WSJ: Tech Giants Are Heading Towards Monopoly Status

A new column the Wall Street Journal argues that companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are heading towards monopoly status in their respective industries. A Thursday column in the Wall Street Journal by Christopher Mims argues that several Silicon Valley giants are gaining monopoly-sized market shares in their respective industries. Mims explained that modern monopolies look much different than monopolies of the past. Mims cited the example of monopolist Andrew Carnegie using armed guards against his striking workers. One way todayÂ’s monopolists are different from the robber barons of old is that theyÂ’re not exactly ​behaving like, for example, Andrew…

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Watch the US Navy fire a Tomahawk land attack missile

The U.S. military recently released video footage of the guided-missile destroyer USS Laboon (DDG 58) firing a Tomahawk land attack missile on April 14.

The USS Laboon is deployed to the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations in support of maritime security operations, to reassure allies and partners and preserve the freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce in the region.

Watch the video footage:

Tomahawk missiles are “modern, mature, powerful” and can “can circle for hours, shift course instantly on command and beam a picture of its target to controllers halfway around the world before striking with pinpoint accuracy,” according to manufacturer Raytheon.

U.S. and allied militaries have deployed the missiles more than 2,000 times in combat “to conduct precise strikes on high-value targets with minimal collateral damage.”

Their use was confirmed in the April 14 strike by the Defense Department.

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Armed customer takes out robbery suspect. Now police seek customer for assault with deadly weapon.

An armed customer at a California restaurant’s drive-thru reportedly noticed an attempted burglary in progress inside the restaurant, so he apparently decided to intervene.

The customer allegedly shot through the drive-thru window at the robbery suspect, reportedly striking him twice and helping bring the purported burglary attempt to an end.

Now police are looking for the shooter on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, the Orange County Register reported.

What are the details?

The incident took place in Santa Ana just after midnight Saturday when a masked man reportedly entered The Cozy Corner armed with a revolver and a bag.

The 60-year-old suspect allegedly threw the bag over the counter at an employee and demanded the employee fill the bag with cash.

As the female employee filled the bag with the store’s cash, shots rang out.

A customer, who had reportedly watched the event unfold through a drive-through window, pulled out a firearm and shot through the take-out window at the suspect, striking the suspect at least twice, according to KCAL-TV.

Santa Ana Police Cmdr. Michael Claborn told the Register that the shots shattered the drive-through window.

“It was very dangerous, one of the employees could have been shot,” Claborn said.

Daniel Acevedo, a second restaurant employee, said that three shots reportedly rang out — two of which purportedly struck the suspect, and one that hit the restaurant’s drink machine.

In security video footage of the incident, a car can be see fleeing the drive-through after its driver reportedly fired the shots, leaving the scene entirely.

Acevedo said that he believed that the alleged shooter was trying to help, according to KCAL.

The station reported that police responded to the scene only to discover the suspected robber had made it out of the restaurant and across the street.

The suspected thief was reportedly “shot twice in the upper body and bleeding,” KCAL reported.

Police took the robbery suspect to the hospital for evaluation, and he, at the time of the report, was in stable condition. Police arrested the man on suspicion of robbery suspect, according to the Register.

Now police are seeking the driver of the car who reportedly shot the robbery suspect. According to the Register, the driver is “now wanted on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.”

The outlet reported that a description of the driver was not available at the time of publication.

Francisco Reyno, the restaurant manager, told KNBC-TV that the stolen money — approximately $274 — was recovered.

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Russia’s new ‘unlimited range’ missile flew only 22 miles before crashing, report says

Russia’s newest nuclear-power missile – touted as having “unlimited range” by President Vladimir Putin earlier this year – flew just 22 miles before crashing during its most successful test.

The failed test aligns with the view of many in the intelligence community who doubt Russia’s current military capabilities, CNBC reported this week.

According to sources familiar with a U.S. intelligence report on Russia’s weapons program, the supposedly state-of-the-art cruise missile has been tested four times between November 2017 and February of this year.

Each test has resulted in a crash.

Its longest test flight lasted more than two minutes and covered 22 miles before losing control and impacting the ground. The shortest of the test flights lasted four seconds with a total flight path of five miles.

Russia has reportedly been developing the weapon since the early 2000s. The missile is believed to be gasoline-powered for take-off before switching to nuclear power for flight.

The tests show that the nuclear power fails to initiate, which causes the missile to achieve a flight path that falls short of Putin’s estimates.

Sources told CNBC that the tests were ordered by senior Kremlin officials and went against the suggestion of the program’s engineers who voiced concerns about the system. One of the biggest issues in failed nuclear missile tests is the environmental and health impact of radiation following a major crash.

The report outlining Russia’s failed missile tests showcases a weapons program that does not match up to the words spoken by Putin during his state of the union address earlier this year.

Putin bragged that Russia had missiles capable of delivering warheads to any location in the world while evading defense systems.

He even played a mock video of a Russian missile striking Florida.

Putin went as far as to say that Russia’s new arsenal of hypersonic weapons was “invincible.”

Russia has successfully tested a myriad of other weapons technology.

This month, Russia unveiled a new hypersonic glide missile that is rumored to be ready for war by 2020. The hypersonic missile was developed to conquer air defense and anti-ballistic missile defense systems, and is designed to be launched by a MiG-31. It is a type of weapon the U.S. cannot currently defend against.

“We don’t have any defense that could deny the employment of such a weapon against us, so our response would be our deterrent force, which would be the triad and the nuclear capabilities that we have to respond to such a threat,” Gen. John Hyten told the Senate Armed Services Committee earlier this month.


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New Jersey Action Needed: Senate Committee Passes Multiple Gun Control Bills

New Jersey
New Jersey Action Needed: Senate Committee Passes Multiple Gun Control Bills

Fairfax, VA – -( This week the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee considered and passed multiple anti-gun measures.  The below listed bills will now head to the Senate floor.  Companion versions of these bills have already passed the Assembly, so your Senator needs to hear from you now more than ever.  Please contact your state Senator and urge them to OPPOSE these gun control bills.

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  • S.102 by Sen. Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D) is a magazine and gun ban.  This legislation would ban magazines with a capacity greater than 10.  We all know magazine bans do nothing except punish law-abiding gun owners because criminals by definition ignore laws.  This bill would put honest citizens in jeopardy during violent criminal attacks and would subject them to prosecution for possessing what is currently legal property.  This bill would turn the majority of New Jersey’s 1 million gun owners into felons overnight.
  • S.160 by Sen. Vin Gopal (D) would allow for suspension of gun rights by unaccountable “health professionals.”  This bill goes so far as to allow marriage counselors, social workers and nurses to cause suspension of your legal rights.
  • S.2376 by Sen. Linda Greenstein (D) codifies New Jersey’s “justifiable need” standard for the issuance of concealed carry permits.  The bill is a striking blow to the basic fundamental right to self-defense outside the home.  It creates a standard so onerous that nobody can meet it, hence the issuance of permits in New Jersey is close to non-existent.
  • S.2245 by Sen. Fred Madden, Jr. (D) bans handgun ammunition which is already banned under federal law.  This bill does nothing to improve public safety and is a classic example of the asinine nature of New Jersey gun laws as a whole.  This is nothing more than political pandering to gun banners.
  • S.2374 by Sen. Linda Greenstein (D) would require background checks on all firearm transfers.  Again, this is redundant because all transactions in New Jersey require a background check.  The private transfer of long guns requires an FID card and the issuance of that card requires fingerprinting, a background check and references, among other things.  This bill does nothing except add another layer of bureaucracy and fees to an already cumbersome and duplicative process.
  • S.2465 by Sen. Joseph Cryan (D) would prohibit purchasing firearm components to unlawfully manufacture a firearm without a serial number.  This bill has not been heard in the Assembly yet.

Again, please contact your state Senator immediately and strongly urge them to OPPOSE the above listed anti-gun legislation.

One of the scheduled bills, S.2259 by Sen. Richard Codey (D), was held from the agenda and not considered.  S.2259 creates extreme risk protection orders whereby firearms can be seized and constitutional rights suspended with little to no due process.  The bill fails to penalize those who fabricate accusations, and it does nothing to improve public safety.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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Dad holding baby daughter attacked by four men. But Dad grabs his gun — and the tables turn.

A dad holding his baby daughter was walking back to his car outside a McDonald’s in Memphis, Tennessee, on Tuesday afternoon when police said four men attacked him, WREG-TV reported.

Image source: WREG-TV video screenshot

“They jumped out of the car and they started fighting him and trying to take his wallet and stuff,” witness David Chase, who called 911 from across the street, told the station in an earlier story.

The victim told police he was put in a headlock and choked, WREG reported.

But he fought back, Chase told the station: “He dropped his baby and started fighting them and the child was just sitting on the concrete.”

Image source: WREG-TV video screenshot

What did the father do next?

Then Dad added a little firepower to the battle when he grabbed a gun from his car and fired shots, striking one of his assailants, the station reported. Chase told WREG he heard three to four gunshots.

The victim said the suspects ripped his gun away from him and then fled in a black Infiniti, the Commercial Appeal reported.

But minutes later police found the car at a Memphis fire station where the suspects went for help for their wounded comrade, the paper said.

What happened to the suspects?

Cortez Cole, 25, Ladarius Pugues, 21, Terrell Pullen, 22, and Quinton Webb, 25, have been charged with robbery, the Commercial Appeal reported.

Cole, Pullen and Webb were taken to jail, the paper said, while Pugues was hospitalized for his gunshot wound. Pugues’ injury was non-critical, and he’s expected to be OK, WREG reported.

What are people saying about the dad who fired his gun?

Memphis police won’t say if the dad will face any charges for shooting the suspect, WREG reported, adding that the consensus on the street is leaning in favor of the father.

“If I’m being robbed and I fire back, that ain’t my fault,” Karl Shields told the station.

Karl Shields (Image source: WREG-TV video screenshot)

Chase agreed and the dad “was doing what any father should have did: protect his child. And I also told the police whether he had a gun license or not, it was a righteous shot. He did what any man would do for his kids.”

What did a relative of three of the suspects have to say?

Pughes, Webb and Pullen all have the same listed address, WREG reported, and a man there who didn’t want to give his name — but said he’s Webb’s father and Pullen and Pugues’ grandfather — claimed the incident wasn’t random.

“Everybody knows each other,” the man told the station.

He added that the group has had problems, and the suspects went to talk to the victim when the incident unfolded, WREG reported.

(H/T: Blue Lives Matter)

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This Woman’s Instagram Photos Are Causing Controversy For One Subtle Reason

Have you ever really studied people’s photos on social media? One woman’s Instagram photos have gotten plenty of attention because they have one subtle similar element among all of them. Those flipping through this French woman’s Instagram might have pieced together one small detail, but many miss it entirely. Take a look through her photos here and let us know if you see what they all have in common.

Did you notice it? In every pic, she’s either holding a glass or bottle of alcohol or is situated next to alcohol in some way.

But does it mean anything? In fact, it does. The account is part of a clever campaign to raise awareness about alcohol addiction, pointing out how “It’s easy to miss the addiction of someone close.” Are you really paying attention?

The video explains, “On the 1st of August, @louise.delage appeared on Instagram. Two months later, her photos and videos had over 50,000 likes.” It’s easy to see why – she’s a beautiful woman and her photos, some in gorgeous locations, are overall striking and stunning. The video asked: “But were her followers really aware of what they were liking?”

Turns out, mostly not, as the video scrolls through a selection of her social media pictures, which show the woman in restaurants, aboard a boat, poolside, and in other scenic locales. Then the video focuses on the alcohol in each shot. It ends with the powerful statement that “it’s easy to miss” someone’s addiction, before pointing people to the website Addict Aide.

It’s an interesting use of social media to bring attention to a struggle that many people might be facing, but that their friends and family may not be so aware of.

Those commenting on the video were split about how they felt about the campaign, with one person explaining: “This ad is brilliant. For those that don’t understand, the point isn’t that she’s an alcoholic. The point of this ad is, despite being given a snapshot moments of her life with over a hundred pictures and followed by thousands of people, how many noticed that she may potentially have a drinking problem? That she had a drink in every picture? If it’s so easy to miss even when it’s been blatantly presented to you, how much easier would it be to miss similar signs from people close to you?”

Another fan of the video noted: “The failure to grasp the simple message behind this video is gob smacking! It doesn’t matter if you don’t give a s**t about the person/model in it! The message is that this could be anyone such as a friend or family member and you’d continue to like the pictures without considering what was happening behind the scenes. The video is promoting awareness!”

Another person pointed out: “People really don’t get the point? It isn’t about the model, her lifestyle, or the number of likes. No matter where or when an image was taken, alcohol was there. Addiction is when you are no longer trying to get high, but you are trying to get normal. Alcohol had become a constant background, like the hum of a city you just accept and at some point no longer hear. Thanks for a really smart campaign, even if it goes over others’ heads.”

One commenter had personally liked the woman’s photos and was completely unaware of the campaign behind it, noting: “Wow, I was liking her photos myself and at no point could I tell that she is possibly an alcoholic or part of a project/commercial. Really didn’t expect this, very well done and executed…”

Are you going to pay better attention to your friends and family’s photos now that you’ve seen this example?

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