Teen says Apple Watch saved her life after heart rate alert led to uncovering kidney failure

A Florida teen is praising Apple Watch for saving her life. We’ve heard similar stories about how the wearable’s detection of abnormally high resting heart rates has made a huge impact. But instead of a heart issue this time around, the teen’s Apple …

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Man Discovers 200 Year Old Cemetery That Everyone Forgot About. His Next Move Shocked Us All

A man discovered an old cemetery in Missouri that had long been forgotten and neglected and did something remarkable with the treasure he found. He spotted the overgrown cemetery, which had been taken over with grass and weeds that were waist-high, with many headstones in poor shape and tipped over, and then poured himself into lovingly caring for the abandoned area. He found that over 50 people were buried there and some of the headstones dated as far back as the early 1800s.

George VanMeter explained: “They didn’t have parades or anything like that. They were just put in the ground. Stuff like that touches my heart.” George found that some of the people buried there were children and some early settlers of Missouri. He believes that the children’s cause of death was likely a yellow fever outbreak.

George even contacted the state to tell them about the cemetery and was surprisingly told that they were unable to maintain all of the old cemeteries throughout the state.

George was up to the challenge of restoring this space, however, and took the time to mow and weed, as well as care for the land the cemetery occupied, calling it “a simple courtesy.”

He explained: “I refuse to give up on these people” and put out a call for help on his Facebook page in hopes of finding others who are interested in his mission of restoring this historical site. George wrote: I need help… I’ve taken on this pre Civil War graveyard as a pet project I expect no thanks no rewards or any compensation. I’ve been keeping this graveyard mowed for the last couple of years just out of simple courtesy because the first time I saw it it was covered and waist-high weeds; if anybody out there knows of any of the family members of this graveyard or any organizations that could help to get it in a simple state of decency it would be greatly appreciated…”

He specifically hoped to get help with getting rid of some plants, lifting stones back into place, and having headstones donated, noting that he’s “just trying to do the right thing… I’m posting this with the hopes of a little help and just spread the message by please sharing my post… I’ll always commit to its upkeep as long as I’m able… I’d just like some help.”

Many people on social media offered comments praising George for his noble efforts, with one person writing: “Thanks very much for taking your time to work on this. I live next door in Franklin County. It is disheartening to see cemeteries that haven’t had any attention for years. I hope you got the help you needed to restore the monuments.”

Another commenter pointed out that George’s selfless act was really inspiring to others, writing: “Let this be a shining example to everybody what they can do if they just set their minds and hearts to it.”

George also received a flood of comments from people hoping to help him with the project!

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Victory For Conservatives In Controversy Surrounding Edina School Board Member

EDINA, Minn. – Edina School Board Vice Chair Sarah Patzloff will retain her position on the school board following a five hour closed-door disciplinary meeting over a post on social media.

The controversy started in February when Patzloff expressed concerns over a blog post written by Jackie Roehl, a 10th-grade English teacher from the school district. Patzloff shared the blog post to a private Facebook group, calling it “frightening.”

Roehl’s manifesto focused on social justice issues and critical race theory, praising Pacific Education Group (PEG) and The National Urban Alliance for Effective Education (NUA) for helping to evolve her training philosophy. Roehl explained the need for racial justice training saying the predominantly white student population needs “help exploring issues of race and racism because their own white racial identity is invisible to many, and they reduce racism to something that happened in the past to other people.”

A complaint was filed against Patzloff for calling the material “frightening,” leading to a disciplinary review from the school board. The school board gathered Tuesday night to discuss the controversy. The meeting, which was mostly a closed door session, lasted over five hours.

Many concerned parents showed up to the meeting to voice their support for Patzloff, believing she was being singled out for her conservative views. The Deplorable Housewives of the Midwestlive streamed the meeting on Facebook, and spoke with many supporters who expressed concerns over freedom of speech and the treatment of conservative beliefs within the school district.

The meeting wrapped up shortly after midnight with the school board deciding to take no further disciplinary actions against Patzloff. Patzloff read a statement expressing regret for her comments on Facebook, saying it “wasn’t my intent to offend anyone.” 

“I would like to express my regret for posting comments on Facebook that were upsetting to some members of our community,” Patzloff said. “It wasn’t my intent to offend anyone. I will continue to strongly advocate for our students and hope that we can put this matter behind us and focus our attention on the work of the District.”

Edina school board Chairman Leny Wallen-Friedman also issued a statement following the meeting confirming the matter to be closed.

“The Board was required by its policies and practices to fully investigate this matter, and that independent investigation has now concluded,” Wallen-Friedman said. “No formal disciplinary action will be taken against Ms. Patzloff, and the Board considers this matter to be closed. No further information may be shared regarding the allegations or the details of the investigation, as such data is classified as private personnel data on Ms. Patzloff.”

Alpha News reached out to Patzloff for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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