CRISPR’d pigs could produce low-fat bacon

We truly live in amazing times. Chinese scientists just made skinnier pigs using CRISPR-Cas9 technology. Do you know what this means? Low-fat bacon!

I know, I know, for some, bacon without the fat does not sound that appealing. But for those watching their weight and missing the crispy taste of sizzled pig slices, there’s this brand new development.

The scientists CRISPR’d 12 pigs to give them 24 percent lower body fat than their peers using a special protein known for regulating body temperature and burning fat called UCP1.

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CRISPR is machine that creates bacteria that rewrites specific parts of something's DNA or completely replaces it.  This is how we got the glowing kitten and double muscle animal.

The new DNA doesn't actually make the pig skinnier directly.  It makes their body heat up more which burns up the calories they eat before most of it becomes fat.  This great for pigs in extreme northern or southerns climates.  But there are down sides. The pigs will no tolerate  the heat well.  Also they will need the same amount of feed if not more since you've kicked their metabolism into constant high gear.