Army sacks general for sexy texts to wife of a sergeant

The Army has sacked a two-star general who sent flirty messages to the wife of an enlisted soldier at his post in Italy, including one in which he referred to the woman as a "HOTTIE."

Maj. Gen. Joseph Harrington until last month had commanded U.S. Army Africa from his post in Europe. USA TODAY first reported about the Facebook messages, triggering an inspector general's investigation, Harrington's suspension and now his firing.

Harrington's dismissal was "due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command," Army Col. Patrick Seiber, a spokesman, said in a statement. "The Army has been investigating allegations related to Maj. Gen. Harrington's communications with the spouse of an enlisted soldier; however, since the review of the investigation is still ongoing, we can provide no further comment at this time."

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Odd how standards are sunddenly becoming an issue now.  I would like to know who Harrington stood up to get this released to the public?  I love this line

Ending Harrington’s career is the appropriate punishment, if this is a single incident, said Don Christensen…

Does the mean that Harvey Weinstein should be inprisoned for life?  Just wierd timing.