Here’s how millennials feel about the next generation entering the workforce

Just as managers hesitated when millennials were first joining the workforce, millennial professionals are now wary of the incoming Generation Z. Last year, the first group of Gen Z-ers graduated from college and entered the workplace.

When it comes to working with Gen Z, millennial managers appear to be the most worried about company culture, according to a national survey of workplace managers by APPrise Mobile, a mobile communications firm.

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We’ve getting a mixed bag on Generation Z. Stubbornness has been the biggest issue. They have a ideal of how things should work, but that ideal does not match reality. Even when you get them to agree to the proper methodology they will still go behind your back and do it their own way. This causes potentially million of dollars of damages. We’ve had to get rid of about 15% of new fires because of that. This view of they can never be wrong because they’ve never been told they’ve never dealt with rejection has really been detrimental to the organization.