2016.12.07 Wednesday Morning Twitter Quickies

I wonder if any stickers are still left?  The really story is how the money used to get a free bumper stickers is dispersed.

I hope the South African Airways isn’t this violent with it’s patrons. 🙂

The SAA really means Syrian Arab Army. When I see all or nothing comments like this  I think that people are just showing off to prove they have bigger testicles then everyone else. I have not been able to confirm this exact statement post  by ‘The Inside Source’.

What I did find is the SAA’s Facebook page. I love this one post:

Some people think they know more than the general command of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces and are contradicting the statements of the Syrian Department of Defense rather than explaining the situation and statements released by the official Facebook page of the Syrian ministry of defense and the only official Syrian military page on Facebook وزارة الدفاع في الجمهورية العربية السورية


Do we need to remind them that the General Command of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces speak in the


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So… the UK doesn’t believe in Global Warming is as big of an issue as it use to be. The country has bigger issues then some tragdegy to keeps getting pushed back every 10 year by 10 years. Somewhere Al Gore is crying.

Satellite phones can text now. Good to know.

The complete article can be found here. While an exact number of people who cancelled their subscriptions is never given the term ‘thousands’ is used. You can also followed a Twitter thread on people talking to the Editor and Chief about why they cancelled their subscriptions.  At least the editor is very cordial for his criticism.