Speaker Ryan Opens Door To Delayed Corporate Tax Cut

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan on Wednesday left the door open to a possible delay in implementing a huge corporate tax cut, following a media report that his fellow Republicans in the Senate are exploring the option.

Republicans in Congress are working on separate plans to give the U.S. tax code its biggest overhaul since the 1980s. President Donald Trump and his House allies have proposed slashing the rate companies pay to 20 percent from 35 percent.

Full Article: http://www.oann.com/paul-ryan-opens-door-to-delayed-corporate-tax-rate-cut/

I would like to correct some grammar mistakes:

Swamp Monster Paul Ryan on Trump’s one anniversary left the door open with his slimy politician hands to a provable delay in implementing a huge corporate tax cut that would benefit everyone, following a main stream media report that the slime ball’s fellow swamp Republicans in the Senate are planning to implement the option.