What the legal process looks like for an immigrant child taken away from his parents

There’s been an avalanche of grim news centered on young immigrants apprehended at the border with Mexico. On Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union published a report documenting abusive encounters between young people and border agents during …

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The long nightmare of the Dreamers

That was the day the DREAM Act, to protect young immigrants brought here illegally as children, was first introduced in Congress. Seventeen years later, they are still waiting for protection. The fate of those immigrants, known as Dreamers, is stark …

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Rebecca Otto Wants To Give Illegal Immigrants Voting Rights

In a recent forum, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Otto blurted out “and we should let them vote” when talking about illegal immigrants. Watch the breaking news video for more information.

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Dozens of illegal immigrants found hiding in trailer during traffic stop

Dozens of illegal immigrants — including a three-year-old child — were discovered inside a tractor-trailer in southern Texas on Tuesday, officials said. The Raymondville Police Department told Fox News the tractor trailer was stopped by a Texas …

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Three in five Britons support a ‘hostile environment’ for illegal immigrants, poll shows

Three in five people want the Government’s immigration policy to make it as “difficult as possible” for illegal immigrants to remain in the UK, according to a new poll. But the Ipsos MORI research also shows that, in the wake of the Windrush scandal …

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Border agent allegedly shoots, kills migrant woman after group of immigrants reportedly attacks him

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent on Wednesday shot and killed a migrant woman in Rio Bravo, Texas, BuzzFeed News reported.

What happened?

The agent was investigating a report of illegal activity near a culvert, according to the report. After he approached a group of immigrants, they reportedly tried to attack him with “blunt objects.” During the altercation, the agent shot a woman in the head.

According to the report, the agent gave the woman CPR until emergency crews arrived, but she later died from her injury. Other people ran after the shot was fired. They were later detained by other agents, Border Patrol told Buzz Feed.

Marta Martinez lives next to the site where the woman was shot, and she livestreamed what was happening on Facebook.

She told BuzzFeed she saw a woman lying on the ground but could not determine her age.

“I heard a Border Patrol agent screaming, ‘See what happens? See what you caused?’” Martinez told BuzzFeed.

According to Martinez, Border Patrol agents flipped the woman over and saw she was bleeding heavily from the left side of her face. Her video shows a Border Patrol agent walking out of an empty building with two people in handcuffs.

What else did the eyewitness say?

Martinez is heard saying to the agent, “Why did you kill that woman? You killed her. I saw you with the gun.”

She also said she did not see the migrants attacking the agent before the woman was shot.

“The girl was in the grass and trees; to me she was hiding,” Martinez told BuzzFeed. “They’re saying they threw rocks at the agents, but the two migrants were scared and the one guy was scared — they didn’t have rocks in their hands.”

The FBI and the Texas Rangers are investigating.

Figures released by the agency reflected a 73 percent increase in attacks on Border Patrol agents, from 454 in fiscal year 2016 to 786 in 2017.

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Laurie Fischer: Allow peaceful, law-abiding working immigrants out of the shadows

Milk is one of the most common and essential items on any American consumer’s grocery list. However, before it ever reaches your local grocery store shelf, the safe and abundant production of milk involves many steps — including top-quality animal care …

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Filthy Animals

Art by Michael Ramirez

MS 13 Gang MS13
MS 13 Gang MS13

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Filthy Animals.

The implication by major news organizations that the president described all illegal immigrants as “animals” would indeed be a wretched thing for him to say — had he said it. He did not.

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MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt Asks House Candidate: Do You Think…

While interviewing Republican Congressional Candidate Lea Marquez Peterson on Sunday’s edition of KasieDC, MSNBC host Kasie Hunt tried to bait her into calling the President a racist by bringing up his comments referring to MS-13 gang members as “animals”: “The President earlier this week referred to some immigrants and drug dealers as well as animals, not as people. Do you think that rhetoric is racist?” Peterson, who hopes to succeed retiring Republican Congresswoman Martha McSally in an Arizona congressional district that Hillary Clinton won by five points, did not take the bait.

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