De Blasio Wants to Scrap Admissions Testing for Elite High Schools

Mayor de Blasio unveiled a plan Saturday to boost black and Latino enrollment at the city’s eight specialized high schools — and he wants to scrap admissions tests outright.

In an op-ed for education-news site Chalkbeat, de Blasio announced that 20 percent of seats at those eight schools would be reserved for low-income applicants.

Kids in the Department of Education’s Discovery Program who score just below the admissions cut-off would be given one of those saved seats, according to the plan.


“The Specialized High School Admissions Test isn’t just flawed — it’s a roadblock to justice, progress and academic excellence,” he wrote. {snip}

“With these reforms, we expect our premier public high schools to start looking like New York City,” he wrote. “Approximately 45 percent of students would be Latino or black.”

Under the current system, Asian kids predominate at the city’s top high schools. They make up 74 percent of the population at Stuyvesant, 66 percent at Bronx Science and 61 percent at Brooklyn Tech. At Queens HS for Science at York College, 82 percent are Asian.


De Blasio has attributed racial disparities to the accessibility of test-prep classes and tutors to economically advantaged families.


But Brooklyn Tech Alumni President Larry Cary has said, “The solution isn’t to kill the test. It’s to improve the quality of education offered in African-American and Latino communities.”


At least 60 percent of kids at three of the specialized schools are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, according to DOE data.

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Bill Nye, the Cow Fart Guy

Bill Nye might be the last man on earth who still wants a carbon tax.

It seems like centuries ago that the left saw a carbon tax as a great excuse to start up a new world order based on communism and the fleecing of trillions of dollars from the productive western world. Now, the idea of a carbon tax is best left to the UN, a few kooky Canadians and Bill Nye the Netflix Series Guy.

His most recent interview with the lefties at The Daily Beast has Nye explaining how this time, this new carbon tax scheme he’s promoting will be good for conservatives.

“[T]his is what we can do and it’s a win-win: to have a fee on carbon.”


Except that carbon is a key component of all known life on our planet Earth and the element represents approximately 45-50% of all dry biomass.

Yeah, conservatives love taxing the very fibers of our beings.

What else can we expect from Bill Nye, who thinks that more old people should be dying in order to combat global warming? Sorry grandma, we’ll be giving you the Death Panel special so that we can save the dung beetles and naked mole rats.

The Interview

Speaking with the lefties, dingbat Nye said last week:

“So if you are raising livestock and producing a lot of carbon dioxide with your farm equipment and the exhaust from the animals, then you would pay a fee on that and it would be reflected in the price of meat, reflected in the price of fish, reflected in the price of peanuts.”

…so… exactly like a carbon tax. Farmers are already paying high tax on their equipment, and they’re paying tax on the land, and on the animals, and paying tax when they buy feed, and paying tax when they use their earnings to buy their family a nice car. All those taxes are also reflected in the price of fish and the price of peanuts.

Rush Limbaugh turned his golden microphone to the issue before the weekend, saying that he always used to joke about “taxes on cow farts” and now Bill Nye is the one out there proposing exactly that.

How To Irritate Bill Nye

During the course of the interview, Nye seemed upset that he still wasn’t the scientific overlord of the whole world. For someone painted as a scientific expert in so many fields, it’s worth remembering that he only holds an engineering degree. Not that engineering is a walk in the part, but there are hundreds of thousands of engineers out there and he’s the only one lecturing us all on cow farts.

During the interview, he gave us the secret on how to annoy him — by spreading silly information online.

“That anyone can get an online or social media discussion going about whether or not the Earth is flat is really extraordinary. That just shows that I have failed. My life’s work has been wasted.”

I’ve met people who believe up and down that their Gemini star chart will tell them how their love life will evolve, but haven’t met a single flat earther yet. If it wasn’t for Mike Hughes of “flying a self-built rocket ship into the air to prove that NASA is lying to us” fame, I wouldn’t think that any person truly held the flat earth belief.

And still, my money is on that Hughes is mentally ill.

At least Bill Nye’s mental illness makes him capable of living without supervision.

Ugh, Conservatives Ruin Everything!!

But unfortunately for Bill Nye, and fortunately for the rest of us who care about the amount of tax leaving our wallets on a yearly basis, he doesn’t believe that we’re stupid enough to go along with his cow fart plan.

“But conservatives now are against such a thing because they’re against any regulation, any tax or any government involvement in anything. But again, it won’t last, and a carbon fee would be a fantastic thing for the world.”

  • Conservatives hate regulation
  • Nye wants to tax the most common element on earth
  • Conservatives are dumb for resisting this regulation

They must be handing out “science guy” trophies to anyone these days. Bill Nye on Netflix will fit in just perfectly with the new shows Obama signed on to produce… in the list of things that I will never, ever watch.

Source: Daily Beast

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SOLID BIOSCIENCES 24 HOUR DEADLINE ALERT: Approximately 24 Hours Remain; ClaimsFiler Reminds Investors with Losses in Excess of $100,000 of Deadline in Class Action Lawsuit …

NEW ORLEANS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ClaimsFiler, a FREE shareholder information service, reminds investors that they have only until May 28, 2018 to file lead plaintiff applications in a securities class action lawsuit against Solid Biosciences Inc. (NasdaqGS …

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Montana Wolf Numbers Remained Strong In 2017, Cautions

2017 Montana Gray Wolf Program
2017 Montana Gray Wolf Program

Montana – -( According to the 2017 Montana Gray Wolf Program Annual Report, population estimates suggest there are approximately 900 wolves in Montana. This marks the 13th consecutive year that Montana has far exceeded wolf recovery goals.

Montana’s wolf population has remained relatively stable with an annual wolf harvest that averages about 225 animals per year. During the 2017-2018 wolf season, 255 wolves were harvested: 65 percent hunting, 35 percent trapping. Approximately, $380,000 was generated for wolf conservation and management by wolf license sales.

Livestock depredation by wolves during 2017 was approximately 25 percent of what it was in 2009, when it was at a peak. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services confirmed 80 livestock losses to wolves in 2017, which included 49 cattle, 12 sheep, and 19 goats during 2017. One dog was also killed by wolves. This total was up compared to 53 livestock losses during 2016. During 2017 the Montana Livestock Loss Board paid $64,133 for livestock Wildlife Services confirmed as probable or certain wolf kills.

Wolf Management In Eastern Montana

With the recent release of this 2017 wolf report, it’s a good reminder that FWP manages wolves across Montana under a statewide management plan, including eastern Montana. FWP is committed to using its authority to responsibly manage Montana’s wolf population while addressing conflicts with livestock and other wildlife populations. Although wolf populations and management activities are largely focused on western Montana, all the same wolf management tools are in place across eastern Montana.

Wolves may be hunted throughout the state, with a season from Sept. 2-Sept. 14 (archery) and Sept. 15-March 15 (rifle). Hunting wolves requires a wolf license, which can be purchased over the counter for $19 (resident) or $50 (nonresident). Proof of hunter education must be presented at the time of purchase.

Wolves may also be trapped ($20 resident, $1 resident landowner, $250 nonresident) from Dec. 15-Feb. 28. Completion of either the Idaho or Montana wolf trapping certification class is mandatory.

Persons could take a combination of up to five wolves via hunting and/or trapping. FWP publishes wolf hunting and trapping regulations annually, and these are available at all license vendors and FWP offices. Note: National Wildlife Refuges may have different regulations on wolf management, and like any other species, permission is needed to hunt for wolves on private land.

Another aspect of wolf management includes increased emphasis on proactive prevention of livestock depredation. Montana law and administrative rules (MCA 87-3-130; ARM 12.9.1301-1305) allow a person to kill a wolf that is seen in the act of attacking, killing, or threatening to kill livestock or domestic dogs.

  • No permit is required and FWP must be notified within 72 hours of take or attempt to take.
  • Preserve the scene and leave the carcass where it was killed; carcass is surrendered to FWP.
  • Physical evidence of the wolf attack or that an attack was imminent is required (injured or dead livestock, broken fences, trampled vegetation and wolf sign) that would lead a reasonable person to conclude the attack was imminent.
  • Wolves cannot be intentionally baited, fed, or deliberately attracted
  • Wolves may be opportunistically hazed or harassed

This same law also allows private citizens to kill a wolf that is seen in the act of attacking, killing or threatening a domestic dog or another human. Again, FWP must be notified within 72 hours of take or attempt to take.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and ParksWolf sightings do periodically happen in eastern Montana, but currently no wolf packs are known to exist in the eastern side of the state. Recently, a FWP game warden reported seeing a lone wolf in south Phillips Co., and neighboring landowners were notified. FWP would encourage anyone who believes they see a wolf in Region 6 to contact your local biologist, game warden, or call the Glasgow Region 6 FWP Headquarters at 406-228-3700.

To learn more about Montana’s wolf population, visit FWP online at, or go directly to this link:

2017 Montana Gray Wolf Program Annual Report


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Ireland Votes Overwhelmingly To Overturn 8th Amendment, Ending Abortion Ban

After a voter turnout of approximately 64.1%, the results are in for Ireland’s referendum to overturn the nation’s 8th Amendment, which bans abortion. 66.4% voted to overturn the 8th, while 33.6% voted against.

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Grand Canyon Education’s (LOPE) CEO Brian Mueller on Q1 2018 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

And we have generally not raised tuition for our working adult students. We anticipate the cohort default rate for the most recently completed cohort will be approximately 6.5%. On March 5, 2018, the HLC notified University that it’d approve the change …

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Despite Hiring Push, Chicago Police Still Falling Short in Attracting Black Officers

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration has consistently stressed its intent to diversify the Chicago Police Department during its push to add more than 1,000 cops and change the image of a force beleaguered by controversial shootings of black men by white officers.

The city succeeded at bringing black candidates into the early stages of the hiring process. Thirty-eight percent of applicants were African-Americans the last time the department held a police exam, a City Hall news release noted last October.


In fact, while the department made a net gain of nearly 800 officers between October 2016 and the end of March 2018, the percentage of African-Americans on the force dropped slightly, according to a Tribune analysis of department data.

African-Americans — who historically have had a strained relationship with the Police Department — make up close to a third of Chicago’s population but only about a fifth of the police force.

Department officials say a large percentage of African-Americans who apply for a job with the department simply don’t show up to take the entrance test.

Black politicians, meanwhile, allege that African-Americans who do pass the exam are often unfairly screened out of the hiring process by restrictions on indebtedness, the college credit requirement and psychological testing, among other factors.

The department’s failure to hire black police in proportion to the city’s population is a stubborn problem that could grow more challenging if African-Americans continue to flee the Chicago area as they have in recent years, according to census figures. {snip}

South Side Ald. Anthony Beale said the department needs to rework its background check and reconsider its rule that recruits have to hold the equivalent typically of two years of college, among other measures.

“I don’t care if you have 80 percent African-Americans going to take the test,” he said. “You’re still going to have the same percentage (hired).”

But Barbara West, chief of the department’s Bureau of Organizational Development, said the main challenge to improving the department’s diversity remains getting African-American applicants to follow through and take the examination. When the department last held an exam in December, 44 percent of the blacks who had applied didn’t show up, she said.


Though African-Americans are underrepresented on the force, the Emanuel administration often points to diversity in the department’s top ranks. Indeed, as of March, half of the 24 highest-ranking officers — including Superintendent Eddie Johnson — were black.


The late 2015 court-ordered release of the video showing white Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting the black teen 16 times sparked calls for Emanuel’s resignation and unleashed a torrent of grievances about the Police Department, particularly from African-Americans. An investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice eventually echoed what black Chicagoans have said for decades — that the department had allowed “racially discriminatory conduct” and used force disproportionately against minorities.

Meanwhile, gun violence spiked in 2016 as some 4,300 people were shot and more than 760 were killed, making it the deadliest year in nearly two decades. Some, including Emanuel, blamed surging crime in part on cops’ limiting their activity to avoid getting caught up in any incidents that might stoke public outrage.


Over and over, Emanuel has stressed the importance of diversity as he seeks to expand the department while also aiming to improve its relationship with black Chicagoans. The city has paid out at least $167,500 to a contractor, Brown Farmer Media Group, to recruit minority applicants for recent tests, city records show.

“Chicago’s greatest asset is our diversity, and with each class of recruits CPD reflects that and uses it to serve our city,” Emanuel said in a statement in January.

But the department still falls far short of reflecting the city’s demographics.

Among the officers hired in 2017 and 2018 whose race was included on the most recent roster, only 14.3 percent were black. Overall, African-Americans make up about 20.5 percent of officers whose race the department provided. That’s down from 21.9 percent in 2016. Blacks make up about 30 percent of the city’s population.

Meanwhile, departures by black officers have also hurt African-American representation on the force. Between late 2016 and 2018, about 30 percent of the approximately 950 officers who dropped off of department rosters were African-American, indicating they either departed the force or moved to units with covert officers. That indicates black cops left the department in numbers that were disproportionate to their representation on the force.


West, who is African-American, said the department has tried to make the hiring process accessible to everyone. The city recently eliminated the $30 fee to take the exam and started offering test preparation, she noted. The department has also been sending text and email reminders to applicants to show up for the test, West said.

The department has surveyed people who didn’t show up for the test, West said, and candidates gave reasons ranging from forgetting to go to accepting other jobs in the interim.


Chicago mirrors cities across the country that have struggled to hire more black officers.

West Side Ald. Chris Taliaferro, a former Chicago cop who is African-American, echoed his City Council colleague Beale in saying the department should consider changes to the hiring process. Taliaferro said he did not pass the department’s psychological test on his first attempt and joined the department in 1994 with only a high school diploma. The college credit requirement did not exist then.


A spokesman for Emanuel, Julienn Kaviar, said the administration is “committed to ensuring the police department reflects the diversity of our city.


Some within the department have complained that increased scrutiny over officers’ conduct has made an already dangerous job less appealing. Northwest Side Ald. Nicholas Sposato, a former firefighter, said he felt the city had made a “yeoman’s effort” to hire cops but that a climate of hostility toward police has driven retirements and hampered hiring efforts.


While struggling to increase the rolls of black officers, the department has boosted its Latino ranks, adding more than 500 officers identified as Hispanic. As of the end of March, the department was 25.7 percent Hispanic, up from 23.3 percent in late 2016.

West said that Hispanic candidates have had a lower no-show rate than African-Americans — under 30 percent — for two recent tests.

About 19 percent of white applicants failed to show up for the most recent police exam, department officials said.


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2018 Anti-Israel Week at UC Irvine: Thuggish Behavior, Terrorist Garb and Another Disruption

[Editor’s note: To help push back against the enforcement of Islamic blasphemy laws on the American campus, support the Freedom Center’s campaign Stop University Support for Terrorists.]

This past week (April 30-May 3), the University of California at Irvine endured another week of anti-Israel activities sponsored by the Muslim Student Union (MSU) and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). The week’s theme was “Nakba“, the Arabic word for catastrophe, which represents the “catastrophe” of 1948, when Israel became a state, and the Arab world launched an (unsuccessful) attack against Israel. Thousands of Arabs living in Israel left the territory at the urging of the Arab armies. Since Israel was victorious, those who had left, thinking they would return after the Arab victory, became refugees. Thus, it was Nakba week, and for the SJP/MSU, it was another public relations catastrophe.

Only one speaker was announced, and the rest of the activity centered around the so-called “apartheid wall”. The days were marked by loud, angry chanting on the part of the SJP/MSU and behavior meant to be intimidating. The Israeli group, Reservists on Duty, was on-hand to answer any questions as to the truth about Israel. As happened last year, their presence angered the SJP/MSU. Finally, on Thursday night, the College Republicans invited the Reservists to speak at their regular meeting. As might be predicted, the event was disrupted by about ten persons who apparently came from off-campus. It marked the third May in a row that pro-Israel events were disrupted. As usual, no arrests were made.

What follows is a day- by-day account of the events. If you hit the links, you can see photos and videos.

Day One (Monday)

Around 11 am or so, this writer dropped by the so-called “apartheid wall” near the library. I chatted briefly with one of the representatives of Reservists on Duty, ex-IDF soldiers, most of whom are American-born. I noted immediately that the pro-Palestinian forces all had their faces covered with Palestinian scarves and other paraphernalia. It made them look like real, bonafide Arab terrorists. What kind of impression could this possibly have on other students? I took photos of two of them, a male and female. The male, seeing my camera, quickly darted behind the wall. He was too late. Later in the week, this individual would play a prominent part in the events.

Having seen their own (SJP) announcement of the week’s events, I noted that only one speaker was scheduled, for Wednesday evening. I was curious to know if other events were planned for the other evenings. So I approached the table that SJP/MSU had set up and politely asked the aforementioned young man with his face hidden if there were any events for that evening. He quickly looked away and walked away as if I were going to attack him.

“C’mon,” I said, “I’m not going to bite you.” No response. I turned to a female and asked the same question. Silence. So, I walked away. I left campus at that point prior to the time when they began their dopey chants.

Day Two (Tuesday)

This writer was not present at UCI on Tuesday, but talking to my contacts who were, I learned that when the SJP/MSU types began their chants around noon, they deliberately got in the faces of the IDF Reservists (approximately 5 Reservists), who calmly stood their ground. Fortunately, there were plenty of campus cops to preclude any violence. As always, the tactic of the pro-Palestinian crowd is noise and intimidation.

Day Three (Wednesday)

When I arrived at the apartheid wall before noon, I saw that the campus cops were out in force. The first thing I saw (and videotaped) was an effort by one of the Reservists to dialogue with the young man in face mask who I described on Monday. (As throughout the week, the pro-Palestinians had their faces covered with Arab/Palestinian scarves and keffiyas.) The pro-Palestinians had claimed one side of the wall as their “space”, and one Reservist had crossed the wall in an attempt to dialogue with the young man. The Reservist was polite and offered to take a letter from the SJP to the Israeli Knesset. He also asked the young man to shake his hand. All he got was f-bombs. The SJP/MSU guy twice told his followers, “Nobody from us better say a f—– word!” The others, almost all females, dutifully complied. You can watch and hear it by going to the above link. At that point, the cops asked everyone (not pro-Palestinian side) to clear the area on that side of the wall thus enforcing the Palestinian “safe space”. That did not prevent the SJP/MSU from crossing to the other side when they began their chants or even before.

I then took the opportunity to interview (on tape-see above link) one of the female Reservists as to what had happened on Tuesday. She described how the SJP/MSU types had gotten in their faces with their chants.

Then shortly after noon, the little rascals began their chanting and marching. I managed to get lots of videotape including when our hot-headed friend tried repeatedly to intimidate me by getting directly in my face while I was videotaping. The cops were all  over us, and I just kept filming the pretty keffiya and the shifting eyes. The first encounter must have lasted about 5 minutes. It was quite amusing.

Having other things to do with my valuable time, I opted not to attend the evening event featuring some guy from Al Awda (Right of Return) in Orange County named Anis Zubi. He was described by the SJP/MSU as a “Nakba survivor”.

Day Four (Thursday)

I was not present during the day, but aside from the usual bickering and chanting, things were somewhat calmer than the previous day.

Thursday Evening- Disruption

During the week, the College Republicans at UCI announced that they had invited the Reservists on Duty members to address their group at their regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday evening. That raised the question to whether this event would be disrupted. The previous May, Students Supporting Israel had invited the Reservists to speak during Hate Week, and that event was disrupted by SJP and others. I was present and videotaped it all. Similarly in May 2016, SJP and other groups (assisted by so-called legal observers from the National Lawyers Guild- attached to the UCI Law School, no less) had disrupted a pro-Israel meeting in which an Israeli Defense Forces film was shown. After  last year’s incident UCI placed SJP on two-year probation. Would SJP members at UCI risk further punitive action by disrupting yet another event?

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to medical reasons, but others were prepared to videotape any disruptions. The College Republicans had announced beforehand and opened their proceeding by repeating that people speaking out of turn would be removed. Yet, it happened again. About ten people were allowed to fill empty seats after the event had started. Though the dean of students and campus police were present, they pulled out a bullhorn and began their chants. For some reason, it was allowed to continue for about three minutes until they were ushered out of the room. For the third year in a row, a Jewish, pro-Israel event was disrupted-with no arrests. The College Republicans live streamed the event, which can be viewed here.

At this point, things are not altogether clear. Witnesses have been told that no arrests were made and that the disruptors were not UCI students. It appears, though this is not confirmed, that the disruptors were not even identified. If that is the case, it is inexcusable. The question remains as to who invited them or caused them to be on campus in the first place. In 2010, when MSU students at UCI disrupted the speech of the Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, not only were arrests made, which led to successful prosecution, but the police did an extensive follow up investigation that proved that the disruption was pre-planned and attempts were made to cover up that planning. In my mind, such an investigation is appropriate now to show if any links exist between the disruptors and anyone else at UCI.

We are waiting to see if there is any complaint filed by the College Republicans and if UCI will conduct an investigation. One witness, who was not affiliated with the university, filed his own complaint with the UCIPD. The time has come for public pressure on the university to put a stop to this wave of anti-Jewish (Yes, that’s what it is) agitation and thuggish behavior. When one side engages in disruption, which is a SJP specialty, the other side has its right of free speech infringed upon. Based on what develops in the coming days, I will suggest specific measures that the public can take.

Once again, the pro-Palestinian forces that are running amok on our campuses have embarrassed themselves at UCI and have embarrassed UCI in the process. For SJP and MSU, congratulations: Your Nakba week turned out to be a real nakba to your own cause. If you think you can dress up like terrorists and act like hooligans and win public opinion to your cause, you are sadly mistaken.

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