‘Perennial Problem’: Why is Paris Adopting Its New Anti-Terror Law

New rules for combatting terrorism have come into force in France, replacing the state of emergency which had been in effect in the country for almost two years. Speaking to Sputnik, French commentators slammed the new legislation, saying it will be unable to effectively resolve the ever-present threat of terrorism.

Amnesty International representative Dominique Curis recalled that the French government had offered to adopt a new anti-terror law, which they said was a condition for putting an end to the state of emergency.

“But yesterday, the [French] Interior Minister declared that, if necessary, the state of emergency may be introduced once again. As we see, the government’s understanding of a state of emergency’s goals is contradictory and inconsistent,” Curis said.

Full Article: https://sputniknews.com/analysis/201711061058854026-france-law-terrorism-state-of-emergency/

Its easier to say that we’ll put our country into a continual states of emergency instead of dealing with bad immigration policies and no-go zones. We would have to admit we were wrong and look mean. Looking mean looses votes. So don’t deal with problem, deal with the symptoms.

Cancer will kill a patient if you just give them a treatment to make the pain less. Surgery and chemotherapy will hurt and scar the patient but will cure the sickness. How is this any different?