Former FBI Director Comey says agency cannot fight foreign propaganda

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – Former U.S. FBI Director James Comey said that social media companies needed to “worry” about foreign political propaganda on their networks, but he had few ideas on how to counter it. In an interview with Reuters, Comey also said …

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Video: FBI agent accidentally shoots patron at a Denver bar while he was getting his groove on

Anyone who thinks disgraced former FBI Director James Comey is the only PR problem in the 109-year-old agency clearly hasn’t met this idiot yet:

This unnamed off-duty FBI agent and complete moron almost killed someone at a Denver nightclub Saturday night when, while performing a back handspring, his gun fell to the ground and went off, sending a bullet speeding into the leg of a patron. While it’s true the victim is reportedly OK, this doesn’t excuse the agent’s incompetence.

What’s even more astounding is that by Sunday morning the perpetrator had not yet been publicly identified. Nor did it appear he would be facing any consequences for his actions.

“Authorities have not identified the agent because he was not arrested, Denver police community resource officer Marika Putnam said,” CNN reported Sunday afternoon. “Denver police will continue investigating the incident, and the district attorney’s office will determine whether charges will be filed against the agent.”

Does anyone really believe the agent will be fired, let alone even suspended?

From failing to stop the Parkland shooter in February to refusing to pursue criminal charges against the Obama-era IRS goons who targeted conservative groups, the contemporary incarnation of the bureau is nothing like the FBI of J. Edgar Hoover.

Nothing better demonstrates this than the behavior of Comey, who successfully transformed the once revered agency into an international laughing stock.

Watch below as he describes to late night host Conan O’Brien about how he once sang a Beyoncé song during a briefing:

What an absolute joke of a man and FBI director. But in his limited defense, at least he never almost killed someone — or at least not that anybody is aware of.

And at least he never once got so drunk with an exotic dancer that he passed out, only to later wake up and discover he’d been robbed blind.

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Hannity on Report Feds Considering Charging McCabe: ‘The Walls of the Deep State Are Collapsing’

Sean Hannity reacted to a report that prosecutors in the District of Columbia are considering filing charges against fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe for allegedly lying to federal agents. As reported: Former FBI Director James Comey was …

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Prosecutors Grill Comey as U.S. Attorney’s Office ‘Seriously’ Weighs Charging McCabe

A new report says the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s office recently interviewed fired FBI Director James Comey, in what is being described as “an indication the office is seriously considering” whether former bureau Deputy Andrew McCabe should face criminal charges.

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Joe diGenova, Sharyl Attkisson & more on The Larry Oa Connor Show 05.23.18

Happen to miss The Larry O’Connor Show today? Recap today’s program by checking out Larry’s interviews and topics below: Sources: FBI Agents Want Congress To Issue Them Subpoenas So They Can Reveal The Bureau’s Dirt Many agents in the FBI want Congress to subpoena them so they can reveal problems caused by former FBI Director James Comey and former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, three people in direct contact with active field agents tell TheDC.

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FBI agents ready to blow whistle, stick it to bosses; ‘sickened’ by Comey, McCabe, Holder, Lynch …

Joe DiGenova, the former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, said this week there are many agents in the FBI waiting on Congress to subpoena them so they tell them what they know about the actions of former FBI Director James Comey and former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, DeGenova said the agents are “sickened” by all the charges of corruption being leveled against the FBI.


“There are agents all over this country who love the bureau and are sickened by Comey’s behavior, and McCabe, and [Eric] Holder and [Loretta] Lynch and the thugs like [John] Brennan – who despise the fact that the bureau was used as a tool of political intelligence by the Obama administration thugs,” DiGenova said.

“They are just waiting for a chance to come forward and testify,” he added.

The DC cited an anonymous counter-intelligence consultant who interviewed an active special agent of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, and the agent confirmed what Digenova said.

“Every special agent I have spoken to in the Washington Field Office wants to see McCabe prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” the agent said, according to the transcripts of the interview. “They feel the same way about Comey.”

The source said agents can only safely blow the whistle on their former bosses if they are subpoenaed.

“All Congress needs to do is subpoena involved personnel and they will tell you what they know. These are honest people,” the agent said. “Leadership cannot stop anyone from responding to a subpoena. Those subpoenaed also get legal counsel provided by the government to represent them.”

The agent expressed concerns about harsh retributions and the consultant noted that “on their own as whistleblowers, they get no legal protection and there will be organizational retaliation against them.”

“The administrations are so politicized that any time a special agent comes forward as a whistleblower,” the agent explained, “they can expect to be thrown under the bus by leadership. Go against the Muslim Brotherhood, you’re crushed. Go against the Clintons, you’re crushed. The FBI has long been politicized to the detriment of national security and law enforcement.”

DiGenova, who said last week that former CIA director John Brennan needs to “get himself a good lawyer,” told DC he doesn’t blame them for being concerned.

“I don’t blame the agents one bit. I think that the FBI is in a freefall,” he said. “James Comey has destroyed the institution he claims to love. And it is beyond a doubt that it is going to take a decade to restore public confidence because of Comey and Clapper and Brennan and Obama and Lynch.”

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Weiner Rises Again

As Huma makes the rounds at frou-frou social gatherings, her estranged, jailed husband Anthony Weiner is back in the news.

Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice has spent months looking into misconduct by the CIA and FBI. His report on their participation in the election was supposed to be out now, but he wrote to Congress to let them know that he has a draft but not the final copy. It is believed that the major hold-up on its release is due to findings in the chain of events that led Anthony Weiner’s sexting laptop to end up playing an integral role in the destruction of Hillary Clinton by harboring missing emails that were accidentally downloaded by Huma Abedin during the campaign.

Anthony Weiner is currently in the pound paying dues to society for being a gross, gross man.

Carlos Danger

The troubles started for Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner in 2011. With an online alias of Carlos Danger, Weiner took to sending sexualized material to women who were not his wife, Huma Abedin… and to women who were not yet women.

In May of this year, he pleaded guilty to sending obscene material to an underaged girl, who was 15 years old at the time of the transmission. Weiner claimed to have a “sickness, but not an excuse” for the material.

“The disgraced ex-congressman was sentenced to 21 months in prison Monday for convincing a high school student to undress and touch herself via Skype in 2016.”

In court, Weiner said that he suffered from a sick obsession for sexting strangers, not from a sick obsession with underaged girls. The government asked for two years.

His conviction was over a single count of transferring obscene material to a minor.

Meanwhile, Huma Abedin is hopping around to galas held by New York social society including the Met Gala and a party hosted by Vogue bosslady Anna Wintour.

The Laptop

And here we get to the amazing stroke of good luck.

During the course of investigating Weiner, his laptop was confiscated. The same laptop had also been casually used by Huma Abedin, and the same laptop — in the hands of the authorities — was found to be containing the 33,000 “missing emails” claimed to be forever lost by Hillary Clinton.

Hillary, of course, had “bleached” her hard drive clean of the emails, which were kept on an illegal private server while she was Secretary of State.

Even the fact that she had bleached, or wiped clean her server was through a genius bit of stupidity on her IT guy’s part. Her tech expert, responsible for maintaining and then wiping the servers, asked the enormously popular website Reddit for helping removing a “very VIP” email address from a “bunch of archived emails” then we wouldn’t have found what had really happened.

It turned out that Hillary’s IT guy, Paul Combetta, posted the question using his favorite online handle Stonetear. By looking through the nickname’s online history, internet sleuths pinned Paul Combetta down as the one asking for help in bleaching a server.

So while Stonetear made 33,000 emails disappear, they had all been downloaded to Weiner’s sticky laptop, which was then picked up by authorities investigating the icky Anthony Weiner.

If Hillary has anyone to blame — and she’s blamed a lot of people for her loss — then she may as well finger Weiner as the most prominent reason she isn’t Madam President, and the most likely reason she’ll end up in Cell Block C.

At the time, the FBI was held up by Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who took a solid month before obtaining a warrant to get their own copy of the contents of the laptop from the Weiner case agents.

FBI and the Emails

The Inspector General Michael Horowitz is working on a wide-ranging report that is due out any time now.

Horowitz also believes that McCabe was making the DOJ’s job difficult but not being upfront with his participation in the media interviews and with the Clintons.

The DOJ investigation led by Horowitz had previously found information on Peter Strzok, leading to his demotion

In March, FBI agents said that James Comey had ‘stood in the way’ of investigating the lost Clinton emails during the time that he and McCabe were in charge.

And reportedly it’s the Human emails on Weiner’s laptop that represent the current snag that’s holding back the report.

Horowitz announced to Congress last week that he has a draft report finished, but has not provided any further update on when it will be released for review.

Source: Fox News

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‘Too Politicized’: There Are FBI Agents That Want To Torch McCabe And Comey Before Congress

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has seen better days. The preeminent law enforcement and domestic intelligence agency has been upended by the leadership of former FBI Director James Comey and former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe .

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