Extreme Islam is the Next NAZI Regime and We’re Welcoming Them in?

I recently cross post a story about a child suicide bomber in a German Christmas town to another site. The first comment got me thinking:

We must have reeducated Nazi kids. However we did it, Germany needs to do it now. – dp0622

So Germany, the home of NAZI’ism and where theymakes all things NAZI illegal, is willingly allowing another group to radicalize their children as Hitler did with his Brown Shirts. I think I just threw up a bit of early season eggnog after making that statement. Germany, the country that my family fled from because of the effect of World War II is sliding back into a slightly revised version of its NAZI roots.

Thats really scary. Germany maybe the solid economic country in EU. If they fall to the new NAZI’ism of radical Islam, how can Europe stand? Has the country forgotten the lessons of two World Wars already?

Will the sleeping bear join with the Nation of Islam? Russia is feeding Iran weapons and technology.  Will Islam wreck as much havoc on Russia as the rest of the world to become a trusted ally?

Have you ever thought what the word ‘Iran’ stands for? Its the same word as you would find in NAZI Germany’s Aryan Nation. Both mean:

“Iran” and “Aryan” are connected. The first ultimately derives from Old Persian arya or ariya, a term designating the Indo-European-speaking people of Persia, and is identical with Sanskrit arya — that is, the Indo-European-speaking people of northern India. Since Old Persian and Sanskrit (which is the mother of such modern Indian languages as Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi and Bengali) are closely related, having been the languages spoken in antiquity by the easternmost branch of the Indo-European linguistic stock, it is not surprising that the speakers of both should have used the same word for themselves.

Read more at: Haaretz.com

So Germany with allowing unvetted illegal aliens the politicians are whole heatedly building a new NAZI regime?  This new world order just has a different nationalistic sense.  Germany has forgot it’s lessons of the past. Race based extremism used to kill and steal property is same not matter if its a NAZI or extreme Islamic label. This boy may have triggered the final domino in World War III.

Pray for God’s guidance this evening and may heaven help us all.