Denver Banned Bump Stocks And Zero Are Turned In To Authorities

The city of Denver decided that bump stocks are too dangerous for private citizens to own, despite years of private citizens owning them and absolutely nothing happening before Las Vegas. They passed a law within the city banning the ownership of the devices. They were bound and determined to crack down on such dangerous items.

It seems that their plan worked out well.

No bump stocks have been turned over to Denver authorities after the city banned the accessories used in last year’s mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed 58 people and injured hundreds.

Denver Police police last month invited city residents to turn in any bump stocks in their possession but Denverite reports that none have been handed over.

First is the fact that Denver had already banned so-called assault rifles. There’s not much point in owning a bump stock if you don’t have a weapon you can put it on.

Another is that even those who have modern sporting rifles despite the ban–the ban had a grandfather clause written in–and who had bump stocks may well have sold the items or given them to friends who live outside of the city. Why turn something into police when you can sell it and maybe recoup some of your costs? It’s not rocket science here.

But in a city the size of Denver, I’m willing to bet that more than a few bump stocks are in private hands and they’re not going anywhere. The truth is, gun owners are sick and tired of governments treating the mass shooters in the making. Those private hands weren’t responsible for Las Vegas. They’re tired of being treated like they were.

So, they decide to hold onto their bump stocks.

I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of bump stocks. I think they’re dumb toys designed for burning through a whole lot of ammo in a short period of time, but I also oppose any and all attempts to ban them, and not just because they’re pointless.

Because of that, I can’t blame people for not getting rid of any bump stocks they have. The right to keep and bear arms is a sacred right, one enshrined in the Second Amendment so it would be protected for all time. That includes anything that will make our firearms more effective, and while I don’t think a bump stock does that, it’s also not my decision. It’s not Denver’s decision either, though it made it anyway.

Those who are holding onto bump stocks within the city have made a decision. They’ve decided to hold the line. They’re not going to budge anymore because some anti-gun politicians got the vapors after someone did something bad. They weren’t responsible, and they’ll be damned if they’re going to allow themselves to be punished for something they didn’t do.

I can’t endorse that for what I’m sure are obvious reasons, but I also can’t say that I blame them.

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Professional Gun Cleaning? It’s A Thing, Apparently

Maybe I’m weird, but while I hate sweeping and mopping the floor or washing the dishes, I enjoy cleaning my guns. It’s almost a zen experience for me in a weird way. It’s why one of my all-time favorite Christmas presents was a gun cleaning kit in a nice wooden case my father bought me several years ago.

Again, maybe I’m weird.

But the last thing in the world I’d have thought about was cleaning other people’s guns, except as an occasional favor for someone. Apparently, I missed out on a business opportunity, but someone else didn’t.

When I first heard about the concept of having somebody come to my home to clean my guns, I thought, “Well, that’s a nice idea for rich folks with more guns than time.” But when High Caliber Weapons Detailing showed up to my apartment, I realized there’s a lot more to it than that.

I’m not necessarily a man who hates cleaning his guns. I absolutely love the smell of Hoppe’s 9. My BoreSnakes and Rem Cloth keep my guns in good shape with a nice sheen between deep cleans.

Like any honest gun owner, however, I can admit that I don’t do a deep clean of all my guns as often as I would like. If I’m being completely honest, I’ve never stiped my Ruger 10/22 or my Remington 870 Express to do a deep clean. And, like most gun owners, I’ve had my guns get dirty enough to affect their function.

So, when High Caliber agreed to come out and show me how they work for this review, I figured why not? It might not be something I’d pay for on my own but at the very least I’ll get my guns cleaned, and I won’t even have to leave my apartment. After going through their process, I realized it’s actually a service I can recommend not just for the wealthy or lazy gun owner but also for people like me who fall somewhere in the middle of those two scales.

They had every cleaning implement you can imagine, from Swab-its to star chamber scrubbers to bolt scrapers. And, best of all, they had a seven-gallon Crest Ultrasonic machine. They knew how to strip every one of my guns down to their base components. They knew which firearms finishes should be cleaned with which solvents. They knew how to reassemble everything back into perfect working order.

I’ll admit, I don’t do the deep cleaning either. Not like I probably should. In part because I’m notorious for taking things apart and them never getting back together right.

So, maybe I didn’t miss out on an opportunity, but it also sounds like someone figured out a way to take their love of firearms and make a living out of it in a whole new direction.

And that’s good.

Frankly, I wish this service was in my town. I think they’d be doing some deep cleanings on a couple of my guns that probably could use it.

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Starbucks Closes for Racial Bias Training Today

This afternoon, thousands of Starbucks coffee shops will be closed as the company delivers ‘racial bias’ training to their staff.

The move comes after an incident a few weeks ago where two black men were removed from a Starbucks in Philadelphia after staffers called the police on the men who refused to vacate the premises when asked to do so.

Starbucks, which was headed by Howard “violence against white people is justified” Schultz until just recently, is trying to get back into the good graces of the lefties who frequent the company by accusing every one of their employees of being racist enough to require training.

As posted on social media two hours ago:

“For several hours this afternoon, we will close stores and offices to discuss how to make Starbucks a place where all people feel welcome.

Thank you for your patience and support as we renew our promise to make Starbucks an inclusive gathering place for all.

See you tomorrow.”

In a “preview” of the training to be given to 175,000 employees this afternoon,

“Each store will receive a tool kit which will allow for partners to learn together in small self-guided groups. This first training will focus on understanding racial bias and the history of public accommodations in the United States, with future trainings addressing all aspects of bias and experiences.”

The Incident

According to Richard Ross, the African-American local Police Commissioner, the two police involved in the situation picking up the loitering men did “absolutely nothing wrong,” and Ross defended the arrests.

Ross explained that the staffers at the store called up 911 and reported both trespassing as well as a disturbance.

The officers arrived, and the staff informed them that there were two men who had repeatedly refused to leave after being denied the use of the employee bathroom when employees asked them several times to vacate.

When the officers asked the men to leave and they refuse, that’s when it turned into a handcuff situation.

At this point, I suggest taking a look over at our friends with the Black Rifle Coffee Company, which is run by six veterans who combined two of their loves into a great business:

I created Black Rifle Coffee Company for people like myself, coffee-loving veterans and those who are committed to supporting the 2nd Amendment. I wanted to create a company that roasted the finest, freshest coffee on the planet that also supported the things ‘we’ believe in.

Starbucks’ Response

Two days after the incident, Starbucks response by saying that they would be reviewing their policies and working to “engage with the community” as well as with local police to prevent the same bad press from coming their way again.

We apologize to the two individuals and our customers and are disappointed this led to an arrest. We take these matters seriously and clearly have more work to do when it comes to how we handle incidents in our stores.”

To their eternal credit, the two men refused to be given a settlement.

Racial Bias Training

Racial bias training, or implicit bias training is the fancy way of saying that even if you think you’re not racist, you’re actually even more racist for not admitting that you — like an alcoholic at an AA meeting — have no control over your relationship with people of different backgrounds and you will never stop being racist.

According to The Atlantic,

“The idea of implicit bias is that our human minds are, through repeated cultural exposure, conditioned to associate specific traits, characteristics, and behaviors with certain groups of people. When we encounter an individual from one of these groups, those associations arise spontaneously.”

So, you’re a white barista and you see a black female customer enter. If your first thought jumps to something racist, even if you catch yourself and say Wow, That Was Racist of Me! you’re still demonstrating implicit bias and you’ll probably unconsciously spit in her latte.

Racial Bias Training at Joe For America

We here at Joe for America have undergone our own form of racial bias training. The process was long and intensive and it covered all the major topics.

  1. Don’t be a jerk

It was a difficult 6-week course but I managed to pass with flying colors.


Sources: CNN, The Atlantic, Starbucks News

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After pointlessly groping countless Americans, the TSA is keeping a secret watchlist of those who fight back


This is nice.

I remember insisting on avoiding the government radiation boxes and being felt up in an Omaha airport at 4 o’clock in the morning years ago. Since, well, if I can avoid the radiation boxes without being groped I absolutely do. But but both the radiation and the groping are hard to avoid.

I wrote this in 2011.

In Omaha, in the wee ours of the morning however, the TSA wanted me to walk through the radiation boxes. I informed them that I was inclined not to do so and would prefer not to subject my internal organs to the blast of radiation the boxes produce. This is without mentioning of course that the device performs essentially a virtual strip search.

The TSA agent I was talking to then bruskly informed me that I would be subject to a pat down at his hands if I was not inclined to follow his suggestion. If I had to be patted down to avoid irradiating my liver and being virtually strip searched so be it I thought.

Let’s just say that if you have never seen a TSA pat down, or been subject to one, it is just as bad as many say. As I stood there with legs spread and arms extended in the air the message was clear to everyone else. Don’t buck at the radiation boxes or you will have a pat down just like this guy. Just keep moving along.

As I stood there with my shoes off, my belt off, with my wallet and luggage in the all too familiar grey plastic boxes, as a man with rubber gloves ran his hands around my waistline I thought about how far down the path Bryer was referring to we had already gone.

As the agent frisked my legs I couldn’t help myself.

I looked down and said, “I am sad that this is what has happened to my country.”

The guy looked up at me and said, “Well sir not everyone wants to be safe.”

You are darn right, Mr. TSA agent. Some of us know that life involves risk. This knowledge used to be what defined a free people.

“Move along or you’ll miss your connecting flight.” He said.

And still, 7 years on, the TSA hasn’t been reined in.

Why can’t there be a special terminal where people can avoid the TSA and fly in dignity with the understanding that there might be the extremely off chance of a terrorist attack.

Oh that’s right, there is. Just fly on a private jet. No TSA there. I wonder why that is? Just multiply your ticket price by 20 and you too can avoid the dope grope. The USA Today explains.

(From The USA Today)

You might be flying private, but you still have to go through security and deal with the TSA. 

No, you can forget about security lines, taking off your shoes and emptying your pockets. You won’t find metal detectors or body scanners. O’Leary says that often “there is no TSA or pre-flight checks required. The pilots may check the ID of the lead passenger; otherwise, you will be loaded and on your way within minutes of arrival at the airport.  At some private airports, you can actually pull your car up to the aircraft, unload and have valet (service for) your car, so you could be in the air within minutes.”

Ah, very nice. You simply should try it it you have the means. It is just a lovely way to travel. Plus no mixing with the hoi polloi either.

(From The LA Times)

I thought of this exchange last week when the New York Times revealed that the Transportation Security Administration has created a secret watchlist for troublesome passengers. The TSA justified the list by saying that its screeners were assaulted 34 times last year, but did not release any details about the alleged assaults.

Think about this. The TSA WAS ASSAULTED. Um, OK.

Naturally, the TSA’s official definition of troublemaking goes well beyond punching its officers. According to a confidential memo, any behavior that is “offensive and without legal justification” can land a traveler on the list, as can any “challenges to the safe and effective completion of screening.” Anyone who has ever “loitered” near a checkpoint could also make the list. So could any woman who pushes a screener’s hands away from her breasts.

What country is this again?

The watchlist would seem less perilous if the TSA were not one of most incompetent agencies on Earth. After a series of undercover tests at multiple airports across the country, the Department of Homeland Security concluded last year that TSA officers and equipment had failed to detect mock threats roughly 80% of the time. (In Minneapolis, an undercover team succeeded in smuggling weapons and mock bombs past airport screeners 95% of the time.) An earlier DHS investigation found the TSA utterly unable to detect weapons, fake explosives and other contraband, regardless of how extensive its pat-downs were.

The TSA is a works program that assaults Americans legally.

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Matthews Brings on Former 9/11 Truther, Ex-Player to Blast National Anthem Decision

<p>Amid an absolutely insane Thursday night edition of <em>Hardball</em>, MSNBC host Chris Matthews repeatedly condemned the new NFL policy regarding protests of the Star-Spangled Banner and, during one such instance, he relied on help from former NFL player Donte Stallworth, who happens to be a former 9/11 truther.</p>

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David Attenborough’s VR project ‘Hold the World’ is absolutely astonishing

You don’t get many people who’ve been at the forefront of innovation in media like Sir David Attenborough. Having brought Britain colour television, as well as his wealth of natural history programmes like Blue Planet and Planet Earth, David Attenborough will be stepping into VR at the start of June with Sky in his VR project Hold the World .

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Zuckerberg: Elon Musk is right about self-driving cars

Facebook (FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk might not see eye-to-eye on everything involving the use of artificial intelligence, but Zuckerberg says they can agree on one thing about self-driving cars: they’ll absolutely save lives …

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Of Christian Conservative Squishes

When ever two or three are gathered… (Olga Popova/Shutterstock)

In a comment on another thread, Matt in VA, who is not a Christian, says that Christian conservatives are a lot more co-opted by the culture they presume to critique than they think:

I live in a college town in the South where there are many college students in Bible study groups who come out of an evangelical Christian culture that is, of course, fairly common in the south, especially in the suburbs. They are often quite open about being Christian (meeting in large groups in the student center, etc.) and it’s a large part of their identity. And I’m sure many of them do believe orthodox things even on the subject of human sexuality and even while living in the context of a national culture hostile to orthodox belief on that subject.

And yet. Plenty of them really are soft squishes. There’s no doubt about that. These are the kind of kids and twentysomethings who go into marketing or whatever and tell themselves and others that they’re going to use their Communication degree or whatever other crap they “studied” to share the message of Jesus’s love in an effective manner and really increase “engagement” among “important demographics.” You listen to them talk about God and Jesus Christ and everything, literally everything, that comes out of their mouth is in the language of consumer capitalism and therapeutic culture. Their entire brain’s operating system runs on that of the USA in 2018. There is an intellectual softness and squishiness here that is really depressing — these poor kids are absolutely permeated by our vile shallow culture.

No, liberals are not any better, and are probably worse in the sense that they often seem to have zero beliefs or convictions that aren’t based on the conventional wisdom of the moment (“How can X person believe Y? It’s 2018!”). But that isn’t an excuse for conservatives and their tendency to act like orthodox beliefs are in themselves enough, no fighting for those beliefs are necessary, and simultaneously to pretend that they won’t keep losing communities, cities, countries, to their ideological opponents.

This is a great point. Yesterday, I quoted Cardinal Robert Sarah’s sermon, in which he cited this T.S. Eliot quote:

“In a world of fugitives, the person taking the opposite direction will appear to run away.”

A reader e-mailed to say that Eliot quote does a good job of explaining the Benedict Option, against those Christian critics who say that it’s all about heading for the hills. The whole point of modernity is to be a fugitive from traditional Christianity, and its demands. We embrace our fugitive status and call it freedom. As Matt in VA observes from his vantage point outside the church, so many of us Christians who consider ourselves to be conservative in our faith are living in what Sartre called “bad faith,” in the sense that we are really desperate to align ourselves with the fugitives, and thus use the language and concepts of faith to justify accepting what we should not accept.

I think of this Evangelical couple who, 20 years ago, sent us a form letter raising money to support their missionary efforts to, yes, supermodels. They pretty clearly wanted to live in a world capital and hang out with the fashion world, and saw ordaining themselves as apostles to supermodels as the way to do it. I don’t think they were cynical at all, in the sense that they knew what they were doing. I think they wanted to have fun as fashionistas, and they figured out a way to justify it not only to themselves but to those church people who had the means to subsidize their lifestyle.

That’s an egregious example, but this is the kind of thing Matt in VA is talking about.

UPDATE: In the comments, Matt says he is a believer in Christ, though gay and married to a man. I assumed from the way he usually writes — of Christians as an “other” — that he was not a believer.

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