is stupid. However, blaming nebulous concepts as “mental illness” is useless, too. There are millions of students suffering from things like depression who would never even raise a finger to hurt their fellow students.

No, we need to understand what makes these people tick, what the common factors are, and continue to build a profile while trying to find ways to curtail these horrible crimes. The more we can learn, the more we can stop these attacks from happening.

In the meantime, let’s remember that it was a couple of good guys with guns that wounded the attacker and ultimately convinced him to surrender.

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This Is The Secret To Get A Baby To Stop Crying Every Time That They Never Teach You At The Hospital

Any tired parent of a newborn can attest to the fact that a crying baby is often challenging. Since babies can’t speak, they can’t explain the discomfort or unhappiness they’re feeling and many parents are clueless about how to console a distraught baby. Is the baby in need of a diaper change? Hurting in some way? Suffering from gas pains? Hungry?

Parents looking for the secret to getting a baby to stop crying may have believed that no such magic solution exists. But guess what? There is a way to stop the crying and, while there’s no way of confirming that it’s 100% effective, it’s definitely worth a try.

A video that shows Dr. Robert Hamilton’s technique will make any tired mom or dad’s jaw drop because he makes calming a crying baby look so easy. Since he’s an experienced pediatrician, he has seen his fair share of unhappy babies, so he came up with a method that seems to get even the crankiest of kids totally quieted down.

Dr. Hamilton explained: “When I examine the child in the hospital or here in my office I frequently make them cry. Over the years I’ve been able to really perfect this method of holding them, and it works well.”

It’s all simple enough, too. Watch as Dr. Hamilton picks the baby up, folding his arms across his body. With the baby’s arms tucked over his chest like this, the doctor holds one of his hands over the baby to keep his arms in place.

Then the doctor gives the child a 45-degree tilt forward towards the floor. Behold, the baby stops crying! What? That’s it? Most parents have tried with little luck to rock their babies, bounce them, hold them in different positions, but are mostly unsuccessful.

Here’s the secret: by folding the child’s arms, he feels secure, like he was when he was folded up in the mother’s womb before birth. This gives him a sense of safety and security that he’s used to.

Dr. Hamilton then gently holds his bottom with the other hand and rocks the baby back and forth, frontward and backward, and sometimes tries a circular motion. According to the doctor, he thinks that the child gets the sensation of floating, which is comforting to him because that was the sensation in his mother’s belly.

As for the angle, it’s believed that since babies spend a lot of time on their backs, this forward 45 degree angle gives them a different perspective. One of the hosts of the Science Channel video explains: “It’s almost as though the baby is going, ‘Oh, hello world. This is new. I like it.’” Another host notes, “Suddenly, they’re at this angle that they’re not used to experiencing.”

The baby feels comforted by their folded position, but the shift in perspective provides sensory information that overwhelms the urge to cry. Of course, if your baby is truly uncomfortable, this method may not work every time, but parents are always looking for another tool in their arsenal of baby calming techniques and this one appears to be solid.

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