2016.12.05 Monday Afternoon RSS Quickies

RSS IconLets see what’s in RSS feeds that looks interesting:


Lets look at the first 2 lines in the article:

A fake U.S. embassy that operated for “about a decade” in Ghana’s capital issuing counterfeit and fraudulently obtained visas has been shut down, the State Department announced.


The scam was orchestrated by “Ghanaian and Turkish organized crime rings” and a Ghanaian attorney, a statement said. Several suspects have been arrested, though others remain at large.

Why did it take them 10 years close down the embassy? Its not like the building grew legs and walked away every night. Well maybe if it was Howl’s Moving Castle/ Even then I wouldn’t think Howl would sublet his property out.

Trump’s tariff plan hits a hurdle: Congressional Republicans

The establishment Republicans don’t want to deal with their lobbyists when it comes to steep tariffs to punish the companies they represent wants to move overseas. So they’re basically going to fight Trump tooth and nail… like Reagan just nastier. So nothing will get done, no new regulations, and the economy will be saved. Merry Christmas every-one!

European markets rise despite Italian political drama

European stocks and the euro shoot up. I know the article says despite the fact that the Italian referendum failed the market went up. I think the markets went up because the referendum failed. If the referendum went through it would have completely restructured the country. Markets don’t like little changes.  This referendum would have caused a meltdown.

Facebook and Twitter pledge to remove hate speech within 24 hours

The European Union is forcing the major social media website to remove ‘hate speech’ within 24 hours posting. This is very similar way H.R.6393 can get someone jailed for saying something the government doesn’t want to hear.

Japanese Prime Minister To Visit Pearl Harbor For First Time Since Day Of Infamy…
See Also: Japanese prime minister plans landmark visit to Pearl Harbor

This is both a legacy building trip for Obama and for the 75th anniversary for ‘those hurt in the war.’ I hate to say this but there are so few people still alive for the war there really not many to be sorry for.

Sweet Christmas, indeed! Marvel and Netflix officially renew ‘Luke Cage’

Yes! You want more? Whoopie!

Judge: Prosecutors Can Use Bill Cosby’s Deposition at Trial

Crosby admitted in his 2006 deposition he had the alcohol and drugs at the parties where women said they were raped. He says they took them willingly.  Crosby’s defense wanted this deposition left out as unrelated to this case.

I can see allowing this deposition in. He said while under oath. I don’t want to see a cultural icon taken down. But justice must run its course.