He Did Over 1,200 Abortions But Quit, Here’s His Tip for Encouraging Others to be Pro-Life Too

Dr Anthony Levatino is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who performed abortions for eight years before he stopped in 1985. He went on to become a powerful pro-life witness to the truth about abortion and will be speaking at our youth conference in March about his journey from abortionist to pro-life campaigner. I had the chance to chat with Dr Levatino over the phone about his early days as a doctor who performed abortions.

I started performing abortions in 1977 but never counted the number. It was about 1200. Abortion is such a divisive issue and people are either pro-life or pro-choice but for most people it doesn’t affect their lives. If you’re an obstetrician it becomes personal because we perform them. It is easy to say how much you believe in abortion, it is different actually doing them. When I was a medical student I could say, “I’m pro-choice, it’s between a woman and her doctor.” It’s different when you do them.

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