Antifa stalking UC Berkeley’s conservative students, group says

Conservative students at the University of California, Berkeley, say they are being stalked, threatened and bullied by far-left leaning thugs, some armed with baseball bats.

UC Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) told Fox News they are being targeted by Antifa, most recently with Twitter "doxxing," a practice of publishing personal information online, and restroom graffiti that read “Kill All BCRs,” which UCPD spokesperson Sgt. Sabrina Reich said is currently under investigation.

Berkeley Antifa @berkeleyantifa

BCR meeting right now inside Eureka at 2068 Center St after drinking with Kyle Chapman and Joey Gibson at Fashy's, I mean, Pappy's.
Inside right now is Troy Worden, Ashton Whitty, Naweed Tahmas, Matt Ronnau, Angelie Castenada, and two others
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BCR Vice President Naweed Tahmas said they are “routinely harassed and have been chased, punched, stalked and spat on,” which he views as a sign of desperation from the left.