Former Xbox leader Ed Fries quizzes Feargal Mac (Gameband Guy) on Atari’s new console

Atari is charging forward with its plans to make a new video game console, the Ataribox, the first such hardware from the iconic American game company in more than two decades. We first confirmed it in June, and the company hopes to launch the box in the spring.

Feargal Mac (Mac Conuladh) is the general manager overseeing the box, and he said the company plans to crowdfund the Ataribox on Indiegogo for the Linux-based machine with an Advanced Micro Devices processor. Mac told us in a recent exclusive interview that the Ataribox will sell for $250 to $300. While that is close to the price of rival consoles from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, Mac said the advantage of the Ataribox is that it will be open, allowing owners to run a wide variety of their own games on it. He sees the box as an indie machine, able to run classic Atari games as well as new indie titles such as Minecraft and Terraria.

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The AtariBox is doomed. Feargal Mac Conuladh has NEVER had a sucessful product via crowd sourcing.  He’s the Peter Molyneux to games as Feargal is to hardware.  You either never get it or it never meets expectations.  Just look up his old company StormFly. Even in the interview they briefly address this:

Fries: You have a history of doing crowdfunding. In fact, you have one project out there, Gameband, and people haven’t gotten their Gamebands yet.
Mac: No, they haven’t, but they will.

Gameband is an Android wristwatch will let you place basic Atari games on small screen. The issue the ‘prootypes’ were pre-existing Android watches you could buy off AliExpress for about $50. But he was charging $150 on his Kickstarter. I believe he got kicked off of Kickstarter and had to switch Indiegogo. Someone can correct me in the comments.

I had real hope for this too. I loved Atari as a kid and I hoped it would return to the home console market.