WATCH: Morgan Freeman Makes Creepy Sexual Comments To Women During Interviews

Newly unearthed video clips from “Entertainment Tonight” show actor Morgan Freeman making creepy sexual comments to women while on camera. The resurfacing of these clips comes just days after a report from CNN, which detailed allegations of sexual harassment by multiple women against Freeman.

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Harvey Weinstein timeline: The key moments in his downfall

A run-down of how things have played out for the movie mogul since the first allegations arose in October. Hollywood kingmaker Harvey Weinstein had a meteoric fall from grace since dozens of women accused him of sexual assault and harassment.

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Alyssa Milano on Harvey Weinstein: We look forward to seeing justice prevail

Actress Alyssa Milano, who prompted the Me Too movement, has said she looks forward to seeing “justice prevail” after Harvey Weinstein was charged with sex crimes. The Charmed actress sparked thousands of women to share their own stories of sexual harassment and abuse after the first allegations against the producer emerged.

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These Hilarious Ads from The 1970s Will Have You Smiling For The Rest Of The Day

In this curated list of ads from the 1970s, you’ll get to see some of the worst things Madison Avenue ever created. Although the ads themselves are not necessarily very different, the products they’re trying to convince you to buy are exceptionally bizarre. You’ll see ads encouraging women to buy two-piece bikinis with avocado designs. While a Maybelline ad, which is sexist, urges women to have “strawberry kisses for Roger.”

Scroll through these ads and enjoy a good laugh on the bizarre decade filled with strange products.

For example, Cricketeer, a suit company, wanted to show its prospective customers that they could be very comfortable in their new suits. To do that, they hired a contortionist and forced the man to put his feet behind his head. The company wanted customers to know “anything you can do out of a suit, you can now do in a suit.” Did the ad help these suits sell? Doubtful.

The designers of the avocado bikini thought it sounded like a fabulous idea. “The California Avocado has always done splashing things for you. And now it puts you into an original print bikini for only $10.95. Just send your $10.95 check or money order, along with a small piece of avocado skin, and the $7.05-Off certificate below. Don’t forget to specify correct size and style and you’ll be a splash!”

And if you want to fall asleep next to your favorite celebrity or star, you could have purchased a portrait pill back in the 1970s. “Cuddle up with your dream date with your own portrait pill.”

Women’s products have been popular since the beginning of time.

One product called “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific” sets a scene with a studious woman getting a compliment from a man in the library. While the scene would probably be considered sexual harassment in today’s society, the 1970s ad allowed this one through their rounds of review.

After complimenting her hair, the woman replies, “Shh! This is a library!”

“Okay, I’ll whisper it,” he said. “Gee, your hair smells terrific.”

She said, “I can’t hear what you said, but I think I like it.”

That’s most certainly a strange ad. But it was trying to appeal to a woman’s desire for compliments.

The 1970s advertisements give us a glimpse into a society that has changed a lot. Styles are different, and the way marketers try to sell us products is much different.

The pictures were shared on Daily Mail, which received the following comments.

“The 70 was the best decade ever. I wish I could go back there and never come back. The weather was great most summers and the music! The best music ever made was made in the 70s. Plus men were men and proud of it and the woman were stunning and grateful.”

A woman from Illinois remembers how great the shampoo was: “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific was the best smelling shampoo EVER. And the scent stayed in your hair all day. I really miss this product. I’ve heard it’s still sold in some countries but isn’t exactly the same.”

“But why in the world did you have to send in a piece of avocado skin in order to buy the bathing suit?”

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May 25, 2018: SAG-Aftra May Revoke Morgan Freeman’s Lifetime…

The Hollywood Reporter: “‘These are compelling and devastating allegations which are absolutely contrary to all the steps that we are taking to [ensure] a safe work environment for the professionals in this industry,’ said a SAG-AFTRA spokesperson. ‘Any accused person has the right to due process, but it is our starting point to believe the courageous voices who come forward to report incidents of harassment.’

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Purges on Campus

Readers of this column know well that much space has been reserved in order to bring to the public’s attention two immense industries that otherwise aren’t typically recognized as such.  They are the Academic-Industrial-Complex (AIC) and the Racism-Industrial-Complex (RIC).

Readers also know that the AIC, for all of its massiveness, is actually but a facet of the vastly larger RIC.  Some recent examples from the world of Higher Education make this abundantly, painfully clear.

[1] Duke University just dropped Professor Evan Charney.  His defenders, particularly his student defenders, suspect that Charney, a white man, was let go because the manner in which he critically engages his students led some to charge him with making his classroom into an “unsafe space” for minority students.

In a letter published by more than 100 of Charney’s students in The Duke Chronicle, some of Charney’s students, including his international students, defended him against the charge that “his class reproduces systems and structures of inequality involving notions of class, privilege and power.”  Charney, the letter reads, has a “teaching style” that is “wonderfully thought-provoking and challenging.  His students’ ideas are vetted and sharpened through rigorous debate and discussion” on a range of issues, and everyone is made to feel uncomfortable through exposure to “viewpoints that conflict with how they think and what they value.”

Charney is known by his students for his “Socratic format,” a style that leaves no “thought…unexamined” or “assertion…unchecked.”

At one point—perhaps this was the final trigger to have broken the leftist juggernaut’s back—Professor Charney used a whole class period to critically interrogate “the motivations and tactics” of students who staged a weeklong sit-in over a racially-oriented event that occurred in 2016.  He “challenged” students to “argue cogently in favor of or against the movement,” an approach that “put the burden on protesters in his class to justify their actions [.]”

Though Charney’s publications include analyzes of “liberal bias,” neither he nor his students are in any obvious way “conservative.”  At least this is the most reasonable conclusion to draw from looking at the views expressed in the student letter to the Chronicle and a listing of some of the classes that Charney typically teaches: While his area of expertise is “genomics and genetics,” specifically “behavioral genetics,” Charney regularly taught a seminar on “Global Inequality research.” 

In fact, that Charney would even take up class time to discuss issues that seem to fall well beyond the jurisdiction of his courses suggests that his instincts as a professor are more at home among the ideology of the colleagues and students who favor his termination than they are the approach to teaching traditionally found among more conservative professoriate.

[2] Yet even faculty who have spent their lives on the left are discovering that they are not safe.  Brett Weinstein is a left-leaning professor at Evergreen State College in Washington.  When he objected to a “Day of Absence,” an event during which whites would avoid campus while non-whites, or “POC” (People of Color), hold workshops, both he and his students were subjected to harassment and intimidation.  When campus police informed Weinstein that they could not protect him, he was forced to hold class off-campus at a park.

Administrators decided this year that in place of a Day of Absence, Evergreen would instead hold an “equity symposium.” Student activists, however, resolved to hold their event despite the school’s change of plans. The theme of this year’s affair is, “Deinstitutionalize/Decolonize.” According to the RSVP page:

“The mission of this event is to bring POC together in order to create a reclamation of space and move forward into the future.  In reaction to [the] institution’s consistent disregard for our safety, we are operating independently of the college. This is a day for us, by us.”

If whites insist upon attending, they will be directed toward “antiracist workshops.”

[3] The University of Michigan is among over 230 colleges and universities nationwide with a “Bias Response Team.” Yet it is among “the most established,” according to The Detroit News.  Whether the “bias” is “intentional or unintentional,” if team members determine that speech contains unacceptable bias, it exacts disciplinary action that ranges from requiring “restorative justice” to “individualized education” to “unconscious bias training.”  

Fortunately, the University of Michigan is now on the receiving end of a lawsuit. 

According to the complaint, such is the restrictive nature of the University’s interpretation of “bullying,” “harassment,” and “bias” that it threatens “staggering amounts of protected speech and expression.”

Nichole Neilly, whose Japanese-American parents met in an internment camp during World War II, is especially sensitive to infringements of liberty.  She is the head of “Speech First.”  The University’s current system, given that it incentivizes members of the school community to anonymously blow the whistle on others, “is not workable,” Neilly says. “Students should be able to express themselves without fear of retribution.”

Speech First found that in just this past year, UM investigated over 150 incidents of alleged “bias.”

Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation says of speech restrictions of the sort found at UM that they are “Draconian” and reminiscent of East Germany and Orwell’s 1984.

[4] At Georgetown University, left-wing student activists are laboring to prevent campus police from being armed.  If police are armed, the students maintain, minority students will be threatened.

On a Facebook post, “Georgetown United Against Police Aggression” self-identifies as “a group of students concerned about GUPD’s impact on Georgetown’s communities of color.” The group shares a letter that it issued to the school’s president urging him “to not arm GUPD [.]”

Among the 30 or so signatories to the letter are such groups as: African Society of Georgetown; Black Student Alliance; Asian Pacific Islander Leadership Forum; Casa Latina; GU Women of Color; Georgetown University College Democrats; Georgetown Young Democratic Socialists; Hoyas for Immigration Rights; Muslim Students Association; Native American Student Council; Queer People of Color; and Students for Justice in Palestine.

The Racism-Industrial-Complex knows no bounds, but academia is a bastion of it. Of course, RIC has facilitated the Academic-Industrial-Complex as well.

Anyone who can still doubt this is either naïve or in denial.   

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Ita Buttrose defends ‘harmless flirting’ amid MeToo movements

‘They’re not all b*****ds!’ Ita Buttrose defends ‘harmless flirting’ amid the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements… as she reveals her concerns over the ‘aggressive porn’ teens are exposed to Ita Buttrose has defended ‘harmless flirting’ and insisted that not all men are ‘b*****ds’ while discussing the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements. The former Studio 10 presenter, 76, said she has never faced sexual harassment at work and praised the opposite sex as being ‘quite delightful’.

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Morgan Freeman apologizes in wake of harassment accusations

In this May 22, 2018 file photo, actor Morgan Freeman attends the 2018 PEN Literary Gala in New York. Freeman is apologizing to anyone who may have felt “uncomfortable or disrespected” by his behavior.

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BREAKING: Morgan Freeman Responds To Sexual Harassment Allegations

Early Thursday morning, CNN published a shocking report detailing accusations of sexual misconduct against actor Morgan Freeman. In total, the network spoke to 16 individuals concerning the alleged harassment, eight of whom claiming they were victims of Freeman.

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