Bottomless brunch menu in London with unlimited dessert

As is the way with bottomless brunches, possibly the biggest weekend and social media craze in existence, I could not believe how long I spent eating at Eastway Brasserie. Tucked into the five star Andaz London Liverpool Street Hotel, the French restaurant …

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You may have found it difficult to access this site since Friday, May 4, 2018 because an angry group of Leftists have been engaging in a denial-of-service attack against this site and its anti-SJW metal brethren. The bad news is that this took us down intermittently for five days, but the good news is that it shows they fear us.

Leftists realize that 2018 is a huge year because we are fifty years past the Great Revolution of 1968. During that time, Leftist policies have been revealed to (1) fail to fix the problems they claimed were inherent in the old order, and (2) produce even worse problems.

This has caused panic on the Left. They know their time is ending.

In response, they have unleashed an orgy of violence, repression, and censorship — much as history predicted they would do, based on the events in France in the 1700s and Russia in the 1900s — and have attacked what they see as the most accurate voices against them. We are proud to be on that list.

Thank you to all who have written, sent help, bought books, donated time, donated money, and most of all, not given up. They did not break you, and they have not broken us.

Now on to the good details. This DOS attack consisted of two prongs: a TCP/IP-based attack against the machine that hosts several of our sites, and an HTTP-based attack against our PHP-based scripts. Our host, Dreamhost, managed to block the former attack, and with some crufty old 1990s know-how, we have lessened the latter.

You can see one Leftist crowing about the attack — which also assaulted and American Renaissance, among others — via the Tweet pictured above.

Unfortunately for this Leftist, we have the IP addresses of his friends who are participating in the second prong of the attack. Links go to ARIN which will tell you which ISP owns this address. For the first prong, we think a rented botnet was used, possibly of Russian origin.

One of these IPs has been linked in the past to one Tulio Baars, who uses the email addresses [email protected] and [email protected], who you can find on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Baars works at Garage and Catarse, where he uses many of the same technologies employed in this attack. We continue investigating. In the meantime, several of the IP addresses used were linked to other email addresses such as [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]. They seem to mostly be active at night, suggesting that they run their scripts and then go off to bed.

We will keep you posted with further announcements. In the meantime, thank you for reading and helping us weather this storm.

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What Drugs Was Samantha Bee Taking?

Of course we don’t want Rosanne Barr calling Valerie Jarrett an ape. That’s as clear as can be. It was a horrible comment. But maybe we should listen for just a moment to what Ms. Barr says in her defense: She was taking Ambien all through the day when she spoke. Now, Ambien is a super potent sleeping pill. Like all super potent sleeping pills, if you fight it, it puts you into a confused, dizzy state. Sometimes, you don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t know what you’re saying. You say things you think are funny because you think you’re walking on the surface of the moon. The things you say sometimes have zero to do with who you are as a person and who you would like to be. You berate your friends. You curse. You say things you would never say if you were not thoroughly drugged.

So, if Roseanne were really “tweaking” Ambien, it would not be at all surprising for her to say wildly offensive things. It would not even be she that was talking. It would be a Roseanne who had been hypnotized by the power of the drugs.

Yes, of course the makers of Ambien are going to say Ambien does not cause racism and it doesn’t. But it does cause people to say spectacularly inappropriate and offensive remarks…again, because they’re snowed under by the power of the drug, which has them in an essentially somnambulistic state. They’re talking in their sleep and it’s not even them that’s talking. A certain reverse polarity might set in.

So, let’s all be careful around taking sleeping pills during the day and let’s pray that Roseanne can get off the drugs as soon as possible. And let’s beware of thinking we are better than a woman who was possibly speaking under the influence of a useful but devilishly powerful drug, with no ill intent whatsoever. I’m sure the makers of Ambien also had no ill intent. They would never have wanted a patient to take Ambien while at work. But as Fitzgerald said, “I hate careless people. It takes two to make an accident.”

Meanwhile, what possible excuse can there be for Samantha Bee? What drugs was she taking? How dare the people who put her vile guttersnipe talk on the air simply go “tut-tut” and let her go on her way? This is the horrible fact of a totalitarian American culture machine. Those in its favor can get away with murder. Those in its sights get shot without trial and with no defense allowed. Can you imagine what life would be like if Hillary had won?

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Scott Pruitt Prefers Fancy Silver Fountain Pens At $130 A Pop

If you thought Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt’s expenditures couldn’t possibly get more ridiculous, guess again. The Washington Post on Friday reported that the EPA purchased a dozen silver fountain pens from a jewelry store in …

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Humpback whale carcass washes up at beach in South Africa

A juvenile humpback whale’s carcass landed at Zinkwazi Beach over the course of last night (Sunday) and was discovered by beachgoers early this morning. At present it is not certain what may have led to the young animal’s death, though wounds observed by the first comers suggest it may possibly have been hit by a vessel at sea. The carcass attracted a small crowd of onlookers and, even faster, a crowd of eager knife-wielders keen to get their hands on some of the whale’s meat. Specialised Rescue Unit’s Quentin Power reminded people that it is illegal to be in possession of any part of a whale, including any meat or blubber.

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Utah Man Headed To Prison Over Machine Gun Kits

People have been complaining about bump stocks since the horrible events in Las Vegas back in October. They’ve repeatedly said that the stocks make guns into machine guns.

Folks who actually understand guns have pointed out that no, they don’t. They simply make it possible to pull the trigger faster. That’s a far cry from a machine gun.

However, it sounds like this guy doesn’t get the distinction, and is now going to prison.

A federal judge handed an American Fork man a nearly three-year prison term Thursday for illegally making and selling more than 1,400 machine-gun converter devices for AR-15-style rifles.

Scott Ray Bishop told U.S. District Judge Dee Benson that he thought his product was the same as bump stocks or trigger assemblies that are sold legally.

In my view, my kit was no different. In my view, my kit was as legal as they were. I was wrong obviously,” he said.

A jury in January found Bishop guilty of unlawfully engaging in the business of manufacturing machine guns and illegal possession and transfer of machine guns. Benson sentenced Bishop to 33 months in prison followed by three years of probation.

Benson called the case “troubling.” He said Bishop was seemingly unaware of how risky his endeavor was and that a lot of his clientele were people “we would not want converting anything into an automatic weapon.”

I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that Bishop knew damn good and well what he was doing.

In the process of doing enough research to know how to build these kits, he had to come across the information about why one shouldn’t. He also had to know that Bump Fire went to the ATF to get the thumbs up before ever selling their stocks. The same is true for other trigger modification devices. I find it highly unlikely that he didn’t pick up that information somewhere either.

However, Bishop’s case serves as a hell of a reminder here. Ignorance of the law is not a defense. Don’t get me wrong, I hate that, mostly because there are so many laws that it’s difficult to know all the laws, but when it comes to firearms, you don’t play around. You don’t assume something is legal just because you really, really want it to be.

Again, not that I buy Bishop didn’t know. Anyone remotely knowledgeable about gun laws would have told him that the ATF defines it as a machine gun if you pull the trigger once and can make the weapon shoot multiple times. These kits apparently did just that.

The only way that information got missed was through pure willful ignorance. If Bishop truly didn’t know, it’s because he didn’t want to know. He possibly wanted to try and play ignorant, hoping he’d get a warning if he crossed the line. Well, he didn’t get that. He got just under three years in the can.

Don’t be like Bishop. Know what you’re doing. If in doubt, ask the ATF. You’re not doing anyone any favors by playing the “better to ask forgiveness than permission” card when it comes to firearms.

For better or worse, that’s just how it is.

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Blue Wave Is Really Blue Drip, Poll Shows McCaskill Trailing 2 GOP Candidates

There has been much talk over the past year among analysts and political pundits about a “Blue Wave” of liberal voters in the 2018 midterm elections who will reclaim Democrat control of the House and possibly even the Senate. While that “wave” of voters may hold true in deep blue states, it’s looking increasingly unlikely across…

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Our view: The problem is racism, not loitering

When a Philadelphia Starbucks manager saw two black men lingering in a booth earlier this spring, she called 911. It possibly was racially motivated and definitely was an overreaction. Saturday, Starbucks responded with another overreaction, at the far …

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Apple Avoids Amazon’s Beauty Contest, Searches Secretly for New Campus

But with one of them, you would hardly know it. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook this month met secretly with North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper to discuss possibly putting a major new customer-service facility in the Raleigh-Durham area, according to a person familiar with the meeting.

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