Russian presidential hopeful declares intention to abolish president’s post – Be careful you don’t fall do 6 flights of stairs #EkaterinaGordon

I’m sorry but either dirt is going to be ‘found’ on you, or you are going to have a very unfortunate accident soon.  You can’t talk like this in an authoritative regime.  Your stardom is the only thing keeping you alive now.

Quoting from Russia Today News:

Russian journalist and singer-songwriter Ekaterina Gordon, who recently announced plans to take part in the 2018 presidential race, said that once elected she would abolish the presidential post and make Russia a parliamentary republic.

At a Tuesday press conference, Gordon told reporters she considered it “unwise, strange and dangerous” to live in a country where, she says, everything depends on just one person – the president. To address the situation she proposed starting a nationwide discussion on the possibility of changes to the basic structure of the Russian state.