Starbucks Highlights Police Brutality in ‘Anti-Bias’ Training

Starbucks’ much hyped employee “anti-bias” training in the aftermath of the arrest of two black men for loitering at a Philadelphia store without buying anything was heavy on police brutality and left some employees disappointed that the coffee store giant didn’t do more to address the issue at hand. Philadelphia Magazine’s Fabiola Cineas reported on […]

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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Celebrates 22nd Annual Fetal Surgery Family Reunion

Yearly event gathers patients and families who were treated in the Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment PHILADELPHIA, June 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Today, more than 2,000 people, including patients and families from over 22 states, found an important …

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Hillary Clinton’s ‘a**-covering’ on bin Laden raid ‘rattled’ Joe Biden, new book says

Vice President Joe Biden addresses the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July 2016. Hillary Clinton’s assertion on the 2016 campaign trail that she fully supported President Obama’s decision to order the Navy SEAL raid that ultimately …

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At Quaker library, a grim find: Native American remains in display case

Louellyn White came to Pennsylvania to search for graves of native children who died after their Carlisle Indian School masters sent them out to work as maids and farmhands. But as she hunted for burial records in the dusky, seldom-used library of the Byberry Quaker Meeting in Philadelphia, she made a horrifying discovery: a yellowed skull, labeled as Native American, set in a display case among a collection of rocks and fossils.

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A.P. Bio

NBC’s A.P. Bio deserves plaudits for taking a shot at the ridiculous bureaucracy of public schools. Jack Griffin (Glenn Howerton, playing basically the same narcissistic slacker he’s honed for 12 years on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) teaches high school as a way to pay the bills while working on a pop philosophy book that he thinks will make him rich. When Griffin leaves the classroom to get a snack, one of his students accidentally suffers a minor injury, and Griffin gets sentenced to a single day in “Teacher Jail.”

Teacher Jail, as Griffin soon discovers, is a trailer behind the school where several erstwhile educators spend their days getting paid not to work. The others are guilty of far worse crimes than Griffin’s, but it’s too hard to fire them.

The school’s union rep contacts Griffin and offers to appeal his one-day sentence to the school board. That could allow him to spend weeks, even months, in Teacher Jail while the case is being processed. Griffin, seeing an opportunity to finish his book and draw a salary at the same time, happily agrees.

A young, eager substitute (Taran Killam) is brought in. The students love the stand-in, who actually teaches them rather than ducking out for snacks. He, of course, is summarily fired when Griffin returns.

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Researcher finds skull in Philadelphia Quaker library display case

In a May 9, 2018 photo, Louellyn White, assistant professor in the First Peoples Studies Program at Concordia University in Montreal, reacts to finding an American Indian skull in a cabinet in the Byberry Friends library in Philadelphia. The skull was found near Lambertville, NJ.

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Researcher finds skull in Quaker library display case – Hold for…

THIS STORY MAY NOT BE PUBLISHED, BROADCAST OR POSTED ONLINE BEFORE 3:01 A.M. EDT. Jun 01 PHILADELPHIA _ Louellyn White came to Pennsylvania to search for graves of native children who died after their Carlisle Indian School masters sent them out to work as maids and farmhands.

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Starbucks CEO fake ‘quote’ directing patrons of color to skip in line was easy to believe. That says a lot.

If someone on Facebook claimed that Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson had just instituted a policy that would allow minorities to move to the head of the line at all of the coffeehouse chain’s outlets, would you believe it?

Some did, and that suggests Starbucks and other organizations like it have tread so far to the radical left that it’s virtually impossible to distinguish fact from fiction anymore.

Check out the original Facebook post that started this controversy below, and make sure to also read the attached comments:

Relax, it was fake. But some people really believed it.

“That’s it! Enough of this white Guilt CRAP! I don’t need coffee that bad!” bellowed one incensed Facebook user.

“I’ll take my white privilege somewhere else!” wrote another.

Sighs …

While it’s tempting to blame these users for being so susceptible to false information, perhaps the blame lies elsewhere.

In the wake of a Philadelphia-based Starbucks calling the cops on two black patrons two months ago after they refused to leave, the coffeehouse chain launched a “progressive” campaign to force left-wing dogma about “implicit bias” down its employees’ throats.

This despite the fact that loitering and trespassing on a private business are grounds for removal/arrest no matter what color you are. But all that apparently mattered to Starbucks was that the far-left was accusing it of being racist.

The notion of “implicit bias” is in itself very suspect, and studies have shown that so-called “implicit bias” training leads to no fruitful results. Starbucks was so desperate to appease the left-wing mob that it didn’t care, though.

Starbucks isn’t the first company (or government agency) that’s succumbed to the far-left’s nonsense, nor will it be the last. And when so many basic societal institutions fall prey to craziness, can you really blame everyday Americans for falling hook, line and sinker for the craziest brand of fake news? Not really.

(Labeled For Reuse Google Image)

If you think about it, it’s not really fake news that’s the problem, as the left would have everyone believe. It’s rather the ongoing deterioration of American society courtesy the left’s racial pandering,  political correctness and soft bigotry of low expectations.

Case in point: If someone told you that a university professor had demanded that his school stop hiring white people because “cis het white people need to lose more,” would you believe it?

If you answered no, then whoops, you got it wrong,  because that really happened!

What if someone told you that a singer had demanded that white audience members move to the back of an music festival? Is that fake news or real news?

Again, it’s real news.

Last but not least, what if someone told you that former President Barack Obama had revealed to the media that he “distrusts white people” because they lie so much? Is that fake or real news?

THAT is actually fake news, but in case you thought it was real, don’t feel bad!

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Reggie Wayne Explains Why He Left Patriots (And It Wasn’t Because Of ‘Fun’)

Reggie Wayne’s time with the New England Patriots was fairly brief, but that doesn’t mean it lacked in fun. Indeed, Wayne was with the Pats for just a few weeks before ultimately deciding to call it a career, something Philadelphia Eagles guard Brandon …

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