Four years of Modi government: BJP not confused but committed, for us politics means development and good governance says, PM Modi

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi- led BJP government to complete its 4 years in the power in the Centre. The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance has increased its electoral numbers across the country from just eight states in 2014 to 20 states in four …

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Spain’s government is on the verge of major upheaval

Most of the news out of Spain lately has centered on their problems with the runaway province of Catalonia and their secession-minded government. The recent Catalan elections didn’t alleviate that situation to speak of so trouble is still brewing in that region. But now, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has a new headache to contend with. Rajoy is the leader of the Popular Party (PP) leading the governing coalition in Parliament. Unfortunately, that party was just found guilty of financially benefitting from a massive graft scheme which channeled hundreds of thousands of dollars to their campaign coffers.

This has led the opposition Socialist Party to file a motion calling for a vote of no-confidence. If the motion carries and Rajoy loses the vote, he could be facing new elections two years early and an exit from his office. (Yahoo News)

Spain’s Socialist Party on Saturday pledged to hold new elections within months if its attempt to unseat Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy with a parliamentary no-confidence vote succeeds.

The country’s biggest opposition party, led by Pedro Sanchez, filed the motion seeking Rajoy’s ouster in the 350-seat lower house of parliament on Friday.

No date has been set for the vote, but the bid is being taken seriously in Madrid where a legislative election is not due for another two years.

The surprise move came a day after Rajoy’s Popular Party (PP) was found guilty of benefiting from illegal funds in a massive graft trial.

“The PP leadership is concerned and does not totally rule out that the number of votes needed to overturn the government could be found,” the La Razon newspaper, considered close to the PP, said on Saturday.

Here’s where things become additionally tricky for Rajoy. The PP coalition majority was never large to begin with and they’ve been losing ground lately. The corruption news sweeping the nation certainly won’t help that. In order to beat the vote of no-confidence, Rajoy may need to get the help of a new block of allies. But one of the only significant voting blocks up for grabs by either Rajoy’s PP or the Socialists is… guess who. The Catalan separatists and Basque nationalists.

How excited do you think the Catalan contingent will be about supporting Rajoy after he’s been busy throwing a bunch of their politicians in prison on charges of sedition following their independence referendum last year? If this motion to hold a vote of no-confidence goes through it’s expected to be tight, but there’s a very real chance that Rajoy could come out on the losing end. One other possibility is that new general elections could be called instead, and some of the other parties in Parliament are indicating they would prefer that choice to a vote in Parliament.

Of course, the last time Rajoy called for new elections they were only for Catalonia. That didn’t work out well for him at all. And after this new graft scandal, national elections might not go much better. It seems that the Spanish have joined the growing club of countries which have lived to see interesting times.

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Malaysia’s New Leader Indicates Anti-Fake News Law to Stay

New Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad indicated Sunday that his government will keep a controversial law banning fake news that he once slammed as a tool to curb dissent. The law, which was rushed through parliament last month ahead of last week’s general election, carries a stiff penalty of up to six years in jail and a fine of 500,000 ringgit .

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Anti-Fake News Act will be repealed, says Gobind

KUALA LUMPUR, May 21 — The Anti-Fake News Act officially gazetted in April will be abolished, said the new Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo today. He said the proposal to abolish the act would be brought to Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad so that it could be abolished as soon as possible.

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Netanyahu thanks U.S. for new Iran policy outlined by Pompeo

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu applauded US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s speech on Monday outlining the 12 steps Iran must take for sanctions relief, saying this is “the right policy.” The prime minister, speaking at a Foreign Ministry …

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Italy’s new PM vows immediate implementation of stricter asylum laws and moving budget away from EU control

Giuseppe Conte has vowed quick reforms after being confirmed as prime minister by Italy’s President Sergio Mattarella, following months of grueling talks that have put the Euroskeptic Five Star Movement-Lega coalition in charge. “This will be the government of change,” said the former law professor and lawyer at the traditional maiden speech at the Quirinal Palace in Rome, where he was summoned on Wednesday afternoon after his compromise candidacy was announced last week. Conte, 53, said he would immediately begin implementing stricter asylum requirements and negotiate a loosening Italy’s budget, away from Brussels’ spending requirements, describing himself as “defense lawyer for the Italian people.”

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Netanyahu: Air force ‘crucial’ in thwarting Iran’s nuclear ambitions

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu walks with Commander of the Israel Air Force’s Tel Nof Base Brigadier General Peleg Niego on May 23, 2018. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the Israeli Air Force’s “crucial role” in efforts to thwart Iranian efforts to obtain nuclear weapons and entrench itself in Syria.

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Anti-Immigrant Stance Helps Slovenia’s SDS Party to Poll Lead

An anti-immigrant party looks set to win Slovenian elections on June 3, two years after nearly half a million migrants crossed the country on their way to Western Europe, although a lack of potential coalition partners may keep it out of government.

The Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), one of whose rallies was addressed by Hungary’s nationalist prime minister Viktor Orban this month, is leading in opinion polls after pledging to reject EU migrant quotas and boost spending on security.

A revival in the number of people passing west through the former Yugoslav republic to other European Union countries — 1,226 in January to April, compared with 322 in the same period last year — has pushed migration up the electoral agenda.


The SDS is led by Janez Jansa, who served twice as Slovenia’s prime minister before stepping down in 2013 to face corruption allegations. He denies any wrongdoing.

In a televised pre-election debate, SDS lawmaker Branko Grims emphasized the party’s hardline stance on immigration, saying: “No migrants means a secure Slovenia.”

If the party wins, he said, it will seek to abolish the EU migrant quotas under which Slovenia has committed to take 567 asylum seekers. It will also divert money currently paid to non-governmental organizations to the security forces.

An opinion poll on Sunday gave the SDS 14.9 percent of the vote, suggesting it will emerge as the largest party in Slovenia’s fractured parliament, ahead of centre-left newcomer the List of Marjan Sarec (LMS) on 9.7 percent.


But even if the SDS wins the election, other parties’ expressed unwillingness to work with it may mean it cannot form a government.


While Slovenia’s economy is forecast to grow by a healthy 5.1 percent this year, boosted by exports and investments, waiting lists for medical examinations and operations are long and the system is short of money and staff.

Recently the last three consultants quit Slovenia’s only child surgical cardiology department, at the main UKC hospital, saying a lack of doctors meant they could no longer work there.

The hospital management is now hoping to keep services going using visiting doctors from Croatia and the Czech Republic.

“I will vote for the SDS because we need change,” said 43-year-old electrician Andrej, {snip}. “The health system is deteriorating, young people are leaving the country and there is a lot of corruption.”


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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the marijuana referendum will be non-binding

Labour is teeing up a referendum on legalising pot, as promised to the Greens as part of their confidence and supply agreement. Governments of both stripes have mostly ignored the results of non-binding referenda, be it on fire service cutbacks, smacking, the number of MPs or asset sales.

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Palestinians ask ICC for a immediatea probe against Israel

The Palestinian foreign minister asked the International Criminal Court on Tuesday to open an “immediate investigation” into alleged Israeli “crimes” committed against the Palestinian people. The step was sure to worsen the already troubled relations between the internationally backed Palestinian Authority and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

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