Professing faith: On Memorial Day, say a prayer for those lost in war

These “minor wars” are only a partial listing. And then there are the wars against the Native American peoples, which are tragic for both sides. In any official listing of American conflicts, these wars read like a who’s who of the indigenous peoples.

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Although This Song Is 50 Years Old, We Still Listen To Daily. Do You Remember It (video)

For those who grew up in the 1960s, you already know about the world-class music. Even young people today listen to the “classic” music of that decade. Why? Because it was superior. Music today just doesn’t match the creativity, care in composition and quality as it did back then. Musicians actually recorded their songs in one take! Nowadays, it is all stop-and-go, cut-and-paste inside the studio.

Plus, producers use all sorts of gadgets and effects to improve sound quality. Compared to the music from the 1960s, that’s cheating!

Music has a way about it for piercing through space and time and bringing us back to a memory. In that way, it can serve almost like a time travel device. Want to transport back to the good old days of your life? Put on the songs of your youth, close your eyes and wait for the memories to come flooding back. Similarly, scents have the power to call forth memories from our subconscious.

When you press play and watch this nostalgic performance below, you’ll have memories flooding back to you as fast as lightning. Unless you weren’t growing up in the 1960s, then this trio’s performance will spark something for you.

The performance happened on the Big TNT show back in 1963. Life was so different back then. Parents didn’t overprotect their children. People danced to the music. And girls and boys went on dates to the movies and to get ice cream.

Shortly after this performance, the group decided to split and go their separate ways. And as soon as you start listening to this clip, you’ll recognize the song and group. It is a highly recognizable song that I’m sure will bring something back for you.

For those of you who were born after the 1960s, I bet you’ll even know this song. While you might not have grown up on this music, it is so good you probably listen to it on a regular basis. And it is still a song included on many playlists for people all over the world.

This group was a hit among fans of pop and rhythm & blues music. Can you guess who it is? It’s The Ronettes. This American girl group from New York had nine songs on the Billboard charts and had five Top 40 hits.

They worked with producer Phil Spector and became his most successful act. The trio of singers is related. Two are sisters, and the other is a cousin.

The group was as fun to listen to as they were to watch on stage. Their presence was electric, and their look was eye-catching. They made famous the black beehive hairdos and dark eye makeup. They had a sultry attitude but blended a sexy and sweet persona throughout their act and their songs. And this made them a hit through the years.

In 1965, the group won a Grammy award for their hit “Walking in the Rain.” And in 1999 they were inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for their hit song “Be My Baby.” And as you can tell from the performance on the music show, they had a significant influence on music. They were later inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007 following a falling out with Phil Spector.

Watch the video below. Does their performance bring back memories?

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School Decides Not to Play National Anthem Before Championship Game, So Crowd Starts Singing

The NFL announced last week it would require players who are on the field before the game to stand for the national anthem. The decision sparked a lot of contentious debate in the media, which made us wonder: Do Americans still believe it’s important to play the anthem before games? Well, if what happened recently…

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A Young Man With the Biggest Balls in Texas is Gone: R.I.P. Christian Garcia

I’ll get to Christian Garcia in a moment, but first – my heart goes out on this weekend to the victims and their families, friends, neighbors, fellow students and staff at Santa Fe High School near Galveston – as well as all the good people of the great state of Texas.

One of the most heinous attacks ever seen at a Texas school occurred on Friday, May 18th when 9 students and 1 teacher were killed in the mass-school shooting which left ten others were wounded by the 17-year-old shooter and fellow student at Santa Fe High School.

I can tell you this: From here forward, I’m fed up and done talking and writing about active shooters, mass shootings at schools, sociopaths, guns, mental health experts, rules of engagement and just in case you’re wondering – yes – I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

It’s been 20 years since Columbine. Now think about that. Go ahead, think about 20 years passing – I’ll give you a few minutes:

All the bullshit talk and posturing by politicians. Michael Moore and his stupid movie – “Bowling” for Columbine – yeah, you’re about as clever as making armpit farts, Mike.

Then there’s the irrational lies and disingenuous blaming of inanimate objects for the actions of murderous sociopaths, or confused and angry children – bereft of love or purpose – hepped up for years on psychotropic pills prescribed en masse by lazy psycho “doctors,” simply because no one wanted to take time out from their own selfish lives to really help them cope.

Bla bla bla bla bla blab bla blah – I’m done. After 20 years of experts, authorities, regulations, talk shows, political agendas and endless platitudes what do we have to show for it?

Just dozens more dead innocent school kids. Dead. Gone.

They’re not out having a blast this Memorial Day weekend with their families and friends OR visiting the cemetery where great-grandad lies – you know – the guy who trudged across Europe in his bare feet to kill Nazis, climbed into a tin can and submerged under the Pacific to fight Tojo’s Navy, or stared down Rommel’s tanks in North Africa?

Yeah, that guy. That guy WHO GAVE YOU THIS INTERNET?

Those dead kids will never get to be cool, as Neil Young says. And why? Because nobody does anything. They just talk. And talk. And then talk some more… Well, it’s over sports fans – time for you and me to trudge across our own country and protect our children in the classroom and do it now.

Here’s what I’m doing and I’d like you to read on and perhaps reach out if you give a damn. If you don’t, then just keep watching this new reality show called; “Let’s shoot up the next school, then blame everybody for a couple weeks till the next one comes along: Rinse and Repeat.”

Think I’m an a-hole? Would it surprise you if I said I agree with that assessment? Kinda hoping you’ll also agree with George Bernard Shaw when he said “all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” .. He was talking about a-holes like me, btw. But I digress.. Don’t worry, I’m getting to Christian’s story.

I’ve been deeply involved in a project which has the potential to touch all your lives and virtually anyone in the country with kids or grandkids. It will take resolute action – not just talk – coupled with the will to employ rigorous and unflinching solutions to not only reduce but eradicate these horrific events. Yes, I know of all the increased security, expanded mental health measures, improved training for law enforcement, calls for more gun-control, posturing and lecturing by politicians on and on and on it goes..

But all of this and more were present in Parkland, Florida and Santa Fe High School in Texas and yet: Twenty-two murdered children, dozens injured, and hundreds traumatized – some for life. Obviously there must be a safe alternative to protecting our kids in class rooms other what we’re doing now – which is not working.

SO: What’s the solution, Rodney Lee?

Soon after the horrific incident at Santa Fe High School, which is near Galveston, Texas; ‘SwiftShield’ – the company I’ve joined up with in the fight to secure and lock-down school classrooms – allowed me to develop an innovative program I believe will cut through the red tape and politics which is enabling this continued slaughter of innocent school children. In fact, I know it will.

It’s called the S.O.S – ‘Shield Our Schools’ initiative and it’s quite unique in that ‘SwiftShield’ is now partnering with several of its large corporate sponsors and others to outfit schools all over the country with their line of devices which easily and effectively lock-down classrooms in the event of another one of these attacks.

We’re putting our money where our mouth’s are – along with other private-sector entities who are exasperated with the lack of a government answer to this very real and deadly problem. In fact, I can make you a great case that government actions are making this problem worse: FAR worse. Keep reading.

What first drew my attention to ‘SwiftShield’ a year ago, is the effectiveness of these products – they lock-down classrooms instantly in the event of an active-shooter or similar threats, can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure and stop bullets from hand guns, military-style weapons and shotguns – I’ve seen it.

And now, the entire design, product and system installation doesn’t cost the school or district a penny – it’s all handled by our corporate partners, sponsors and donors who are ready and willing right now to get involved to help our students be safe during these threats. That way we’re not even having a conversation about school budgets or costs conflicting with teacher pay or books, etc. It’s free to the schools.

As we speak, we are in the process of outfitting every classroom in the Santa Fe ISD, free of charge. That means the designing and installing of the SwiftShield system in every classroom on every door in all eight schools in the entire district – completely cost-free. It’s all being handled by corporate sponsorship.

Now get this: All public schools everywhere – in every State – can apply and receive a complete classroom active-shooter emergency system installed through the ‘Shield Our Schools’ initiative, absolutely free of cost. The funding is handled outside of any expenditures by the schools or districts themselves. In the past two months alone, this could have saved the lives of twenty kids at bare minimum – probably more.

So, as the headline stated, I did want to tell you about a 15-year-old student named Christian Garcia: If you haven’t heard about Christian, you should have – and you should share this article with everyone in your email contact list because Christian Garcia died a hero: And he had the biggest balls in Texas.

While the bullets were flying inside Santa Fe High School, Christian died while blocking the door from the attacker to give other students time to escape. He stood steadfast as long as he could, waving other students away and giving his classmates those precious seconds they needed – even as shots ripped through the door locks and then through his body.

As honorable and heroic as Christian was, I don’t believe a kid should ever be put in a position to have to make that choice. Does anyone believe Christian would have done great things in life had he survived? Anyone think his name is a coincidence? Not me.

take a look. a long look. that’s what a superhero looks like.

Which is why we’re (that means you and me, friendo) are now on a mission to get a SwiftShield door barricade device into every Santa Fe ISD classroom and then every door in the country. You and I both know in our hearts that it’s no longer a question of “if” but a matter of “when” and this seems to me to be the answer to not only get through the ugly politics of this mess, but a perfect solution to the question of already cash-strapped school budgets. Blam!

This is a no-brainer, dudes and dudettes. There’s a willingness and money to do this right now – in droves – everyone wants to help, we just need to get the information to them. Crazy right? Wrong. It’s happening.

Kids have the right to go to school get an education, participate in athletics, after-school projects, or go to the prom without worrying about being gunned down because government has failed at every level. I pray to God I never have to go through what these families are going through and I’m sure you feel the same about your family.

Nothing will change if we don’t stand up and help save lives by buying time and giving first responders those precious extra minutes when every second counts. SwiftShield is looking for corporate partners to donate products through the S.O.S. CAMPAIGN “ Shield Our Schools”  that allows schools to get free secondary safety Devices and not at the tax payers dollar since the government won’t stand up and protect them . And if you are a business that wants to do something to protect our kids let me know.

If you are a fellow warrior – write me and tell me you’re going to walk one of these into your local high school and say; “why don’t we have these yesterday – they’re free?

kinda fired up, aren’t I?

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Global Military Ammunition Market 2017-2027

The demand for Military Ammunition is anticipated to be driven by military modernization plans undertaken by various countries during the forecast period, Regional conflicts and instability in many regions, Counter Terrorist and Anti-insurgency operations MarketIntelReports, Singapore — A global report titled Global Military Ammunition Market has been introduced into our library of 2.5 million reports. Title of the report:The Global Military Ammunition Market 2017-2027 Year: 2018 Details in the report: This is a 152 page report which includes demand analysis by country, application, manufacturers, product categories.

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Influx Of Fentanyl Causes Synthetic Opioid Deaths To Triple Across California

Health officials in California are warning about a sharp rise in deaths linked to the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl across the state in 2017. Data released by the California Department of Public Health Thursday revealed 746 people died from fentanyl-related drug overdoses in 2017, more than tripling from the 237 lives lost to fentanyl in 2016.

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Laura Ingraham Has A Fit After Guest’s Perfect Explanation Of Why NFL Players Protest

Last night, guest Antjuan Seawright hit the mark as he explained why NFL players are still protesting police brutality – and Fox host Laura Ingraham couldn’t stand to hear about it. Seawright noted that the same day the National Football League issued …

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Afghan Special Forces kill inflict casualties on Taliban in Kunduz

The Afghan Special Forces conducted an operation against the Taliban insurgents in northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan leaving at least eight militants dead or wounded. The 209th Shaheen Corps of the Afghan Military in the North said the operations …

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