Who Will be Responsible for Fires Started by Illegal Aliens In a Sanctuary State?

One of the most significant radio interviews you will ever listen to by Paul Preston and Chriss Street. The left has been attempting for the last week to prevent this interview from happening! Last week the leftist Jerry Brown and his California extremist along with ‘Globalists’ attacked Chriss Street, Paul Preston, Agenda 21 Radio, Breitbart and other affiliates who carried the story. List and hear what has them so panicked!!

PAUL PRESTON is joined by CHRISS STREET in what will go down as one of the most important radio interviews ever as Chriss explains the implications of the Northern California fires that have left at least 42 people dead, over $9 billion in property damaged and by some estimates over 200 people still missing.  Chriss expalins in detail that the Sanctuary City, County and State status voted on by elected officials (including Jerry Brown) may be held personnaly liable for the deaths and damaged caused in communities that have had illegals released from custody due to Sanctuary laws that are illegal by the federal government.

Listen Here: http://www.agenda21radio.news/2017/10/23/who-will-be-responsible-for-fires-started-illegal-aliens-in-a-sanctuary-state/