Toledo activist pleads not guilty in traffic-stop case

A Toledo activist pleaded not guilty Monday to disorderly conduct after a traffic stop with city police.

Julian Mack, 33, appeared in Toledo Municipal Court on the charge. In court records, police said Mr. Mack shouted, "[Expletive] the police" from a moving vehicle Sept. 20 at Dorr Street and Lawrence Avenue.

A video apparently recorded by Mr. Mack and posted live on Facebook broadcast the events after the stop. He was the passenger in a car driven by Ruth Leonard, 30, a candidate for Toledo Board of Education.

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For people not in the Toledo area all the leadership in the area are losing their minds.  First Larry Sykes arrested on assault charges at a campaign event and now this.  And now this.  The common denominator is Julian Mack.  He instituted both incidents.  

don't think it's Julian Mack fault per say. I think what is going on is that Julian used to the leadership's ally.  But he's loosing relevance. so he's getting more provocative and the local leadership can't handle it.  For nearly 50 years this has been a one-party town.  So, the current generation never got any real push back.  They can't deal with the hard question of Antifa protestors and are acting out like four years in preschool being told 'no' for the first time.