Animal Rights Activists Endanger Chickens in Massive ‘Rescue’

Animal rights activists forcibly broke into a farm supplying Whole Foods with eggs and stole chickens in broad daylight last week. Local farmers worry that in their zeal to save chickens the activists actually endangered them.

The Direct Action Everywhere “rescue,” which involved hundreds of activists transported to Petaluma, California, on seven buses on May 29, comes as the latest action targeting Whole Foods or businesses connected with the supermarket giant.

“They were bused in,” Toni Brooks, a neighbor of the targeted Sunrise Farms property, told The American Spectator of the estimated 300 to 400 activists descending on the city about an hour north of San Francisco. “They marched up the street with signs saying, ‘Funeral Procession.’”

Brooks’s husband Phil, also a local farmer, found the rhetoric confusing given that the poultry on the targeted farm produce eggs and not meat.

“All of them are for eggs,” Brooks told The American Spectator. “There are no meat birds here. They were yelling at us that we were ‘baby eaters’ because we eat eggs.”

The protesters came from Animal Liberation Conference 2018, an event hosted by the Save Movement and Direct Action Everywhere at the University of California, Berkeley. Wayne Hsiung, the cofounder of Direct Action Everywhere, laid out the group’s purpose to activists immediately before the event, cryptically labeled “Action #4” on the conference schedule. He told them that they traveled to Petaluma to rescue sick birds before leading a march up a road. The action resulted in 40 arrests.

“They got down into the chickens before the police got there,” Phil Brooks, who confronted the activists, explained to The American Spectator. “They pried the door open using crowbars. This is a steel building — brand new, million-dollar building. The employees inside tried to hold the doors closed.

“They barged their way in and there were women who were employees — they were grabbing the women and throwing them down, out of the way. The women tried to hold them back but they just kept pushing the women out of the way and they went right on in.”

In another building, the activists absconded with a dozen to several dozen chickens. They draped white cloths around the chickens they labeled sick or injured and black cloths around dead ones.

The farm houses several hundred thousand chickens. By entering the farm without a foot bath or other standard precautions, the activists, critics say, threatened with sickness the very birds they claimed to save from sickness.

“All farms in today’s world are very high biosecurity,” fifth-generation farmer Trent Loos explains to The American Spectator. “You cannot afford to let anybody to come on your farm. People can put the entire population of chickens in jeopardy.”

As they ignored farm-specific customs to protect animals, the activists dismissed civilizational ones to protect people, as well.

“The women and the guys were going in between these vans and using it as a bathroom,” Phil Brooks explains of the makeshift, open-air bathroom on the farmer’s property. “Oh, yeah. One guy, I yelled at him. I said, ‘Hey, what are you wiping yourself with?’ It was totally unsanitary and uncalled for. There was garbage all over, plastic bottles from water, and whatever they were eating.”

Brooks concedes that, after prodding from him and other locals, the protesters thoroughly policed their trash. But they drew a line, and flashed a “peace” sign, when asked to remove their excrement.

Apart from livestreaming the event, the protesters invited the local media and dispatched drones to document from the skies. But farmers say that, despite the extensive preparations to chronicle the action, the demonstrators never bothered to educate themselves on the proper hygienic protocols for close encounters with farm animals.

“In the United States and in California, cows, hogs, and chickens have received viruses from immigrants, where the people passed a virus to the animals,” Loos points out. “H1N1, for instance, was passed from the people to the animals.”

Local farmers find out in the coming weeks that if an action taken to save animals results instead in widespread animal deaths.

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The Saudi Threat Against Qatar

Saudi Arabia has reportedly threatened to attack Qatar if they purchase an air defense system from Russia:

Saudi Arabia has threatened military action against Qatar if it goes ahead and acquires Russia’s top of the range S-400 air defence missile system, Le Monde daily reported.

Citing information it had obtained, Le Monde said Friday that Riyadh had written to French President Emmanuel Macron asking him to intervene to prevent the deal going ahead and to help preserve regional stability.

The Russian response has been to dismiss the Saudi threats as irrelevant, and it appears that the sale will go ahead. The Saudi threats may be empty, but after a year of unsuccessfully bullying Qatar with their blockade they may be willing to follow through on them. The fact that the Saudis are willing to threaten another country with an illegal attack like this underscores just how reckless and destabilizing Saudi Arabia has become in the last few years. The Saudis and their allies have already devastated neighboring Yemen over the last three years, and now they threaten to use force against another neighbor without the slightest justification. U.S. indulgence has helped to encourage the Saudis to become this regional menace, so it is up to the U.S. to end its support for this reckless client .

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Bishop who lit up royal wedding tells Washington crowd: ‘Love your neighbor’

Michael Curry urges listeners to care for ‘the neighbor you like and the neighbor you don’t like’ at event including march to White House

Bishop Michael Curry, the minister who electrified the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with a powerful sermon on love, returned to the US with a message for his countrymen: “Love your neighbor.”

Curry, the most senior figure in the American Episcopal church, joined Christian faith leaders in a candle-lit vigil and protest procession to the White House on Thursday.

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She Killed Her Husband And Children In Cold Blood, But She Blames It On Her Childhood

When a Keego Harbor, Michigan woman went on a killing spree, she had one thing to blame – her childhood. Although she was 45 at the time of the murder-suicide, she wrote a note detailing how it was her parents’ fault. The tragic murder-suicide reveals the stress this shunned Jehovah’s witness mom endured in the last days of her life. She had researched suicide methods and videos on how to operate a Glock on YouTube for weeks before she turned a gun on her family on February 15.

Before committing the heinous crime, Stuart shared a video describing herself as “broken” and that she was done burdening her family with her presence. But instead of just taking her life, she killed her 47-year-old husband Daniel and her children, Steven, 27, and Bethany, 24.

She left a note on her dinner table and cleaned up the home. Then she texted loved ones and her husband’s boss. The last thing she did before killing her family was to leave the family photos on a secretary desk.

“I took my husband and kids with me, so they don’t have to feel my selfish act. They will sleep until Christ resurrects them,” Stuart wrote in a text to a cousin on February 15 at 5.07pm “I truly hope you do better where I have failed.”

Investigators found evidence of years of depression and trauma from alleged sexual abuse from her youth. But it was the ostracism from the Jehovah’s Witness church that pushed her over the edge.

Police obtained a two-minute video from Stuart that describes why she was planning the suicide. That was created on February 6 at 11 pm. In that video, she said she had “many issues” and “can’t do it anymore” and how she no longer wanted to be a burden on her family.

She made another video on February 7 where she talked about her “path of destruction” and the sexual abuse she endured at the hands of a family member.

On the day she killed her family, she sent the following text to her husband’s boss:

“Mark, this is Lauren. Dan had an accident this morning and has died. I can’t talk now. Someone will inform you later on details at hospital.”

The boss asked for more details, but Stuart ignored his texts.

Hours later she sent the text to her cousin. That one described how she “became evil” so she “took my husband and kids, so they don’t have to feel my selfish act.”

The cousin responded: “Lauren, you are scaring me? What are you saying????? … Don’t do it Lauren.”

No response.

Then at 9 pm, a neighbor heard gunshots and a slamming door.

Stuart killed her children by luring them to the house under the promise of a Valentine’s Day celebration.

“This was premeditated and carefully planned out by Lauren,” police wrote in their report.

Her suicide note read: “I allowed evil into my heart when I chose not to accept God’s free love and it made me sick inside. I killed my family because I know my death would stumble them. At least now they will not suffer and will be resurrected into love forever in peace.”

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Woman killed by 2 pit bull terriers in Gulfport, Mississippi

Gulfport Police said an elderly woman was mauled to death by two pit bulls Wednesday morning. The attack happened just before 8 a.m. on Deidra Court. When officers arrived on the scene, they found the 75-year-old victim dead. “We heard a cry, a scream…There was pieces of clothing and stuff all in the front yard… I hit the floor when I found out it was her,” said next door neighbor Diana Jones. “She had a lot of love in her heart.” Investigators said the woman was on a walk when she opened a gate into a fenced yard of a neighbor. While in the yard, police said two pit bulls attacked her.

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Black Ex-White House Staff Was Shifting House. Someone Reported A Theft

But about a half-hour into his move Friday night, police greeted him in his building’s lobby. A neighbor had called to report a potential break-in by someone who may have had a weapon, and about a half-dozen police officers stopped and questioned him as …

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