Oldie but Goodie: FCC Fines Man for Not Having an Unobtainable License

Source: Common Law Blog

The FCC stopped sending out CB licenses decades ago – yet the lack of one triggered a $15K penalty.

The FCC fined a man named John Hays $15,000 for operating a Citizens Band radio without a license.


Wait a minute. You don’t need a license for a CB radio. Well, okay, technically you do, but it’s not something you have to apply for. Everybody with a CB radio is automatically deemed to have one. The FCC calls this “license by rule,” a legal fiction that simplifies life for everybody. Including the FCC, which long ago got tired of licking stamps to send out actual licenses.


But if CB licenses are automatically granted to all CBers, how could Mr. Hays get in trouble for not having one?

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