Myanmar envoy denies genocide against Rohingya Muslims

Myanmar’s ambassador to Japan said Thursday there is no ethnic cleansing or genocide of Rohingya Muslims in his country despite violence that has led a half million of them to flee the country.

Myanmar security forces responded to Rohingya militant attacks with a broad crackdown in August in Rakhine state, which borders Bangladesh. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled across the border in what the United Nations has called “textbook ethnic cleansing.”

The ambassador, Thurain Thant Zin, denied reports of human rights abuses in Rakhine by the military and told reporters in Tokyo that his government was providing humanitarian aid to all affected by the violence.

Genocide is when you try to exterminate and entire people.  Myanmar is just protecting it's people from other peopel that are violent.  Let stsop indulging bad behavior and give approerate punishment.  Childish people need to be treated as if they're children.