4 Reasons Even Liberals Should Oppose California’s Gay Therapy Ban

California is poised to pass a bill that is terrible for LGBT people.

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Democratic divide: Texas runoff sets up battle between progressives and moderates

Are Democratic prospects best served by a candidate who can inspire exceptional turnout from liberals or one that could woo moderate crossover Republicans?

In Texas’ 21st congressional district, walking from street to street, knocking on doors and asking for votes is not as straightforward as it sounds.

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Aren’t You Supposed To Sweat?

I am working on an article about John Forbes Kerry.  As old anger welled up, it became difficult to remain objective and factual.  I had to take a break from it lest I turn something that should be informative into an epic rant.  Fortunately, according to my training schedule, Friday mornings are gym mornings.  At about half past 6:00 AM I arrived at the gym door.  My membership allows me to enter the gym anytime between 4:00 AM and midnight.  While I was fumbling with the key chain for the key fob that opens the gym door, I read the sign that said apologetically “we are working diligently to fix the air conditioning.”  I thought that explains why the parking lot is empty.  It has been an unusually warm and muggy week.

I had water.  The lack of air conditioning was not going to hinder my exercise time.  Aren’t you supposed to sweat?  Isn’t that a part of exercise? My mind made it back to Fort McClellan, Alabama where I spent almost three years as an Army Drill Sergeant.  In the summer my feet would get so hot moving troops on the hard ball that I’d think they were on fire.  It was always refreshing to look out ahead and see the heat mirage rising from the road experienced with the ambience of a couple hundred sweating stinking trainees.  It was almost worth it though to see the Senior Drill Sergeant pop a smelling salts cap in the nose of a chubby female Second Lieutenant right after she went belly up.  “Get in the truck EL Tee.  We can’t have you passing out in front of the troops.  And no bangs hanging out the front of your headgear please.”  I’ve been hot before, I didn’t need no stinkin’ air conditioning.

There was at least a half-dozen fans scattered around the weight room swirling thick air.  Without air recirculation the stink was building up.  It was not quite as bad as an outhouse.  Imagine a several days-old sweat socks stuck to your face with just a hint of armpit.

I tossed my Army Retired ball-cap, keys and water bottle into one of the bins near the door.  I pulled on my work out gloves.  The ones that let my fingers stick out.  It’s one of the accouterments that makes me look like I know what I’m doing.  It also makes my pose in front of the mirrored wall look better.  Figured I better water up before I got started so I grabbed my water bottle and took a bid swig.  My eyes settled on the drink machine over by the door.  There’s a sign on it that says no outside drinks please.  I could buy their water for a dollar.  There’s a big red sign on the wall just above the door advising me that I was under video surveillance.  So, I posed, looked directly at the camera and took another drink.  I felt rebellious.

I was alone in the sauna filled with weight machines.  First things first.  I grabbed the television remote and set all the TVs except one to the Fox News channel.  I like to watch the liberals grimace and nearly injure themselves in their haste to plug in the ear buds.  The other I put on the food channel. People can get anal about TVs in the weight room. There is this one OCD guy that comes in and picks up any weight room equipment someone may have left on the floor and puts it on the racks.  Then he goes to the dumbbell rack and puts them all in order.  After that, without asking anyone, he’ll put every TV on Good Morning America.  He does inspire me to put a little more effort into my workout.  Good Morning America?  Really?  Yes, when he’s there, I do intentionally put dumbbells back in the wrong place.

I must tell you about this one guy.  Big dude.  NFL tight end size.  He does some intense weight training.  He had a big beard and looked killer serious.  One day he showed up without the beard.  He had no chin.  I asked why he shaved off the beard.  Can you imagine how painful it was for me to not bust out laughing before a man that was foot taller than me and had arms as big as my waist when that girlish voice came out of his mouth.

Still alone as I was leaving the gym, I put one TV on the Hallmark channel and the other on C-Span.

Back to John Forbes Kerry.

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Broke: Cultural appropriation. Woke: Conservative appropriation

By this point, unless you are fortunate enough to be able to completely ignore social media and most television programming, you’re probably familiar with the term “cultural appropriation.” It’s an increasingly popular term among social justice warriors, typically employed as an accusation of cultural insensitivity. This means that if you choose to wear some clothing, eat some food, dance to some music or otherwise partake of something which is deemed to be the “property” of a particular demographic group, you’re stealing it from them and somehow cheapening it. One of the most recent examples was the young lady who wore a traditional Chinese dress to prom and was roundly lambasted on the left over it.

It’s a silly idea which I’ve never paid much attention to since nobody “owns” a particular style of clothing, food or whatever unless they happen to hold a patent or copyright on a specific brand. But now, thanks to our Townhall colleague Timothy Meads, perhaps we can put that all behind us. There’s a new type of appropriation in town and it’s known as “conservative appropriation.” Hey now… that might have some potential! Do you mean people are taking on conservative traits without being conservative?

Sadly, no. In this case, it’s liberal women claiming that conservative women can’t speak up on women’s issues because… I have no idea. But it’s apparently “appropriation” of some sort.

According to the New York Times’ Jessica Valenti, conservative women cannot use the term “feminist” because their beliefs do no match up with hers nor in her mind help women. In today’s edition of NYT, Valenti says:

“Now, we have a different task: protecting the movement against conservative appropriation. We’ve come too far to allow the right to water down a well-defined movement for its own cynical gains. Because if feminism means applauding ‘anything a woman does’ — even hurting other women — then it means nothing.”

Valenti basically says that feminists wrongly led others to believe in a version of feminism that was separate from the truth. It does not simply mean equal treatment under the law or in the work place. Instead it means believing in ideals that ascertain only to the left. Because, according to Valenti, those ideals are what truly help women.

Valenti goes on at length to make an extensively cataloged list of complaints which explain why women who benefit from earlier feminist endeavors can’t actually be feminists if they are Republicans or conservatives. Breaking the glass ceiling in a major company or government office is “groundbreaking” according to the author, but only in a technical sense. It’s not a real victory for women to see one of their own gender take over Fox News, for example, because they’ve risen to the top in an organization which liberals don’t endorse. You see, feminism is apparently inherently tied to liberalism and anyone coloring outside those lines is not welcome in the clubhouse.

Wasn’t the original idea of feminism to fight for gender equality in the workplace and, more generally, under the law in all aspects of life? How does the question of whether you support or oppose tax cuts relate to this subject? Shouldn’t the career achievements and success of women like Nikki Halley or Betsy DeVos be celebrated by all women, if only for having busted their way into the old boys’ club?

Apparently not. For a long time now I’ve heard from various women who tell me that females in the workplace are their own worst enemy. There is anecdotal proof that women in competitive environments tend to treat each other horribly and stab each other in the back far too often. Apparently, it’s the same in politics. It’s all “up with women” and “fight the patriarchy” until someone shows up with some different political views. Then they are summarily kicked to the curb. It’s a phenomenon which was perfectly demonstrated when some Jewish lesbians were kicked out of the Dyke March in Chicago last year.

Just keep making that tent smaller, feminists. One of these days you’re going to wake up and realize that it’s gotten awfully lonely in there.

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