Gay Teachers Won’t Recruit, Slate Says, But They Need to ‘Show It’s OK To Be Different’

A case in Texas in which a teacher was transferred from an elementary school to a high school in her district after showing students pictures of her with her same-sex partner points out the need not merely to not discriminate against gays but to actively pursue a gay agenda in America’s classrooms, according to a […]

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Rolls-Royce Cullinan Delivered in Kuwait, Looks Like the Black Cab

Unless it’s a Mitsubishi Mirage, buying a brand new car is very exciting. However, few things come close to taking delivery of the brand new Rolls-Royce Cullinan just a few days after it was unveiled. You’ve probably already seen pictures of the red …

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These Hilarious Ads from The 1970s Will Have You Smiling For The Rest Of The Day

In this curated list of ads from the 1970s, you’ll get to see some of the worst things Madison Avenue ever created. Although the ads themselves are not necessarily very different, the products they’re trying to convince you to buy are exceptionally bizarre. You’ll see ads encouraging women to buy two-piece bikinis with avocado designs. While a Maybelline ad, which is sexist, urges women to have “strawberry kisses for Roger.”

Scroll through these ads and enjoy a good laugh on the bizarre decade filled with strange products.

For example, Cricketeer, a suit company, wanted to show its prospective customers that they could be very comfortable in their new suits. To do that, they hired a contortionist and forced the man to put his feet behind his head. The company wanted customers to know “anything you can do out of a suit, you can now do in a suit.” Did the ad help these suits sell? Doubtful.

The designers of the avocado bikini thought it sounded like a fabulous idea. “The California Avocado has always done splashing things for you. And now it puts you into an original print bikini for only $10.95. Just send your $10.95 check or money order, along with a small piece of avocado skin, and the $7.05-Off certificate below. Don’t forget to specify correct size and style and you’ll be a splash!”

And if you want to fall asleep next to your favorite celebrity or star, you could have purchased a portrait pill back in the 1970s. “Cuddle up with your dream date with your own portrait pill.”

Women’s products have been popular since the beginning of time.

One product called “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific” sets a scene with a studious woman getting a compliment from a man in the library. While the scene would probably be considered sexual harassment in today’s society, the 1970s ad allowed this one through their rounds of review.

After complimenting her hair, the woman replies, “Shh! This is a library!”

“Okay, I’ll whisper it,” he said. “Gee, your hair smells terrific.”

She said, “I can’t hear what you said, but I think I like it.”

That’s most certainly a strange ad. But it was trying to appeal to a woman’s desire for compliments.

The 1970s advertisements give us a glimpse into a society that has changed a lot. Styles are different, and the way marketers try to sell us products is much different.

The pictures were shared on Daily Mail, which received the following comments.

“The 70 was the best decade ever. I wish I could go back there and never come back. The weather was great most summers and the music! The best music ever made was made in the 70s. Plus men were men and proud of it and the woman were stunning and grateful.”

A woman from Illinois remembers how great the shampoo was: “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific was the best smelling shampoo EVER. And the scent stayed in your hair all day. I really miss this product. I’ve heard it’s still sold in some countries but isn’t exactly the same.”

“But why in the world did you have to send in a piece of avocado skin in order to buy the bathing suit?”

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The Government Found A $1.2B Treasure, But They Hope Nobody Else Finds It Before They Dig It Up

The invention of autonomous robots meant more for undersea exploration than just about anything else. Most of the ocean remains unexplored, and only through these fantastic little machines do we have any hope of ever exploring the majority of it. Recently, one found what is being described as the “holy grail” of shipwrecks and what’s inside will blow your mind!

The San Jose is an 18th-century Spanish galleon that was lost at sea while carrying a massive treasure trove worth billions of dollars. For years, no one had any idea where it was located or what happened to it – until an autonomous robot discovered the remains off of the coast of Columbia.

The ship was discovered three years ago and it contains over $10 billion worth of treasures and valuables. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution was in charge of the discovery, but they were unable to share it until now due to concerns about the ownership of those valuables.

The San Jose sunk on June 8, 1708 during a battle with British ships. It was the height of naval battles and the British were some of the best. But somehow no one was able to find or recover the valuables on board. The pictures show hundreds of tea cups littered across the ocean floor.

According to Daily Mail, the enemy ship was captained by Commodore Charles Wager of the Royal Navy. He intended to recover the ship and the cargo, but the powder kegs on the San Jose detonated before he was able to completely take over the vessel.

The valuables sunk to the bottom of the sea, never to be seen again by human eyes. Only with the developments of modern technology are we able to get down deep enough to find shipwrecks like this. There are thousands more that we haven’t discovered, and each one could be a treasure trove just like this one!

The vehicle used is owned by Woods Hole and is known as a REMUS 6000. It used sonar imagery to discover the wreck at first, then stopped about 30 feet above the wreck to capture some live images. The people controlling the bot were understandably stunned by the discovery, but they were forced to keep quiet by the Columbian government.

It is understandably difficult to legally sort out who owns what in this bizarre sort of situation. Several nations are claiming that the valuables belong to them, along with other individuals and companies that claim to deserve a share.

The exact location of the wreck continues to be a secret within the Columbian government and Woods Hole. It could turn ugly if they can’t sort out the true owner, as others try and find the wreck and claim what they think is theirs.

UNESCO has called on the country to keep the location a secret in the hopes that it won’t get exploited for financial and commercial gain.

“The wreck was partially sediment-covered, but with the camera images from the lower altitude missions, we were able to see new details in the wreckage and the resolution was good enough to make out the decorative carving on the cannons,’ expedition leader Mike Purcell told Daily Mail.

What do you think the Columbian government should do about this incredible shipwreck? Share in the comments!

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The 15 best sub-compact 9mm handguns with a double stack magazine

As more Americans are choosing to carry a gun on a daily basis, sub-compact 9mm handguns have exploded with popularity. Many people like the slim and light single stack pistols but feel the six- to eight-round magazine capacity is not enough. Increasing the magazine capacity to 10 rounds or more gives the carrier an advantage when faced with multiple attackers. Plus, it’s more exciting at the range with guns that carry more ammo.

This review features what I consider the 15 best sub-compact handguns that have a double stack magazine. Although there are no industry standards for what differs a compact versus sub-compact handgun, I decided to keep this group of guns in the “under 4-inch barrel” class. Also, being there are a total of 15 sub-compact guns featured, I recruited my friend Graham Baates of GB Guns to share some of his favorites. Together, we came up with an incredible group of sub-compact 9mm handguns that have a double stack magazine.

This past year, there were several newly released models. The Sig Sauer P365, Walther PPQ SC, Bersa TPR9C and the Beretta APX Compact were introduced and released to the public in 2018. Couple that with several long-standing sub-compact 9mm pistols like the Glock 26, FNS 9C, HK VP9SK and the CZ RAMI, along with some other “not as popular” handguns in this class, one can understand how a list like this can grow to 15 total handguns.

Many online compilation reviews include stolen videos, pictures and cheesy music as the creator makes their list. In my opinion, the reviewer loses credibility when they personally have never handled and shot the gun they are reviewing. With this review, each gun is quickly discussed and range shooting is included by the reviewers. These are guns that GB Guns and I personally own and have experience with.

Check out the review below and let us know if you agree with our choices, or if you feel there is a gun out there that should have been on the list.

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Roman Polanski threatens to sue Academy after ‘illegal’ expulsion

Roman Polanski pleaded down to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor after being accused of raping then-13-year-old Samantha Geimer in 1977. A week after the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences voted to expel Roman Polanski from its ranks, citing “the organization’s standards of conduct,” the disgraced director’s attorney has threatened to sue.

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Teens Caught on Cell Phone Video Jumping Valley Mother


On April 27, the group of teens were recorded on cell phone video attacking a woman. Neighbors said the woman was attacked three times and suffered a sprained ankle and broken finger.

“Sixty kids came out of no where and just rushed everyone,” Jon Harris said of his wife’s attack. “I don’t know how it started but we turned around and my wife was getting jumped by a bunch of kids.”

In the same video that captured the attack, the group of teens were seen picking up baseball size rocks and throwing them. Many of those rocks, neighbors said hit homes and cars.


As shocking as the video was to watch, neighbors said this is the new normal in their area.

“I want people to know that video where my neighbor is getting beat, this isn’t a one time thing,” Eric Phillips said. {snip}


“You can’t drive down the street. They stop cars they try to get in the cars. They start banging on cars,” Harris said. “We know there names, we have pictures we have videos we have spoke to their parents. I mean two to three times a day they are an issue and 2-3 times a day police come. Police handcuff them, then 10 minutes later you see them back walking around.”

After having no luck with the police nor parents, neighbors said they decided to try a different route.

They all wrote down statements and brought those concerns to the teens’ school, Edmundo Escobedo Sr. Middle School.


Phillips said he brought dozens of statements to the school and was told: “We will not be investigating.”


[Editor’s Note: The video is available at FOX5 Vegas — KVVU.]

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