Who are the creators of mysterious Ramallah signs in favor of one-state solution?

Someone put up a bunch of billboards pushing for a one state solution. This would eliminate the Palestinian state and for the more part put Israel back in full control of the area. The signs are controversial because a culture feels its losing it’s sovereignty even though the two state solution was never finalized. Right now no one knows who put the signs up.

The signs, which surfaced at the entrance to Ramallah on Thursday, sparked a controversy in the Arab world and angered supporters of a two-state solution. The source of the posters remains a mystery.



Commuters in Ramallah were greeted on Thursday morning with signs bearing a strong statement regarding the possible resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The signs, which boldly called for a one-state solution, read: “If the option is between one state or two states… Then the choice is one state.”



It remains unclear who created the posters in question, which were hung around Kafr ‘Aqab, a Palestinian Arab neighborhood in east Jerusalem some 10 km away from Ramallah.