The religion of Peace has Posted a Kill List for American Churches

An Arabic language social media group “Secrets of Jihadis” had one of its members post a kill list of as many church he could find.  The user “Abu Marya al-Iraqi” posted that it time to “bloody celebrations in the Christian New Year”.  The plan is to activate lone wolf attacks similar what we say at the Christmas town recently.

The attacks are to be loosely coordinated using the Telegram messaging app and other channels.  Information is reported already being exchanged on the for bomb making and how to maximize terror.


The extremist can’t be reasoned with.  The Islamic people have to clean their own house or someone else will do it for them.  And they will not like the results.

We Christians want peace.  Christ himself judges by the heart, no the religion. The Magi were Christian or Jewish.  They were wise men of diverse religions. Why can Mohammad’s people work for the same?