Just How Crazy Can Some Liberals Get?

One wonders how much trouble we’re going to get into, letting liberals raise children.

On Australian TV a few days ago, “relationship expert” Deanne Carson—she comes complete with pink hair—exhorted parents to “set up a culture of consent in the home” by making sure to get the baby’s consent before changing his diaper. [YouTube Video]

Just because she’s crazy doesn’t mean she honestly doesn’t know a three-month-old infant can’t say, “Sure, Mom, I’d kind of like a clean diaper!” What she wants you to do is to read the baby’s body language. Then you’ll know you’ve got consent to remove the dirty diaper. And those who criticize her, she warns, are “negating the voices of those brave survivors of abuse.” Just because she has pink hair doesn’t mean she can’t take herself very seriously indeed.

This opens up the prospect of a whole new world of disastrous child-rearing. As the baby grows into a toddler, and so on, his consent will be required for more and more parental actions. Sweetums, can I put you to bed now? No, I wanna watch TV all night. Junior, is it okay for me to serve you vegetables with your supper? Vegetables? No way! I want cake! Precious, I need your consent to send you off to school. School, schmool, I’m stayin’ home with my video games! Like, can you even imagine the character development of such a child? It’s probably the best way yet discovered to create a monster.

But if you think that’s as loopy as it gets, you haven’t seen the special Mother’s Day ad put out by America’s most reliable source of far-left loopiness: Democrats. And you thought they’d never dream up a way to politicize Mother’s Day. [YouTube Video]

Here we have an all-American mom wistfully wondering where she went wrong. It seems her son started going bad in middle school, robbing “less fortunate” kids. She has kept a framed picture of him assaulting some poor kid at school. Somehow I can’t imagine my mother displaying such a picture on the bookshelf in the living room.

Well, she sent him off to college, because every ninny goes to college, and—wouldn’t you know it?—college turns him pro-life! In what galaxy far, far away is the college that does that? She’s got a picture of Junior terrorizing a defenseless pregnant woman by brandishing a sign that says “Baby Killer,” it looks like he’s about to clout her over the head with it. Why did Mom save that picture? But her crowning disappointment came when she got an eyeful of his “college buddies,” neo-Nazis parading around with torches. She keeps that picture, too. I wonder what her family photo album looks like.

Her closing remark, delivered to the audience: “This Mother’s Day, talk to your children about the GOP. I wish I had.” And then she downs a swig of vodka, which does shed some light on her mind-set.

Believe it or not, there are a few Democrats out there who think this ad might backfire on them, I guess by letting normal people know how much Dems hate them. That’s something they might do better to conceal, although these days they seem to be taking less and less trouble to do that. There’s not much fun in being a liberal fat-head if you have to conceal your contempt for the human race.

What is it about family that leftists find so off-putting? Is it just because family, church, and voluntary associations compete with the state for the individual’s allegiance and affections? Do they truly believe that everyone who’s not a Democrat must be a Nazi?

Yeah, probably.

These are the people who want to rule our country: who want ever-increasing powers to interfere in our lives, because they think they’re wiser and better than the rest of us. Really, it’s for our own good, we’ll thank them for it later. You bet.

We must never again allow them to gain power in America. And we must strip them of the power that they have already.

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Trading “Just One Life” for Everyone’s Rights, GVRO


Gun Violence Restraining Order
Gun Violence Restraining Order

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “… if it saves just one life”

In Colorado, the recently-introduced “Extreme Risk Protection Act” is currently being debated in Denver.

This legislation will empower any judge, on the flimsiest of pretexts, to order the indefinite forcible seizure of every one of an individual citizen’s guns, when the judge decides the citizen in question (having never even met him, and in the absence of any expert testimony) might represent a “significant risk to himself or others.”

The vagueness of the bill’s language (always a leftist trademark) is of great concern.

Anyone, even someone you don’t know and who lacks the slightest credentials to make judgments about your, nor anyone’s, mental health, can arbitrarily decide that you are “about to snap!”

His secret, uncorroborated, non-expert testimony before a judge (and it isn’t even sworn testimony, just his word), and your Second Amendments Rights are cancelled, maybe forever.

An innocent citizen, who has made no crime (nor has even been accused of a crime) has his legally-owned guns precipitously ripped from his hands, without warning, on the basis of secret, non-expert, unsworn “testimony” of a single individual.

Prior to your guns be forcibly seized, there is no opportunity for you to challenge “testimony” of the one making the complaint, nor even to know whom his is! Your guns are forcibly confiscated for at least six months, maybe longer at the whim of the judge. It’s all such an “emergency,” you know. There is no time for any pesky “due process.”

There is an ambiguously-worded “appeal-process,” after the fact, of course.

After thousands in legal fees, endless “appearances,” and interminable delays (six months at least), your guns may be returned, but not before you’ve somehow managed to “prove” you’re not crazy, however that is done.

At your own expense, you have to “appeal” to the court in order to get your guns back and your rights restored. When you don’t take the initiative to appeal, your guns are never returned.

In the interim, you’re completely defenseless. You cannot legally buy, nor borrow, a gun of any kind. When you’re subsequently murdered by a violent criminal against whom you cannot defend yourself, apparently that is of no concern. Yours is not the “just one life” they apparently care about.

And, there is no specification for where, nor by whom, your guns are stored. You never get to know. If they are ever returned to you, they may be ruinously marred, encrusted with rust, and essentially ruined. There is no provision for you to be compensated for damage.

This is a typical vaguely-worded, invariably leftist, anti-gun bill that is invariably stampeded through the legislative process (another leftist trademark), so that embarrassing questions are never asked, and no one ever reads inconvenient details.

Leftists hate details, almost as much as they hate armed citizens.

“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law” ~ Charles de Montesquieu


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