BMG, Distributor of Controversial German Rappers, Launches Campaign Against Anti-Semitism

Germany-based music company BMG — distributor of releases by controversial rappers Kollegah and Farid Bang, whose lyrics many consider to be anti-semitic — today announced a campaign against “a growing wave of anti-Semitism in Germany” with a new …

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Der Spiegel: Tape shows Erdoğan ordered protests in Germany

A phone conversation recorded by German police has revealed that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan may have personally ordered protests against an Armenian genocide bill in Germany via one of his parliamentarians, Ahval News reported quoting German …

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2 Air Force wings to re-enact D-Day on social media

CHARLESTON, S.C. - D-Day will stand for “Digital Day” this year as two Air Force wings use social media Tuesday and Wednesday as if the turning point of World War II is happening in real time, 74 years after Allied troops stormed French beaches and began to sweep toward Germany.

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The U.S. Should Move Troops From Germany to Poland

Poland is willing to spend $1.5 billion to $2 billion to entice the U.S. to build a permanent military base there, according to a Defense Ministry proposal . The plan offers a strong incentive for the U.S. to consider moving at least some of its forces from Germany, especially since the current deployment makes little military sense.

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US should move forces in Germany to Poland

Poland is willing to spend $1.5 billion to $2 billion to entice the U.S. to build a permanent military base there, according to a Defense Ministry proposal. The plan offers a strong incentive for the U.S. to consider moving at least some of its forces from Germany, especially since the current deployment makes little military sense.

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Muslim Parents Complain Their Children Should Be Exempt from Exams During Ramadan

Breitbart | Parents of Muslim pupils in Germany have complained that their children should not have to take part in any exams due to the stress placed on them by fasting during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

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Spicy Weekend


A great day. I used to go to Mr Chow constantly, but then I stopped because it was too loud. I didn’t go for years. Then I happened to be slouching by on Thursday and went into the bar for a Diet Coke. The bartender was friendly. The captains were super-friendly. Theo, the dean of waiters, was ultra-friendly and hugged me. So tonight I came back and had one of the tastiest dinners of my life. Spicy. But magnificent. Spicy fried beef. Spicy ribs. Spicy candied walnuts. Spicy chicken with cashews. Or maybe walnuts again.

I was in heaven. It was still fantastically noisy but I was happy. I drove home, which is only a five-minute ride from Mr Chow. At the corner of Rodeo and Carmelita, some drunken jerk ran the stop sign and came within inches of crashing into me. He was in an immense white Lexus.

I swerved and avoided him but that was too close. Thank you God for sparing me once again. When I count the number of times God has spared me, it’s almost infinite. In fact it is infinite. I never had to get shot at like my pal, hero Larry Lissitzyn.

When I got home, wifey and I watched an incredibly creepy and scary noir story about a conspiracy in 1928 Weimar Berlin. Every single person in the story was crazy one way or another. And killers. But the atmosphere was compelling. Lots of shiny wood and people turning to crime to support themselves.

Then popcorn and then sleep. I dreamed I was at dinner with a charming friend who has the most voracious appetite of any person I have ever known. He eating all of my Mr Chow ribs. I was really upset. Then I dreamed I was in an old age home with my brilliant friend, the law scholar Arthur Best. We were both depressed as hell but Arthur was making jokes about it.

He’s a funny guy. We’ve been friends since 1962.


Dinner again at Mr Chow. This time with a hilarious friend trying to explain block chains to me. It was as if he were talking about flying saucers. It was better than lunch today though. There I dined with a tall, charming woman whose mother had died 24 hours earlier. She was in shock. It’s too cruel to lose the ones we love.

The food tonight was ultra-spicy. Afterwards, I drove home very carefully. Beverly Hills is a beautiful neighborhood but has the worst drivers in the world. Why? Because they feel too entitled to obey the law. It’s that simple.

Wifey and I watched the end of the endless series about Weimar Berlin. It’s called “Babylon Berlin.” With all my heart, I recommend you not watch it. Too depressing. Too long. The plot is a thousand times too complex. But the people who made the sets should all get Oscars or Emmys or something. Still, don’t waste your time.


Memorial Day. I swam and thanked God for the brave men and women who were shot out of the sky, who got malaria, who got blown to pieces by mines, who were eaten by sharks, who were worked to death by the Japanese. I thanked God for my Grandfather Dave who fought in the Philippines where capture meant death. For my Silver and Bronze Star father in law, Dale Denman, Jr., hero of Germany and Vietnam. For my uncle Bob Denman, who fought hand to hand at Cho-Sin. For the families of those who died or came home wounded badly or crazed. How many have been in terror so I could swim in my pool every day? How many so I can vote? How many so I can say Kaddish in Hebrew for my parents? How many so that the media can whine and bitch all day and night? What can we ever do to thank them? I’m going to my checkbook to write a check to Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. TAPS. That’s what I’m doing. TAPS.ORG.

God bless the families of those who died for us bums back home.



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