Jerry Brown: ‘California will sue Trump over climate’

Governor says state will use the courts to block the erosion of US climate actions, ‘just like the Republicans tried to block Obama’s efforts’

Trump’s actions since coming into office have favoured polluters. Particularly elevation of Scott Pruitt to the head of his environment agency. Pruitt, who has close ties to the industrialist Koch brothers, announced this month he was rolling back president Barack Obama’s key climate legislation, the clean power plan.

New York is reportedly preparing a lawsuit to protect the clean power plan. California’s attorney general Xavier Becerra has repeatedly sued the federal government this year over a number of issues, including the environment, and has said he would “everything in my power to defend the Clean Power Plan”.

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This is a diversion from the fact the Brown's policies let the people in that really caused the fires: illegal immigrants. He knows that there's class action lawsuits heading his for at least $9 billion in damages and at least 49 live.  Sorry Jerry, the buck stops here.