State of Mental Illness

Over the weekend there was a mass shooting in Texas. The media, as directed by the president, is currently blaming the shooting on mental illness. My first instinct was suggest it was an ANTIFA inspired attack due to timing. I believe now it maybe both.

Devin Kelley was in the U.S. Air Force until he received a bad conduct discharge in 2014 for beating his wife and child. A man with proclivity for violence has been removed from serving his country and now has no outlet for his aggression. His family has abandoned him as well as his country. This perfect fodder for anti-establishment group to feed on. Such a radical group would cease the opportunity like staving dog with a bit of fresh beef.

My question is: Is mental illness getting worse in the United States? If the illness is getting worse then what is causing it? We hear more and more about on our ‘trusted’ news source about the worsening issues. We see more and more commercials for drugs to treat symptoms. But where are the reports on how to treat the causes? To give the tools to deal with the illnesses?

My opion is that people generally need structure. In the early days its structure for survival: hunting, gathering, and war for resources. Then as mechanization and agriculture came into being it switched to religion. Regions were given to a common belief systems and prospered because of it.

Now a days we want for very little. Food and shelter is a government program away. Communication via Obama smart phone and entertainment through cable TV and the same phones has replaced religion. We no long have the common ties that bind us. We are unfulfilled. Is that emptiness inside people the real illness?

I personally believe connecting with God and people is what is needed. We need those connections to fill that void. Those connections will also support us in our low times. Let me know what you think.


After posting this I found an article that addresses some of the issues I discussed about.

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