Teachers barred from Chicago Public Schools found work at city charter school(s)

More than 160 Chicago Public Schools employees who were barred from the district because of alleged abuse, misconduct or poor performance were found working in new jobs at city charter and contract schools last year, according to a report from the district’s inspector general.

The list included three workers who were fired or resigned and blocked from being re-hired at CPS because of sexual abuse accusations, according to the report, which was released Tuesday. Twenty-two were put on a “Do Not Hire” list “due to improper corporal punishment or physical abuse of students,” according to the report.

Nearly 80 others were blocked from returning to the district due to incompetence or violating school rules. That included a list of probationary teachers who were blocked from future employment at CPS because of poor performance.

Full Article: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-chicago-charter-teachers-hired-abuse-misconduct-20171023-story.html

The way this article is written is highly suspect.  No specific individuals are pointed out, No specific charter schools are pointed out. And the article will even call the charter schools 'schools'.  I'll bet this is a two-part hit piece:

  1. They want to make all charter schools look bad.  I'll bet this is just one or two bad schools that never did proper background checks. And the schools are owned by high donors to the Democratic 
  2. The teachers are family or friends with the city council.  If they call out one, then the whole list would have to released

Without those details this is fake news of the worse kind.