Twitter Quickies – 3/8/2017

Shannon 🇺🇸 @GeorgiaDirtRoad
With All This Government Corruption Being Exposed #WeThePeople Need To Take Back Our Government! #EnoughIsEnough

Business Insider @businessinsider
15 important jobs women have yet to hold in the US 

Vegas4Trump @trump2016fan
Senator a lot more of us would get behind u if u cut out the 50,000/yr Refugee part of ur plan its making u look ve…

Staying Home for Int’l Women’s Day? Here Are Better Options …

Ashe Schow @AsheSchow
Judge: Male student expelled for sexual assault may have been victim himself

CBS News @CBSNews
Press Secretary Sean Spicer says the White House cannot confirm authenticity of alleged CIA documents from WikiLeak… …


Doctor claims to cure cancer, gets put on probation 

trumpnation2016 @datrumpnation1
General Flynn was cut out at the kneecaps and now Sessions. Comey now asks DOJ to not investigate #ObamaGate @POTUS CLEAN HOUSE NOW!