TD Ameritrade Founder Joe Ricketts Shuts Down DNAinfo and Gothamist

In the latest blow to local journalism, billionaire Joe Ricketts on Thursday shut down local news sites DNAinfo and Gothamist, which he owns.
The move comes one week after editors and reporters at the site’s New York newsroom successfully joined a union, but the closing also affects the company’s entire network of sites in places like Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., according to the New York Times. It put 115 journalists out of work in total.
Journalists at the websites were publishing work and tweeting stories on Thursday afternoon. Then a post was published on the sites around 5 p.m. from Ricketts announcing his decision to close them down.
Two suffering publications unionized.  So the owner decided to get rid of them rather then deal with paperwork and cost of a union.The employees had a choice and they lost thier jobs.  The owner had his choice and now he has a black eye.