Fmr Ecuador President Rafaell Correa: Latin America is now experiencing an aggressive return to its neoliberal past

Rafael Correa is charismatic man who knows how to communicate. Two qualities that helped him to reach the presidency of Ecuador in 2007, a nation that up to that point had been on unstable political ground. Before Correa at least seven presidents had alternated between scandals, popular protests and replacements – until the Palace of Carondelet had as its occupant this economist turned leader. During the 10 years of his tenure in office he promoted a Citizen Revolution which improved the conditions of the poorest Ecuadorians with a vast improvement of social programs. Working now as journalist with Russia Today Correa has been able to reflect on what it takes to be a strong decisive leader. “It isn’t about if someone dislikes me or not, I have no control over that. I never looked at my job as President as trying to please everyone it was about what was needed to move the country forward.” With that same clarity Correa warned during our interview in Caracas that, “what we have in Latin America now is an onslaught; an aggressive return of the neo liberal past. It is a terrible neo conservatism that respects absolutely nothing, neither democracy nor human rights, nor constitutional order and with an impressive double standard at the inter-Americanism at the world level.”

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This Bear Picked a Fight With the Wrong Elk

The video footage was taken near Flagstaff, Arizona and shows a bear cub big enough to kill the elk charging at it.

With mama bear nowhere in sight, a blond-phase bear cub faces off with a young elk in the woods by a photographer who gets a little too close for comfort.

From the footage, it looks like the baby bear was able to injure the baby elk. Unfortunately the footage doesn’t show what happened afterwards, but it’s possible that the bear was able to finish the job.

Young Elk Shot After Human Contact

Last year, a five minute video of a photographer getting cozy with an elk made the rounds. Sitting on the side of the road with his equipment, the elk gets closer and closer until he starts pushing the man with his antlers and head until the man had to run for his car to honk.

The poor creature was killed shortly afterwards by the rangers who felt the elk was more likely to approach other humans and cause future harm. It was killed because of a photograph and a video that went viral. The elk was euthanized because people wouldn’t stop feeding it, he kept approaching visitors.

Indeed, it was a great risk as especially the elk could’ve accidentally injured the photographers eyes and or face due to his carelessness. Any photographer or person with common sense wouldn’t be sitting on the road and would be using lenses to observe the animals in their natural habitat.

For another stressful encounter, bowhunters found themselves ten yards away from two adult male elk fighting. The hunter holds his bow as the animals slowly move away, but he managed to shoot one of them while they were still locked together without drawing attention to himself.

There must be something in the water near these elk grounds, because people just keep finding themselves far too close for comfort such as the video of the elk in Yellowstone.

Then, there’s the electrified deer that keeps getting the best of a hungry bear who never quiet learns his lesson. The North American brown bear, or grizzly, in the footage is filmed remotely and he keeps resting the waters until the electricity is disconnected.

A Montana grizzly bear attempts to retrieve an electrically charged, road-killed deer. The deer is electrified as an experiment to protect hunters’ game kills and, in turn, to minimize bear-human encounters.

Arizona Is Going Crazy

Recently, we announced that Arizona would be requiring people in the state looking to board domestic flights to purchase a $25 identification card expressly to fulfill a federal regulation that’s been on the books since 2005.

The airport in Flagstaff, which takes about 60,000 passengers every year is among the new airports that will require the ID.

“As well, these new identification cards will be required to access certain federal and military bases. But, minors traveling with an adult who fulfills the requirement of the new ID will be able to forgo needing to purchase one. It is unclear whether an Arizona resident may skip the trouble by driving to an airport in California or New Mexico.

The purchase cost of the IDs will be $25, half a day of wasted time in the MVD and they will last for eight years.”

More Animal Encounters

Recently, a strange looking creature was shot in Montana. The rancher called in the kill, thinking he had shot a particularly aggressive wolf, but local animal authorities sent the carcass off for more testing because he was missing some telltale signs of being a pure wolf.

The animal is suggested to be a rare wolf/dog hybrid, which is a type of animal almost exclusively bred in captivity owing to the territorial nature of wolves.

Hybrid pups can have varied appearances due to the mixed genetic bag, and their behavior is difficult to predict. Because of the difficulty in caring for a hybrid, thousands of pet wolves and pet hybrids are abandoned or euthanized every year.

So, if the DNA turns out that the strange beast shot in Denton, Montana is a hybrid, it was likely dropped off in the woods by an owner who bite off more than he could chew.

Source: Wide Open Spaces

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Commentary: Amazing what radical leftists and Islamists have in common. And they’re bringing it here

Maybe it’s simply fortuitous convenience or maybe it’s a Tarantino-esque black comedy, but it’s amazing how much radical leftists and radical Islamists have in common with each other. It’s not a suggestion that the two movements secretly communicate with each other via cipher messages from underground command bunkers, but it’s impossible to miss how much their ideology often calls for the same things.

Let’s take a cruise through some of these similarities. Leftists want socialism to reign supreme via an all powerful controlling government. Islamists want the exact same thing. Just replace the words “Democratic Socialist president” with “Caliph.” Exchange “Socialist Republic” with the word “Caliphate.” One uses a distorted and modified Constitution while the other just calls it Sharia Law. Add it all together and you get the same result. A socialist fantasy world under the direction of an oppressive government.

To achieve all this, both Islamists and leftists are willing to weaponize a laundry list of like-minded causes and tactics.

Just look at progressive border policy. Open borders benefit both movements in one profound way — it’s prelude to chaos. Consider Europe right now: Terrorist organizations from all over are using the European Union’s progressive border policies to wreak havoc all over the continent. They want the chaos. They want a heavy-handed response. When the eventual crackdown comes, probably by a right-wing-leaning government, Islamist clerics will call on jihadis from all across the globe to unite.

What do you think progressives intend to get out of their open-border policies — besides votes? What do you expect to get from allowing thousands upon thousands of unchecked and unscreened immigrants to pour across the border? Like in Europe, it’s a security nightmare. But the key ultimately is weaponizing the eventual heavy-handed response.

It’s the same result expected from the so-called “migrant caravans” from South America. People like George Soros know full well what the response will be when hundreds — or even thousands — of migrants reach our southern border. There’s no way the vast majority of them will be granted access, but that’s not the point. The point is to sit back and watch the media firestorm as the U.S. Border Patrol and National Guard stare down, and — God forbid — respond with force.

This was on full display this week in Israel. While the negative headlines flowed in like a tsunami focusing on Israel’s defense of the Gaza border, another protest was kicking off simultaneously — this time with leftists — smack dab in the middle of downtown Jerusalem. Did anyone in the media report on that?

Faithwire’s Dan Andros and I were on assignment in Jerusalem this week and quickly ran out to cover the left-wing protest.

What we found was similar rhetoric used by Hamas in Gaza, but these anti-Israel sentiments weren’t coming from Hamas terrorists, they were coming from the youth wing of a global progressive alliance. Coincidentally, but not really, that’s exactly the name of this global group — the Progressive Alliance. They’re also aligned with the Party of European Socialists. When asked who was organizing and leading the protest, they were quick to admit it.

Most of the protesters in attendance were members of the Israeli Labor Party youth wing or Young Workers Party, also called the “Young Guard.” We also spoke to protesters who had flown in from as far away as Canada, but it was easy to identify dozens of organizers from multiple foreign countries.

There’s a global movement, with very deep pockets, actively pursuing an aggressive progressive agenda. It’s interesting how both the leftists and the Islamists fully endorse an operation rooted in creating chaos. If we don’t learn to identify and combat it in places like Israel, we’re in for a rude awakening once these tactics are deployed on our own borders or in our own streets.

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Daring missile strike by Iran signals it could become more aggressive and do everything it can to skirt US sanctions

Iran’s bold rocket assault on Israeli forces signals an unwillingness to just take the diplomatic route after the U.S. exit from its nuclear agreement. The failed nuclear agreement is a strike against President Hassan Rouhani, raising concerns more hard …

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McCain sets the right course – again

As GOP Sen. John McCain fights aggressive brain cancer at home in Arizona, the maverick senator continues to make himself heard. The country has reason to be grateful, with his words of opposition to CIA director nominee Gina Haspel influential enough – perhaps – to turn the tide against this unfortunate nomination.

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MSNBC Host Forced to Walk Back Aggressive Comments Against WH Press Sec

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace was forced to walk back physically aggressive comments she made against White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders when Wallace suggested her colleague might want to commit violence against Sanders during a press briefing. The comments were made during an exchange with MSNBC White House reporter Kristen Welker about Welker’s questioning of […]

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Christians under continuous, violent attacks from Jewish groups in Jerusalem

Desecration and vandalism are what Christians in Jerusalem are suffering at the hands of highly organized Jewish groups. An unprecedented number of churches as well as holy sites are reporting increased violence against priests and parishioners who are being assaulted and attacked. The methods of attack vary from vandalism, verbal abuse, individual attacks and what’s called “aggressive property acquisition.” All committed by Jewish settlers. Jerusalem has a long history, dating back at least to 4500 BCE. During that history, Jerusalem has been destroyed twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, and captured and recaptured 44 times.

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Study May Help Explain Racial Disparities in Prostate Cancer

New research published in Molecular Oncology may help explain why African American men are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer and a higher risk of dying from the disease compared with European American men.

When investigators analyzed prostate cancer samples from patients, they found that a signaling molecule called interleukin-6 (IL6) is overexpressed in tumor-adjacent tissues in African-American men compared with European-American men.

Additional experiments revealed that IL6 inhibits expression of the p53 tumor suppressor protein, promotes self-renewal of cancer cells, and is associated with stem cell–like properties in prostate cancer cell lines.

“Our most recent research into the biological underpinnings for why African American men are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer and die of the disease relative to other races or ethnicities has uncovered that IL6 is enriched in the tissue environment surrounding high-grade prostate cancer tumors from African American men,” said senior author Dr. Aliccia Bollig-Fischer, of the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit. “Not only did we uncover evidence that IL6 inactivates the p53 tumor suppressor in this context, our research also revealed that IL6 from the cancer cell environment causes an increase of a protein variant called MBD2_v2. This fuels an expansion of aggressive cancer cells, known as prostate cancer stem cells, which are considered to be the source of therapy resistance and metastatic tumor growth.”

In a follow-up study underway, Dr. Bollig-Fischer’s laboratory team will gain a more complete understanding of this novel cancer cell signaling process activated by IL6 derived from the tumor environment. “Our goal is to identify opportunities to develop transformative, targeted therapies to overcome race disparities and improve outcomes for all men with aggressive prostate cancer,” she said.

[The study appeared in Molecular Oncology, and is available here.]

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Loyal Dog Is Shot While Saving Soldiers’ Lives. One Soldier’s Tribute Is Going Viral

When someone saves your life, you owe them. If it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be on this green Earth living and breathing. And when a brave dog saved a group of soldiers, it was shot in the line of duty. And one soldier knew he had to honor that canine for its heroism on that fateful day. Because if it weren’t for what that dog did in the line of duty, this soldier and his comrades would not have made it through to tomorrow.

The unthinkable occurred in Afghanistan. The dog Layka, a Belgian Malinois, was part of the United States military’s crew of combat dogs that are used in military operations. She was trained to fight alongside American soldiers in the line of duty. She was bred to deal with high-stress situations and could solve complex problems. She was a miracle dog and was deployed to Afghanistan in May 2013. And that’s when she heard enemies opening fire on her companions.

The enemies ambushed the American troops. And as they aimed and fired upon the soldiers, Layka kept her head and followed orders. A soldier commanded the trained dog to approach a nearby building and scare away any attackers. Layka took on the suicide mission with courage. And she proved to be successful. She helped the soldiers retreat to a safer location where they could regroup and deal with the ambush.

But in the process, enemy troops shot Layka four times.

After the skirmish ended, soldiers rushed Layka to the military hospital so she could undergo surgery to remove the bullets and repair the damage to her internal organs.

Thankfully, the doctors could save the valuable dog’s life. But her life came at a price. They were forced to amputate her front leg. She would no longer be part of the military’s prestigious canine unit. But she would retire with honor.

Because Layka took fire for the soldiers, Sgt. Julian McDonald, her handler and trainer was flooded with guilt. But he attributed the dog’s heroism as what kept his team alive.

“I felt really bad because I was the one who put her inside of the building, and then at the same time happy that I did it because I was still alive and my buddies to my left and my right were still alive.”

If Layka hadn’t taken four bullets for the American troops and secured the building, they might not have made it out of the ambush alive.

Sgt. McDonald now admits that Layka was the reason he and the others survived.

“I owe this dog every moment that I have from here on out. I owe her everything.”

But in the process of saving the soldiers, Layka’s military career was over.

That’s why Sgt. McDonald returned the favor. He adopted Layka and took her home with his family. Now she lives in peace with one of the men she sacrificed for.

The military tried to stop McDonald from adopting Layka because they feared she was too aggressive. But he persevered, and now she lives with him and feels warmth and love every day.

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