The maker of the Snuggie blanket is suing Amazon

SnuggieExcerpt from: Business Insider

Makers of the Snuggie blanket and other products sold mainly on TV have sued Inc, accusing the internet retailer of trademark infringement for letting an “astronomical” number of counterfeit products to be sold through its website.


The lawsuit was filed on Monday night by Allstar Marketing Group LLC, Ideavillage Products Corp and Ontel Products Corp, which respectively sell such products as the Snuggie, Copper Fit compression sleeves and Magic Tracks toy racetracks through so-called “As Seen on TV” advertising.


This is too little too late. If this suit was done when the original product was copied and sold on Amazon I could see it being successful. After this much time they’ll pay as much in lawyer fees as they’ll get back. They should go after the producers not the distributor.

Since most of the knock-off producers live in countries that don’t have strong copyright laws it would be almost impossible to get any payback. So they’re going after the easy target. I’ll bet ‘As Seen on TV’ is getting near bankruptcy from stale products. So this is a way to get some quick cash and additional PR.