Pushed by spike in Chicago, U.S. rate for gun deaths rises for second straight year

The U.S. rate for gun deaths has increased for the second straight year, following 15 years of no real change, a government report shows.

Roughly two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides and those have been increasing for about 10 years. Until recently, that has been offset by a decline in people shot dead by others. But there's been a recent upswing in those gun-related homicides, too, some experts said.
In the past two years, sharp homicide increases in Chicago and other places that have been large enough to elevate the national statistics. According to the FBI's raw numbers, the tally of U.S. homicides involving guns rose to nearly 11,000 last year, from about 9,600 the year before.

So cities and states with the harshest gun control laws have to high rates of gun deaths?  It like you're keeping guns out of the good guys's hands but not stooping the law breakers.  Don't law breakers worry about breaking the law?