America is particularly terrible at taking care of its elderly – Wasn’t Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and Obamacare enough?

Out of 11 wealthy Western countries, the U.S. has the sickest senior citizens.

Americans 65 and older were more likely to be sick than their elderly counterparts in countries like Canada, Australia, Sweden, France and Germany, according to the 2017 Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey of Older Adults, which surveyed between 500 and 7,000 people over 65 in each country. More than a third of them having three or more chronic conditions.

Older Americans also had financial hurdles in relation to their care (23 percent) and didn’t receive the help they needed because they couldn’t afford it (24 percent). Australia came in second for cost-related access issues (scoring 13 percent, and 22 percent on those two measures, respectively). Interviews were conducted over the phone and online between March and June this year.

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