Shame On You Matt Lauer And Megyn Kelly: NBC Fails Victims Again After Slanted Corey Feldman Coverage

Less than a month after NBC buried the Harvey Weinstein story that Ronan Farrow ultimately brought to the New Yorker, the network is under fire again for their coverage of the Corey Feldman child sex abuse scandal. On Monday, October 30, 2017, both Matt Lauer and Megyn Kelly interviewed Feldman about allegations he has repeated for decades regarding a pedophile ring he states abused him and best friend Corey Haim. Instead of focusing on the nature of the allegations, the two separately grilled Feldman for his $10 million fundraiser to self-produce and direct a movie that will depict his abuse. 

Both Matt and Megyn urged Feldman to publicly name the abusers, an act Feldman won’t do without the assistance of legal counsel due to California’s statute of limitations. 

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